20 Ideas and Inspirations of Chic Cottage Decoration (1)

Summer is just around the corner, so it’s time to introduce you to this little guide to creating chic cottage decor for this summer. Obviously, this does not mean redecorating your whole house but imagining a summer variation.

1. Add a swing to your chic cottage decor

Add a swing to your chic cottage decor (1)

When it comes to interior design, one of the very first places you see is your porch. For a cottage chic touch, why not add a swing. Swings are a classic item that is fun and enjoyable to use. They add a little touch of originality; while plunging us back into childhood.

2. Add a bench to your entryway

Add a bench to your entryway (1)

Let’s stay next to the door, in the entrance, for this second decoration tip. I advise you to add a bench. A warm bench will add appeal to your chic cottage decor while being light and airy enough. Pair your bench with greenery or colorful plants to create an elegant summer vibe.

3. An octagonal table

an octagonal table (1)

The geometric pattern has become a staple in many modern homes. However, it can also be used in a chic cottage decoration. The key is to work with accent elements that give the room a sense of grandeur. This is where an octagonal table will come in handy. Pair light pastel shades for a summery feel that doesn’t take away from the beauty of the table.

4. Add fresh flowers

Add fresh flowers (1)

This is the season to start adding fresh flowers throughout the house. Fresh flowers not only bring a classic refreshing touch to the room, but they also add a special color. Combine with shades of navy and white for that classic summery aesthetic.

5. Blue hues in your chic cottage decoration

Blue hues in your chic cottage decoration (1)

Blue is one of those hues that works for any occasion, any room, and any season. But in summer, this color takes on its full meaning and dimension in summer.

6. Light shades of wood

Light shades of wood (1)

When thinking about which shades of wood to add to the room, always choose the lighter shade. Blond wood is one of the best options due to the freshness of its tone. In addition, it allows you to associate it with a multitude of colors to create a clear summer atmosphere without weighing you down.

7. Floral prints for your chic cottage decoration

Floral prints for your chic cottage decoration (1)

What would spring and summer be without the use of floral designs? The floral motif is one of those designs that instantly invigorates a room; whatever other hues you already have in your room. Add floral cushions, a rug, or even wallpaper.

8. Bring freshness to your fireplace

Bring freshness to your fireplace (1)

Having a fireplace is a real chance in winter. But just because you don’t use it in summer doesn’t mean you shouldn’t decorate it. Add a touch of freshness with flowers, wooden frames and even hints of greenery.

9. Bold kitchen tiles

Bold kitchen tiles (1)

If you want a big color boost or a drastic change, then change the tiles in your kitchen. You will see, this small change will change everything!

10. Notes of rose in your chic cottage decoration

Notes of rose in your chic cottage decoration (1)

I had already given you this advice in my article to create a feminine cottage decoration in your living room. Add pink and decline this color in several shades.

11. A glazed entrance door

A glazed entrance door (1)

To bring brightness and elegance to a stone building that is often dark inside, one of the best tips is to set up a glass front door that lets in light and visually enlarges the space from the entrance. The first impression is often the good one, it would be a shame to deprive yourself of this feeling of well-being when entering your home because of a badly chosen front door! I really like Bel’m aluminum entrance doors for their modern technicality combined with the cachet of the old as with the very chic Asteria entrance door with its braces and sandblasted glass which respects our privacy.

12. Immaculate cozy furniture

Immaculate cozy furniture (1)

Think of tables, chests of drawers and chairs to buy new or used and to repaint in white for a beautiful country chic atmosphere even in town! We will favor massive furniture with clean lines for a touch of modernity … We fell in love with the Harmonie d ‘ Interiors collection and its very elegant furniture which is suitable for both small and large spaces. We also really like the linen sofas from La Redoute for a very cozy cozy atmosphere worthy of the prettiest English cottages!

13. A stone floor (white or black)

A stone floor (white or black) (1)

To complete the chic cottage look, consider installing a floor in white … or black stones! To avoid breaking the bank, you can opt for a vinyl floor with stone print. Black slate floors can also be an option if you want to give depth to your country decor and thus highlight the decorating work. In addition, the black floors blend perfectly with the dark doors and frames because they create a beautiful seat where the lines of the windows and doors come to rest and thus create a beautiful dynamic for a cozy but trendy interior!

14. A lot of natural materials

A lot of natural materials (1)

Sofa, linen curtains and cushions, sisal rugs, solid wood furniture and decorative straw objects … the cottage decoration highlights natural materials for a refined and cozy atmosphere. We love the linen sofas from La Redoute to which you can add some decorative accessories for a beautiful, elegant and racy living room!

15. Sophisticated Cottage

Sophisticated Cottage (1)

Maybe you like the chalet ease and friendliness, but you also like a room with a simple and sophisticated style. No problem, you can have both. The black, white, and teal bedroom shown here isn’t a bit fussy or overdone, yet it has all of the cottage staples – a mostly light palette, a floral pattern, mismatched furniture, and most important of all, an easy vibe. , airy and welcoming. The framed letters spelling “RELAX” provide a touch of whimsy.

16. Rustic cabin

Rustic cabin (1)

Cottage doesn’t have to mean delicate and frilly, although there is almost always at least a touch of flowers somewhere in the decor. This rustic bedroom, with its brown, gold, and white colors, is reminiscent of a mountain lodge or log cabin, but the botanical prints on the floral-print bed, pillows and bed skirt, and thick white bedding provide plenty. of chalet comfort.

17. American chalet

American chalet (1)

“Country” and “cottage” seem to go together like hands and gloves, and that’s the style most people think of when imagining a cottage decor. The bedroom shown above is a charming example of an American chalet. Like all of the cottage variations, it has a predominantly light color scheme with an emphasis on white; Mismatched furniture with a distressed finish, and an accent on the bed. The country enters the picture with the rooster lamp, the painted iron bed and the multiple quilts. The red, white and blue color is especially popular in cottage and American country styles.

18. Contemporary Cottage

Contemporary Cottage (1)

The cottage style is nothing but permissible, so if you want to keep it contemporary, don’t hesitate to do so. Check out this bedroom – the sage green, brown and soft white palette is soothing and unfussy and also quite up to the minute. There aren’t any of the ruffles and bows often associated with the chalet style, but there is plenty of distressed wood (check out the plank bed); texture and pattern, and attention to bedding, with plenty of pillows, quilts and throws.

19. Vintage Cottage

Vintage Cottage (1)

Is your favorite weekend activity shopping at flea markets or garage sales? Do you like to reuse items from one part of the house to another, like the old shutters brought here? Do you like to wear vintage fashions from the 1940s or 1950s? If so, you probably also like the bedroom shown above. This is a fine example of a vintage cottage – lots of flea market finds, an almost all-white palette except for the painted dresser, and an obvious love of all things feminine, especially if they are from the middle… MORE 1900s.

20. Romantic chalet

Romantic chalet (1)

For the most part, any cottage-style bedroom is romantic. The ease, attention to comfort, emphasis on bedding, floral designs and little extra touches of personality create a naturally romantic feel. But some cottage bedrooms, like the one shown here, take it a step further. The white fabric draped over the headboard is the most obvious romantic touch, but the chandelier, with its “candles” and dangling red crystals, adds an extra touch of romantic appeal to the space… 

Bonus: Coastal chalet

Coastal chalet (1)

You might not live near a lake or the beach, but there’s no reason your room can’t pretend you do. Coastal Cottage is one of the most popular embodiments of this versatile style, and a peek at the bedroom shown here will show you why. The painted iron bed and mismatched nightstands are typical cottages, while the decorative ocean cushions and coral chunks on the nightstand bring in the sound of the ocean – albeit at times. thousands of kilometers.