18 Ideas of Inspiring Bathroom Designs in the Attic (1)

The attic is an unusual room for a functional room such as the bathroom. But it is also a nice and interesting place because of its particular architecture. In case you are running out of space but the attic is available, why not use it to transform it into a beautiful and modern attic bathroom? The advantage of an attic bathroom is that it is unusual and reflects a comfortable, distinguished and cottage-inspired ambience, due to the rustic and natural character of the attic. Right away, we’ll show you models of an attic bathroom. They can give you ideas for creating an additional bathroom.

1. Airy

Airy (1)

This attic bathroom is perfectly ventilated and reflects a serene energy, due to the presence of the skylight positioned in the middle of the wall-ceiling. The minimalist layout and clean look were able to provide a neat and soft feel to this room.

2. Gorgeous

Gorgeous (1)

The designer of this attic bathroom has effectively implemented what could result in the mixture of rustic and contemporary. By rustic we mean the exposed wooden beams; and by contemporary, the very elegant circular shaped bathtub.

3. Charming

Charming (1)

The location of the bathroom at the corner of this attic gave it a special beauty and charm. The large window placed on the wall-ceiling brings in an immense amount of natural light, and gives an open appearance accentuated by the pastel green color.

4. Contemporary

Contemporary1 (1)

Here is a super modern attic bathroom, with an extremely symmetrical and contemporary architecture. The marriage of black and white provides an excellent contrast and allowed the installation of an elegant and modern atmosphere.

5. Cool

Cool (1)

The use of subway tiles for the layout of this traditional bathroom in the attic gave it an elegant air. The glass-enclosed shower sets a contemporary and modern note.

6. Cozy

Cozy (1)

This attic bathroom is quite charming and natural with its cozy and airy character. Even more, the exposed wooden beams introduce a rustic note and a warm feeling to the place.

7. Extraordinary

Extraordinary (1)

This is a truly extraordinary bathroom that you don’t come across every day. Its beauty is based on its simplicity and the ingenious layout of this attic. The black painted beams are surely the focal point that creates a modern and artistic perspective.

8. Turkish

Turkish (1)

A Turkish-inspired, attic-style bathroom could be a great idea for someone who is inspired by foreign and exotic culture, and who wants to bring something new to their bathroom.

9. Modern

Modern (1)

The plain white walls paired with the glass-enclosed shower and hardwood flooring provide this simple, modern bathroom with an interesting and pleasant feel.

10. Natural

Natural (1)

This natural and airy bathroom has a warm character due to the dark wood flooring, with a matching tub contrasting against the white walls.

11. Looking for the perfect place!

Looking for the perfect place! (1)

Creating new spaces within an already existing house is a very complicated task. Indeed, the presence of the usual rooms such as the kitchen, the living room and or the bedroom or the bathroom leaves very little chance for a new room to be born.

Is there a solution? Well yes, in general, the houses have an attic or a cellar. These often empty or poorly used spaces, however, offer an impressive amount of available space. Why not make a radical change of function for one of these parts? The rendering could certainly surprise you.

12. A shower or a bathtub?

A shower or a bathtub (1)

Preparations for the attic should give you time to choose between setting up a shower or a bathtub. However, do not delay in deciding because the technical necessities of the arrangement, in particular the sanitary installations, will arrive very quickly. Obviously, as an empty space, you will have the choice of the location of the water inlets and other evacuations.

A little madness? If the space allows it, and your budget allows it, why not install both a bathtub and a shower as well. In this case, you will obviously have to plan several water inlets & outlets.

13. The windows!

The windows! (1)

In a bathroom, the luxury asset consists in the installation of a ventilation system. However, the presence of windows in a room such as the attic is not necessarily systematic. Therefore, either you will be lucky and have windows large enough to leave them untouched. Otherwise, you will have to enlarge the windows already present, or even install an exhaust system in attics without windows.

However, ventilation in a bathroom will allow the air to be in constant movement allowing an incessant inflow of fresh air. In any case, a system will be necessary in order to comply with the hygiene standards in force. Do not hesitate to consult a … to help you design your attic.

14. Lighting

Lighting (1)

Even in a neutral space where you will have to rebuild everything, your search for lighting management will not be easier. However, the empty character of your attic will allow you to splurge and as a result, we invite you to create a completely elegant lighting solution.

If you use the bathroom to cool off, we recommend the use of white bulbs. Another source of yellowish light in the bath can, however, accompany the most cozy moments.

15. The mirrors!

The mirrors! (1)

At one time, the bathrooms had only the bare minimum, the most standard equipment. However, for several years, the bathroom has taken on a different dimension, representing a luxurious, absolutely relaxing place, a place of design and modernity. New elements have therefore appeared and this is the case with the mirror. Even if the mirror was already present in the most basic bathrooms, we are now seeing the rise in importance that mirrors can have in a bathroom. As a result, real games of mirrors are now set up in our relaxation areas by the water.

16. The materials!

The materials! (1)

The materials already present, and the new ones that you will use, will only have an effect, apart from their original role of supporting the structure, on the final style of the bathroom. Therefore, a regular character observed in attics, namely the slanted roof, will be an added advantage in creating an authentic and personal style within your bathroom.

Another idea is not to cover the walls of your attic, often brick or stone, in order to create a rustic style that completely breaks with the style of the rest of your home. You will thus have the impression of changing the world when you enter your new bathroom, an old attic.

17. A space-saving arrangement!

A space-saving arrangement

Variable in size, each attic will therefore offer a different available space. Obviously, the question seems unnecessary if your attic is of immense size. However, since this is not a given to everyone, you will have to think about the optimal ergonomics of your attic, and in particular the use of very space-saving systems in order to maximize your remaining available space. For example, you can opt for sliding doors for your shower and thus abandon the doors that open in a classic way so as not to waste space. Many solutions can be considered but again it will be the intrinsic shape of your attic. Do not hesitate, for example, to use shelves made in the reinforcement. It’s up to you to show

18. Clarity and modernity for this bathroom under the roof

Clarity and modernity for this bathroom under the roof (1)

In this dark room, the architect made up for the lack of light by painting the walls, including the beam, white. “The whole had to be bright and contemporary at the same time, hence the use of white paint on the walls with charcoal gray tiling on the floor”, recounts AurĂ©lie Nicolas. The sanitary facilities and the bathroom furniture combine modernity and purity of form.