Bright bedroom – for or against? Here are colorful ideas that will convince you to experiment with bedroom design. How to breathe life into your bedroom with a dull or too “gray” design? Add colors! Bold shades are not just an interesting experiment. With their help, you can add coolness, warmth, and mood to the interior. Here are 11 ways to rock your bedroom with color: ideas that, if not convincing, will make you think.

Colored bedrooms: wallpaper or paint?

Let’s turn on the color! Use all the shades you like. There are no limits to this fun experiment. Create your color scheme using two (maximum three) of your favorite background colors.

Accent wall

If bright wallpaper all over the room isn’t your thing and you don’t want to roll around the entire perimeter, then making one bright accent wall in your bedroom is a great way to add life to the space.

Bedroom in bright colors: adding color with pictures

Many modern interior paintings are created with one specific goal: to fit an art object into a particular space to emphasize, soften or enhance its color mood. Using large, vibrant canvases is a great way to brighten up a bedroom.

Bedroom with bright accents: choosing decor

It is easiest to arrange color accents with the help of decor: at any time when you get tired of the color or the set itself, you can put it away in the closet or replace it with another one.

Colors for the bedroom: looking for bright textiles in your favorite shades

Do not forget about balance and harmony: textiles should be combined with the chosen style and other decor or act as a color accent in your interior.

Bedroom curtain color

Another lovely way to add color to your bedroom if you’re not ready to spice up the space.

Editorial opinion:

– What do bright colors give in the bedroom? They charge the interior with positive energy, provide its originality, make it memorable, improve your mood, save your decor budget. And bright colors are ideal for minimalism, as they are self-sufficient.

Bright accents in the bedroom can be added with the help of carpets

It can be one sizeable modern carpet, bright, small rugs or rugs, a combination of carpets of different shapes and sizes.

Bedroom design: bright furniture

Bright furniture in the bedroom is suitable not only for trendy pop art, boho, kitsch or eclecticism. Use it in any modern interior style as a colorful accent, if the color balance is maintained, and you are cheerful, energetic and crave variety and experimentation to raise vitality.

Living decor

A great way to add brightness and freshness to the bedroom.

What color to choose for the bedroom

If you lack mood, vivacity and emotions, choose bright shades – you can’t go wrong. The experiment can be started right from the ceiling.

Colored bedroom design: bright headboard

Another life hack to add to your collection of colorful bedroom ideas. The colored headboard as an accent is beautiful, stylish and bright.