15 Stunning Living Room Ideas With a Black Sofa (1)

If you thought black is too dark a color to fit in your living room, then you will change your mind after completing this post. Discover in this post some sumptuous living rooms which are distinguished by a black sofa.

1. A spacious and comfortable living room

A spacious and comfortable living room (1)

Here’s a mostly black and white decorated home that showcases large sofas designed for those who love to stay in the living room and watch TV for hours on end. The coffee table and the console table contrast perfectly with the sofas.

2. A sofa with a unique design

A sofa with a unique design (1)

The design of this black leather sofa sublimates this modern and contemporary living room. This image proves to us that dark colors can sometimes brighten up a room incredibly.

3. A good balance of colors

A good balance of colors (1)

If you were still hesitant about decorating your living room in black; then, you should take inspiration from this design. With a white wall and ceiling; As well as flooring and other light-colored furniture, your black sofa and chair are unlikely to darken the room.

4. A beautiful contrast

A beautiful contrast (1)

In case your living room flooring is also dark in color, then invest in a beautiful white rug to create a nice contrast and balance the colors.

5. A living room all in black

A living room all in black (1)

If you love this color, then try varying the shades you use so as not to darken the room too much. Of course, you will need to have good lighting and add an accent color such as red to be sure of a successful decoration.

6. A spacious living room

A spacious living room (1)

Dark colors are generally not recommended in small rooms. Therefore, if you have a spacious living room, nothing prevents you from choosing black sofas and armchairs.

7. Modern and contemporary

Modern and contemporary (1)

If there are many styles of decoration for which black is made; these are the contemporary and modern styles. The main thing is to always balance the colors in order to avoid that it is too dark. Black, white and red form a splendid combo! Think about it!

8. Black is an ideal color

black is an ideal color (1)

As mentioned recently, black is an ideal color for modern and contemporary interiors. Associated with white, the rendering can only be brilliant. Why not take inspiration from this show?

9. A long sofa and a single wall

A long sofa and a single wall (1)

A black sofa will not reduce your chance to decorate your living room with originality. You can always choose an accent wall that is patterned or with a nice texture to make the decor striking.

10. Black, white and gray

Black, white and gray (1)

Gray is a nice transition color between black and white. If you have white walls and a black sofa, it would be nice to incorporate some gray elements.

11. A small living room

A small living room (1)

For a small living room, keep your walls white to make sure the black sofa doesn’t darken the room.

12. Black in the spotlight

Black in the spotlight (1)

Here, black is not just the color of the sofa. It is also that of the accent wall, other furniture and accessories. What a splendid contemporary living room!

13. Black sofa and white living room

Black sofa and white living room (1)

If you chose black as the color for your sofa, your first idea was probably to install it in a predominantly white living room. This fairly classic combination always works well and often gives a very graphic result. To give relief to your black sofa, you can decorate it with black and white patterned cushions: checks, diamonds, stripes and even polka dots. With a black sofa, your walls can stay white, and your living room decorcan be declined through carefully chosen objects. You can hang black and white photos and metal shelves on which you will place green plants for a natural touch. To illuminate aperitif evenings, a designer floor lamp in black metal will be welcome. And if your living room decor is rather bohemian, this is the opportunity to unroll under your black sofa, a black and white Berber carpet.

14. A natural corner for a black sofa

A natural corner for a black sofa (1)

If the black and white seem too contrasting, you can opt for light shades of a Scandinavian decoration. The natural wood and the pastel colors (yellow, gray, pale blue, coral…) will thus be able to soften the dark presence in your living room of your black sofa. You can also make darker reminders with cushions, throws or rugs.

15. The black sofa in the center of an industrial living room

The black sofa in the center of an industrial living room (1)

If you like the industrial style, the black sofa will undoubtedly be your first choice for the living room. Whether in leather, fabric or microfiber, it will be perfect with wood and metal furniture specific to this type of decoration. On a polished concrete floor, it will bring elegance and it can contrast with an old-fashioned brick wall, workshop style. In addition, the different metal parts of the tables, chairs or sideboards will remind you of the color of the sofa which will enhance your living room decor.