15+ Ideas to Decorate a Black Living Room (1)

Cozy, sophisticated, even a bit theatrical… the black salon really has it all! Still, he still tends to impress a bit. If you are still hesitating to get started, here are 17 decorating ideas that might just make you fall in love!

1. A black living room full of nuances

A black living room full of nuances (1)

Black, is it black? When it comes to decor, nothing is less certain! We can therefore dare the total look without fear: far from being sad, the show gladly takes on relief!

The “pure” black creates a wonderful setting for an aged leather sofa. It also sublimates the golden color: we therefore dare the lighting and furniture with gold finishes. For a very chic classic living room, we favor an aged metal effect.

2. Contemporary living room

Contemporary living room (1)

In this very contemporary living room, we opted for a black whose base is made up of red pigments. This peculiarity is fully revealed when the section of wall is exposed to natural light. And here is a black living room that subtly changes decor throughout the day!

3. A red base with black

A red base with black (1)

To choose the black paint for the living room, follow your decorative desires. A red base will turn out to be more harmonious if you fall for warm colors . Here, the shade of black harmonizes perfectly with the copper and mauve palette of the furniture and the decor, for a deliciously sophisticated bohemian decor.

4. Shade of black and blue

Shade of black and blue (1)

To give relief to the living room, it is a good idea to combine black with a touch of color. In this case, she will guide the choice of your shade of black. In this very cozy contemporary living room, we chose a black based on blue, in order to create a perfect harmony with the smoky blue with which it is associated. An elegant choice that exudes a pleasant touch of freshness.

5. Retro design

retro design (1)

The black living room is ideal for highlighting wooden furniture. It is the ideal choice if you fall for a retro design, but you dread sinking into a decidedly vintage style. Black will bring a touch of modernity to a living room with a fifties spirit.

6. A graphic black living room

A graphic black living room1 (1)

The perfect balance between refinement and luminosity? It’s the black living room, awakened by a touch of white. And between the two, we don’t hesitate to work on the gray palette! The best way to play down the black living room? Choose the washed linen sofa! Here, we chose it in an anthracite shade, which gives relief to this living room with minimalist decor. A shade that also helps soften the graphic contrast of the black and white walls.

7. Black floor in the living room

Black floor in the living room (1)

The good idea for a black living room full of character: bet on the floor covering. Here it displays a matte finish which brings a touch of softness to the decor.

8. 100% tiled black living room

100% tiled black living room (1)

In terms of decoration, nothing scares you? Dare the very offbeat 100% tiled black living room. Black marble on the floor, black and white work on the walls… here is a terribly trendy and sophisticated mineral setting. For this to work, however, there is no question of overdoing it on the decorating side. We therefore favor furniture with a refined design and sober nuances, which gives pride of place to soft materials.

9. Black living room with light 

Black living room with light  (1)

The trick to steal from this little black salon? The section of the wall of the window painted in white: a simple and effective trick to boost the brightness.

10. Black living room with factory spirit

Black living room with factory spirit (1)

The black living room in a white setting is definitely a safe bet. And it is the ideal choice for decoration lovers with a factory spirit. To bring a warm touch to the whole, however, we are thinking of introducing a touch of wood, which will discreetly warm up the decor.

11. Cozy black living room

Cozy black living room (1)

If the black living room scares you as much as it makes you dream, opt for the plinth. This hot option will also create a pleasant enveloping effect, very cozy for chilling in an armchair or on the sofa!

12. A black living room that dares to color

A black living room that dares to color (1)

In a black living room, the slightest touch of color is sure to stand out. Here is a good way to give more character to the decor! The most daring decoration in a black living room? The one who dares the neon color! Here is which brings a touch of fantasy perfect for a very chic classic decoration to be playful.

13. Sober and elegant atmosphere

Sober and elegant atmosphere (1)

If you are fond of sober and elegant atmospheres, bet on the combination of black and taupe . This tandem is so refined that everything is allowed, even the wallpaper with the baroque print! To bring a touch of cheerfulness, we opt for a touch of color, for example by playing with the cushions.

14. Bring brightness

Bring brightness1 (1)

To bring brightness to a black living room, white is far from being the only option. An aquatic blue can be just as effective. It is preferably applied to a section of wall reflecting natural light.

15. Black with emerald green

Black with emerald green (1)

In this black living room, the armchairs of a beautiful emerald green capture the light wonderfully – and the eyes. The good idea: to have opted for a shimmering velvet. Here is a well chosen color to bring brightness to the room and bring a very trendy character to a living room with very chic classic decoration.

16. Black with orange

Black with orange (1)

In this black living room, it’s a baked orange that brings light to the decor. A color that harmonizes wonderfully with the different wood species, creating an atmosphere as elegant as it is warm. We love!

17. Contemporary and cozy black living room

Contemporary and very cozy black living room (1)

Contemporary and very cozy atmosphere , in this small black living room which is very small. Carpet and sofa go hand in hand, to structure the space by creating a cozy seating area. The black is well chosen, since in this apartment, it is the terracotta walls raised with a touch of celadon green that make the show.