15 Ideas of Lounges Decorated in Navy Blue and Gold (1)

Navy blue and gold are two luxurious colors. Their combination will allow you to create a sumptuous decoration. Fill up on ideas with this collection of 15 sumptuous living rooms decorated in navy blue and gold.

1. The perfect colors for a spacious living room

The perfect colors for a spacious living room (1)

The navy blue corner sofa as well as the golden yellow carpet and cushions make this living room sublime. As the whole room is in black, white and gray, these two luxurious colors certainly make it more interesting.

2. Beach-inspired design

Beach-inspired design (1)

Here is an adorable beach-inspired home. It’s a perfect theme to play with the navy blue and gold color duo. Blue recalls the sea and golden yellow symbolizes good weather, the shine of the sun.

3. A royal decoration

A royal decoration (1)

If you want to have a luxurious decoration, take inspiration from this living room! This image shows us the perfect example of a royal and minimalist living room. The number of elements found there is limited; however, the different colors, designs and patterns are quite luxurious.

4. A warm and relaxing lounge

A warm and relaxing lounge (1)

A living room dressed in navy blue and gold can also be warm and relaxing. By adding dark shades of brown, you will get a cozy decor close to the traditional style.

5. A sumptuous golden lamp

A sumptuous golden lamp (1)

The golden touch in this living room is unlikely to go unnoticed. The uniquely designed lamp is sure to start conversations in your living room. As for the navy blue sofa, it is rather discreet while offering maximum comfort.

6. A rich decoration 

A rich decoration (1)

This living room has everything one needs: a comfortable sofa, beautiful individual armchairs, a bookcase and a door that leads to the courtyard. Nevertheless, it is the colors used in the interior of the room that make the decoration rich. Navy blue and gold form a superb color duo; that pairs seamlessly with other accent colors.

7. A magnificent contrast

A magnificent contrast (1)

If the golden touches are found on a few metallic elements and on the cushions, navy blue stands out perfectly. The contrast created between the two armchairs and the entire living room is captivating.

8. A unique accent wall

A unique accent wall (1)

Pair navy blue and gold in the best way possible on an accent wall. You could be inspired by this decorative idea by painting the wall in navy blue and hanging golden decorative accessories on it.

9. A transitional decoration

A transitional decoration (1)

Even though navy blue and gold are mostly perfect in a luxurious and regal design, they can perfectly match any decor style. Here, the transitional living room has been wonderfully decorated with this sumptuous duo of colors.

10. Be bold with trendy paint

Be bold with trendy paint (1)

Create a strong color block theme by painting all baseboards and above the chair rail the same color as all four walls. Keep the ceilings painted white for a dramatic contrast.

Blue and white are a classic combination that will stand the test of time. The colors contrast beautifully, but choose a darker shade of white – a true bright white already has more than one shade of blue, so paired with navy blue it can be chilly.

11. Choose dark tones for a sophisticated finish

Choose dark tones for a sophisticated finish (1)

Choose a medium blue with undertones of gray for a bold but bright look. Pair it with accents of distressed brown leather and brass to create an extra warm feel. This striking yet understated color combination creates a sophisticated take on the idea of ​​a blue living room.

12. Adopt opulent finishes

Adopt opulent finishes (1)

This look exudes luxury, so opt for velvet finishes for cushions, curtains or upholstery. Brass accents and gold threads for accessories and accent furniture are an instant shortcut to glamor. Choose rich, matte wood finishes rather than gloss.

For a bit of old-fashioned glamor, bring in the characteristic curves of 1920s chic style with globe-shaped lighting and a round mirror. Fans and tropical palm prints are always on trend and if bold colors are the key to the look, replace the classic black and red with sapphire blue and emerald green.

13. Golden frames on a mirror

Golden frames on a mirror (1)

Choose wallpaper with a midnight blue background to highlight the tropical scenes. The rich tone adds instant depth and elegant sophistication that evokes the opulence of Art Deco. This neo-deco style adopted a number of animals from tropical climates. Incorporate in your interior wallpapers, lights and accessories depicting felines, monkeys, zebras and exotic birds. The gold finishes only add to the air of eclectic glamor.

14. Goldens decorative accessories

Goldens decorative accessories (1)

Lift up dark finishes like rich teal and midnight blue with blush pink and intense fuchsia. Warm pastel tones and shiny jewelry will soften the moody vibe and add a touch of lightness to the palette. Cushions and rugs are an easy way to inject color, or try pink pampas grass for a quirky texture. A fluted shell-shaped accent chair in blush velvet will complement a paneled wall with a chic silhouette, while pops of neon add a playful punch to the ensemble.

15. Use gold painted coffee table

Use gold painted coffee table (1)

You will need to be on a budget, but an accent wall formed from cement tiles can be truly spectacular and – despite the rustic nature of their material – glamorous. Deeper blue velvet chairs reinforce this effect, and again, accessories in a similar turquoise are accents that bring the room together.