15 Ideas to Decorate Your Living Room in Blue and Yellow (1)

You must certainly know how a specific combination of two completely different character colors can merge energy and provide a great ambiance in a living room. Take the example of blue and yellow; together they create a powerful blend of cool and warm primary colors, acting as a super bright duo that gives the living room a refreshing vibe and a truly modern feel. Without further ado, we are going to show you below some designs of stunning living rooms decorated in blue and yellow.

1. A fresh and cheerful decoration

A fresh and cheerful decoration (1)

The way the designer has subtly incorporated pastel yellow and blue into the interior of this beige and overall bright living room is so dazzling. The pastel yellow accent chair acts as a focal point, while the pastel blue elements add freshness and a cheerful note.

2. A pretty living room

A pretty living room (1)

The blend of bright navy blue with lemon yellow is incomparably beautiful. At the same time, a strong contrast has been perfectly achieved in the decoration of this wonderful living room.

3. A cozy atmosphere in a bright decor

A cozy atmosphere in a bright decor (1)

The bright decor and cozy atmosphere in this dazzling living room is incredibly soft and powerful at the same time. The yellow walls reflect a certain balance in this space so large while the blue armchairs bring freshness; all this in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

4. A charming decor

A charming decor (1)

The yellow wallpaper with white patterns creates a sublime visual appearance in this living room decorated with a particular style. The blue of the armchairs brings change throughout this living room to offer a strong and fresh atmosphere.

5. A chic lounge

A chic lounge (1)

We love the combination of navy blue and pastel yellow in this living room. It is simply impressive! The designer has decorated this living room in a very simple yet extremely modern and contemporary way. The tone and invigorating energy present in this salon are so remarkable.

6. A sunny decor

A sunny decor (1)

The sunny yellow walls are so illuminated. Its mix with the shades of blue allowed the designer to create a superbly dynamic and cheerful living room with a warm family atmosphere.

7. A cozy living room

A cozy living room (1)

Here, one can notice the predominance of the yellow color. Generating such an illuminated effect, yellow perfects the cozy and joyful atmosphere in this living room. The navy blue of the armchairs creates a captivating contrast.

8. A soft combination of pastel yellow and pale turquoise

A soft combination of pastel yellow and pale turquoise (1)

The soft and charming ambience that prevails in this superbly charming living room is achieved by a perfect combination of pastel yellow and pale turquoise.

9. A very welcoming lounge

A very welcoming lounge (1)

A note of uncountable freshness emanates from this charming living room decorated in yellow and blue. We can say that whoever decorated it really has taste.

10. Modern style

Modern style (1)

This living room is so modern and so contemporary. The fact of having associated yellow and blue with the black and white duo is a genius idea!

11. Duck blue wall and yellow armchair

Duck blue wall and yellow corner sofa (1)

Duck blue wall and yellow armchair in the living room decoration

12. Small hints of yellow

small hints of yellow (1)

A wall painted in duck blue and small hints of yellow in the living room

13. Duck blue wall and yellow corner sofa

Duck blue wall and yellow corner sofa (1)

Another solution to play with the association of yellow and duck blue in the decor of your living room will be to install a pretty yellow sofa and paint one or the walls of your room in duck blue. In particular, you can take inspiration from the two examples below that I simply adored.

14. Modern decoration with sofa

Modern decoration with sofa (1)

A modern decoration in the living room with a duck blue wall and a yellow sofa

15. A section of yellow wall

A section of yellow wall (1)

If you rather want to paint your walls yellow , you can also choose this option. As before, paint a single section of wall or a base to prevent the whole from being too stuffy. You can then install a pretty duck blue sofa to finalize the decor of your living room.