22 Ideas of Nature Bedroom Decor (1)

Nothing like creating a natural atmosphere in your room to transform it into a true haven of peace, a bubble out of time and the chaos of everyday life. A few carefully chosen accessories will allow you to breathe a real natural spirit into your room.

1. Country and rustic spirit

country and rustic spirit (1)

Don’t be afraid to use wool or macrame throws and bedspreads. The fringes and pompoms will bring more volume and material to your room, making it much more comfortable.

2. Reinvent your master bedroom

Reinvent your master bedroom (1)

First of all, we find a very neutral and warm atmosphere at the same time. In a slow life style , the decorators decided to incorporate large stems of pampas herbs. I really like these dried leaves. Very fashionable in recent years, they bring a certain lightness to a room. Finally, associated with a taupe wall, a light wood chest of drawers, a wicker suspension, a beige carpet and plaids, coffee color, the donut bedroom in a very harmonious atmosphere. I also really like the details provided by the finishes. Indeed, the designs of the headboard have been worked with care. In addition, we perceive the streaks of the wood on the front of the dresser.

3. Adopt the exposed beams and the total white look

Adopt the exposed beams and the total white look (1)

Use the exposed beams of your ceiling. I love the exposed beams in an interior decoration. You can easily play with the volumes and juggle the effects of style. It all depends on the desired rendering. This is because natural wooden beams will weigh down and slightly lower your room. It is therefore preferable to have sufficiently spacious areas. However, if you are in a relatively small space, then all you need to do is paint all your walls white, including the beams. This trick makes it possible to corrupt the eye thanks to the optical illusion. The white will then come to enlarge your room, as if we had pushed the walls.

4. Create a bucolic universe for your child thanks to the nature bedroom decor

Create a bucolic universe for your child thanks to the nature bedroom decor (1)

Specially dedicated to your child this time! Yes, the nature and country decor lends itself just as well to children’s bedrooms. Clean, vintage and woody, the soft tones are ideal. We find the famous herbs of the pampas and the furniture in natural fibers.

I love this infant room. Indeed, the rattan cradle is magnificent. It offers more charm and character to the room. In addition, its arabesques also add a vintage note.

5. A string of green plants for an Urban Jungle look

A string of green plants for an Urban Jungle look (1)

Another natural effect, green plants! The tropical and Urban Jungle atmospheres also plunge us straight into the heart of nature. Do you live in the city and can’t go to the countryside every weekend? In this case, bring nature to you, creating a little cocoon. You will be able to bask there far from the tumult of the city.

Sea green wall, wooden parquet, green plants and vegetal print cover, the total green look blends in perfectly with our theme, “nature bedroom decor”. By playing on the green shades, this helps to counterbalance the colors and avoid overloading. Then polish your decor by adding some modern accessories such as the brass pendant light.

6. Total green look

total green look (1)

For the more skeptical of the total green look, you can also go for white walls. Likewise, then decorate your room with green, fat, large, small or climbing plants. This bedroom is a perfect example. We have the impression that nature is entering the room. With the help of the glass door, the border between the bedroom and the outside is very subtle.

7. Dare to be unique with wallpaper

Dare to be unique with wallpaper (1)

For those who love originality, there are many floral and plant wallpapers, nature in its purest form. This representation of the forest immerses us in the heart of nature. The rays of the sun shining on the trees really give us the impression that the bed is in the middle of the forest.

8. Green color

Green color (1)

It’s hard to think of nature without immediately thinking of the color green . This shade is indeed reminiscent of grass, tree leaves, countryside and forest. The green color is ideal for resting, relaxing and creating an atmosphere conducive to well-being and serenity. When it comes to how to integrate green into the decor of your bedroom, the choice is vast: apply a paint of this color on a section of wall, or prefer to arrange it in touches, in the form of accessories. Bed linen, sheets, cushions, armchairs … Multiply the green elements to have the impression of finding yourself in the heart of nature.

9. Plants

Plants (1)

What could be more perfect than plants to give a room a natural feel? Feel free to place several across the room, from the bedside table to the foot of the bed to the dresser. Vary the species to have plants of different sizes and colors for an even more natural effect. Choose pots in neutral hues to draw the eye to the plants. Prefer natural plants if possible. If you don’t have a green thumb or the time to take care of green plants, then you can opt for artificial plants, taking care to choose them as similar as possible to real plants.

10. Natural materials

Natural materials (1)

Favor furniture and accessories made from natural materials such as wicker, rattan or bamboo to immerse your room in a 100% natural spirit. Bed, armchairs, planters or even lights come adorned with these authentic materials that will certainly immerse your room in a natural atmosphere. Do not hesitate to combine elements with a simple structure with others with a more refined style. Complete the set with a carpet made of coconut fibers or seagrass for example. All these materials from nature will also bring warmth to your room.

11. Country motifs

Country motifs (1)

Flowers, birds and foliage are all patterns that will give your room a beautiful nature spirit. So, choose sheets and tables decorated with natural patterns, chosen in soft tones, such as white, pink and pearl gray, for a very cocooning atmosphere. Dare to vary the patterns and multiply them but always always staying in the same tones to create a decor that is harmonious and well coordinated. Also consider adding a bouquet of flowers, if possible natural, to bring a real touch of nature to the room.

12. Neutral tones

Neutral tones (1)

Nature is adorned with multiple colors but also with sober and neutral tones that invite rest and contemplation. To recreate these soothing feelings in your bedroom, choose your furniture, bed linen and accessories in soft and completely natural colors: white, beige, green and gray in particular. As in nature, you can combine all these colors in your room without fear of falling into bad taste: on the contrary! As for the materials, choose them also natural in order to reinforce this natural spirit in your room.

13. A pallet headboard

A pallet headboard (1)

Wood is the natural material par excellence. In order to integrate it into your natural spirit bedroom in the most raw way possible, then opt for a headboard made of wood pallets . Original and very trendy, the headboard is a perfect way to complete and accessorize this piece of furniture while bringing an additional touch of nature to your bedroom decor. If you want to personalize it, you can, for example, paint the slats in soft, neutral tones or hang small pictures of plants or animals on it.

14. Invite the sun to your room

Invite the sun to your room (1)

For a decoration evoking nature, let the sun enter your room. We put on points of yellow for a luminous decoration. In this way, you benefit from a warm room which, morning after morning, will help put you in a good mood. Yellow can appear as touches in the decoration or impose itself in a slightly more pronounced way, for example, with a duvet cover. If you want to use it on the walls, however, be careful not to abuse it, as its effect would then be contrary to what you are looking for.

15. A wallpaper evoking nature

A wallpaper evoking nature (1)

Among all the wallpapers on the market, a large number of them offer you to transport yourself to a natural environment. It is easy to find real decorations representing forests or vegetation in abundance. You can use them either to cover the whole of a wall, or a part of the wall by simply laying a strip. In any case, it is preferable to limit yourself to a single section of wall so as not to risk ending up with a result that would be too busy and oppressive.

16. Choose indoor plants

Choose indoor plants (1)

For a decoration that is more real than life, bet on indoor plants. It can be an XL plant placed in the room. You can also turn to hanging plants on a shelf, etc. What you need to be careful about is not just selecting a plant just because you like it. Check that it can adapt to the living conditions of your interior. If your room is very bright, you will be more likely to see your plants growing there. If it is rather dark, turn to plants that do not require too much light.

17. Natural furniture

Natural furniture (1)

For a natural decor, we will inevitably turn to furniture whose materials evoke nature. We therefore eliminate the plastic of the natural chamber and we put on wood, but also rattan. They will bring a cozy and warm side to the room. In addition to furniture in natural materials, you can opt for natural materials for all household linen. It is thus possible to turn to a linen duvet, cotton curtains, etc.

18. Birds and other decorative elements

Birds and other decorative elements (1)

To enjoy nature in your room, bring in the birds. They will be the most beautiful effect in your natural decoration. You can use it and overdo it, with a tapestry, for example, or just choose metal sculptures. Birds are not the only decorative element that can add character to your room. You can also opt for seashells, pampas grass flowers , etc.

19. The green

The green (1)

Naturally, green easily finds its place in a natural room. It is also a calming color which, as such, can be easily used in the bedroom. The many shades of green allow you to choose it lighter, darker, with touches of blue, gray or even yellow, etc., depending on your preferences. It can be matched with neutral colors such as white, gray, black, but also with pink, blue or yellow .

20. White or beige

White or beige

For a naturally inspired bedroom, you can also favor shades of white or beige . Beige will bring softness. White is bright. They can be combined and used without risk. For a room that is rather small or visually dark, it will be a real asset to bet on these light shades which will give a feeling of space and clarity. You will enjoy a refreshing decoration that you will never get tired of.

21. The light

The light (1)

When it comes to lighting, use natural light as much as possible. However, you will not be able to ignore them. For bedside lamps or lamp caps, again, choose natural materials. That’s good, there are superb chandeliers in wicker, paper, etc!

22. Take inspiration from nature, which reclaims its rights

Take inspiration from nature, which reclaims its rights (1)

In addition in a small room there is an expression which I like very much and which normally will speak to everyone: “When nature takes back its rights”. No matter what man does to nature, if we let it do, it will adapt to what has been done and take possession of the place. You only have to look at Urbex’s photos to see how nature is taking back possession of abandoned homes and buildings. Nature doesn’t need a lot of space to invite itself into an abandoned house or your bedroom. We can think of a drooping plant, hung high in an angle. It will have a strong decorative power in your small room. It will send a strong message. No need to overdo it … This allows you to keep a decoration airy and conducive to sleep.