Dressing up a wooden wall isn’t just for restaurants with an industrial look like the one shown below. This allows you to create a unique decoration in your interior. Indeed, wood is a particularly warm material and therefore welcome in decoration. You can use it in a more original and unexpected way by decorating its walls with wooden cladding. This is a good way to create a cocooning atmosphere at will!

1. Panelling, an essential wood wall covering

Panelling, an essential wood wall covering (1)

When it comes to dressing a wooden wall, the paneling is undoubtedly the undisputed star. It is regularly found in interiors of all styles. Paneling comes in different forms (from PVC to particle board). However, it keeps a particularly decorative aspect when it is made of wood.

2. Parquet as a wood wall decoration

Parquet as a wood wall decoration (1)

Parquet is known for its traditional use on the ground and its different laying techniques ensuring a variable decorative result depending on the style of its interior. However, parquet can also be used to decorate other parts of its interior. This is the case of the walls which will not fail to welcome it to adorn themselves with a magnificent wall wood!

The parquet can be laid on the wall using the same technique as a laying on the floor. This offers a rendering while originality and above all a warm and authentic aspect. You can put your parquet on a section of wall or in the whole of the room. Do not hesitate to choose a parquet in contrast with a light-colored floor that we prefer in tiles or waxed concrete for example.

3. A wall decorated with rough wooden planks

A wall decorated with rough wooden planks (1)

To dress up a wooden wall without breaking the bank, there are many methods. These are as practical and aesthetic as the previous examples while being less expensive. Those who are not afraid to get their hands dirty will be able to provide themselves with planks of raw wood. You will have to cut them to the correct dimensions of the wall and assemble them in order to achieve an impeccable wood wall cladding.

4. Pallets for an original wooden wall!

Pallets for an original wooden wall! (1)

Wooden pallets are generally used to store merchandise but can also be used as decoration for a completely personal style. You can use the wooden pallets to create a rudimentary box spring. They can also find their place on the wall for an unusual decoration. A wooden pallet wall will indeed bring a touch of originality to a lambda wall, ensuring the most decorative wood wall cladding! Once sanded and glazed, the wood of the pallets will be placed on the wall for a warm and design rendering at the same time. Nothing also prevents you from repainting these palettes in the color (s) of your choice.

5. When fireplace logs are used as wall decoration

When fireplace logs are used as wall decoration (1)

The fireplace has gradually reclaimed our interiors and it is therefore not uncommon to see houses equipped with fireplaces or wood stoves. Who says fireplace naturally says logs of wood that will have to be stored near it in order to be able to effectively fuel the fire. Some have taken the gamble of betting on this log storage to intelligently enhance their decor.

Thus, the wood logs can be stored on suitable shelves running along the wall in order to make a wall of wood logs. Depending on tastes and desires, the log wall can cover the entire surface or only part of the wall. The logs turn out to be an excellent decorative idea to dress the wall of your living room. They allow you to bet on a sophisticated wall decoration easy to change as you wish. Practical and aesthetic, they will bring warmth to your interior in all circumstances.

6. Wood slices as sliding on a wall

Wood slices as sliding on a wall (1)

Wood has so many different aspects that it is the ideal material to add a decorative touch to a wall with many possibilities. In addition to those we have just seen previously, I offer you a completely different form of wood-based wall decoration: a wall made of wood slices! Terribly trendy, this kind of wall paneling is appearing more and more on platforms like Pinterest. We discover lots of decorating ideas with walls decorated with wooden slices which are often made by DIY enthusiasts or DIY enthusiasts.

Each washer is thus grafted to the wall next to each other to form a wall of decorative wooden discs with a particularly aesthetic style! The ideal for a perfect rendering is to select washers of different sizes, from the smallest to the largest, to put them together in a random manner. Thus, it will be easy to create a wooden wall with a natural asymmetrical style offering a warm atmosphere. You can use it in a living room as well as in a more specific room such as the office or the master bedroom.

7. A wall made with wooden boxes

A wall made with wooden boxes (1)

Let’s take a look at another great ally for a wooden wall decoration worthy of the name, I named the wooden boxes. You can indeed obtain an unusual wall decoration by associating several wooden boxes, like this arrangement. And don’t panic if you can’t find strictly identical models! Your wall decoration based on wooden crates will have everything to gain in singularity if you mix genres.

8. A carved wooden wall

A carved wooden wall (1)

If you want to make your walls a real work of art with a graphic rendering, there is sculpted wood. This exceptional material is able to sublimate with a graphic note all styles of rooms, whether used in total look or in small touches. It can thus be considered associated with a large number of other woods, whether paneling or parquet for a sober and elegant result. Or more to stand out in a universe with diametrically opposed style, which will bring out its splendor.

Many interiors now use carved wooden panels, but also establishments such as cafes or restaurants. Like for example this restaurant with a strong industrial character, with its large volumes, its brick walls and its glass-style windows, having integrated carved wooden panels on one of its walls. The latter are not content only to delimit the spaces, they are also a medium of choice for the wall lights which accentuate their depth.

9. Wooden panels drilles to dress the wall with shelves

Wooden panels drilles to dress the wall with shelves (1)

Established DIY atmosphere guaranteed with the pierced wooden panels, which are not devoid of charm! This solution is extremely practical and modular, ideal for small areas requiring maximum storage space.

10. A wall covered with OSB wood

A wall covered with OSB wood (1)

OSB panels (or Oriented Strand Board in English) have for several years already been on the rise in interior decoration. Indeed, OSB wood has many advantages, both practical and economical. It is renowned for being a material that wants to be above all resistant to any test. Sold at particularly attractive prices, the OSB is a formidable decorative asset with a raw rendering, capable of catching the light. Choosing this type of wood for your future wall decoration is therefore wise. In addition, it remains easy to use and constitutes an excellent thermal and sound insulator.

11. Interior wall cladding with wooden battens

Interior wall cladding with wooden battens (1)

This Parisian apartment with its woody and tangy decor, imagined by the talented interior designer Glenn Medioni, is proof of this. Vitamin colors and wooden cleats coexist in harmony for an exceptional rendering with a strong character. The wooden floor and the pieces of furniture echo it, while notes of yellow and blue contrast brilliantly.

12. Why choose a wooden wall at home?


one can wonder why wood remains the material of choice to create a cozy and warm atmosphere. Wood remains at the center of the interior decoration, focusing on the “nature” side of which wood is undoubtedly the worthy representative. The wood wall decoration is developing more and more with the advent of DIY. It brings a soothing and relaxing atmosphere that allows you to feel good at home and goes with many styles, from the most modern to the most retro. Among these styles, the Scandinavian atmosphere remains the one of predilection for a wall facing. It recalls the Far North for a cabin or chalet effect depending on the decoration associated with it. It’s hard to miss wood today when we talk about decorative wood panels. They may well invade the decor even more since some do not hesitate to use them up to the ceiling!

13. Next to a green wall

Next to a green wall (1)

Installed next to a green wall, these thin wooden panels go perfectly with the many light sources in this bedroom.

14. Install with LED

Install with LED (1)

Complement your wooden furniture with a wooden wall full of storage and functionality. This LED wall combines dark wood and light wood to become the focal point of the room.

15. Matching wooden platform

Matching wooden platform (1)

With a diagonal wooden wall and matching wooden platform, this creation is ideal for bedrooms in an attic.

16. Wooden slats

wooden slats (1)

More elaborate, these wooden slats are both functional and aesthetic. They are decorative and act as a partition.

17. Colored wood

Colored wood (1)

Decorative wooden walls with this headboard made up of alternately dark, light and turquoise wood.

18. Ideal support to display

ideal support to display (1)

A wooden wall can be an ideal support to display your most beautiful paintings.

19. Decorative but also minimalist wooden walls

Decorative but also minimalist wooden walls (1)

In this hipster bedroom, the wood used has been grayed out. This is one of my favorite walls in this selection of decorative wood walls.

20. Use patterns

Use patterns (1)

Want the wood to show? Use patterns! Your creation will not go unnoticed.