20 Ideas for Installing a Chaise Lounge in Living Room (1)

In the living room, the chaise longue is ideal if you do not have a lot of space and if you want to create a small resting area. This seat, between the sofa, the armchair and the bed, is perfect to give the room a warm and cozy appearance , without cluttering the space visually. You can choose it contemporary, vintage, baroque, bohemian, classic… It exists for all styles! We love it near a window or to separate the living room in two. In our interior, the meridian invites to rest and relaxation. We sit there to read, to take a nap or we use it as a sofa. Accompanied by a few cushions, it transforms our living room into a real cocoon.

For a cozy and warm living room, we fall for the chaise longue! Discover all our ideas for installing it in our interior.

1. Powdery pink

Powdery pink (1)

By choosing a powder pink chaise longue that you install in front of the window, you are betting on a cocooning atmosphere!        

2. Green and velvet

Green and velvet (1)

For a chic and elegant interior, we love the velvet chaise longue. 

3. Velvet rose

Velvet rose (1)

We love velvet daybeds for a chic interior. We chose it with clean lines for an elegant and powder pink interior to accentuate the decor. 

4. Bamboo

Bamboo (1)

In a bohemian living room, the bamboo chaise longue finds its place. It invites relaxation thanks to the cushions that compose it. 

5. In the middle of the room

In the middle of the room (1)

You can use the chaise longue to divide the living room in half, it is a great idea if you want to delimit an office space. 

6. By the swimming pool

By the swimming pool (1)

The meridian leaves the living room to settle by the pool. It is therefore ideal for basking in the sun! 

7. Reading corner

Reading corner (1)

In a corner of the living room, the chaise longue creates a very cozy reading space. 

8. Along the wall

Along the wall (1)

You can choose to install the chaise longue at the edge of a window, in the middle of the room, or along the wall. 

9. Minimalist

Minimalist (1)

In a minimalist interior, we place the chaise longue in the middle of the room, like a bench in a museum.

10. Comfortable

Comfortable (1)

The thick chaise longue is perfect for installing a comfortable seat in the room. Once installed in it, we never leave it! 

11. Bohemia

Bohemia (1)

To accentuate the bohemian decoration of your living room, the chaise longue is ideal. We chose it in rattan and we accentuate its style with patterned cushions. 

12. Classic

Classic (1)

In a classic style interior, the chaise longue is essential. To add a modern touch, choose it in a bright color.

13. Royal deco

Royal deco (1)

This padded chaise longue encrusted with rhinestones will add a touch of bling-bling to your interior.

14. Glamorous daybed

Glamorous daybed (1)

Unexpected and trendy, the pink of this chaise longue is a way to add a little vitamin touch to your decor.

15. Classic red longue

Classic red longue (1)

Sober and classic , this red chaise longue will wake up your living room.

16. Buffalo leather chaise longue

Buffalo leather chaise longue (1)

Timeless, the padded buffalo leather chaise longue is an invitation to laziness.

17. Classic longue

Classic longue (1)

This classic chaise longue is perfect for a nap by the fireplace.

18. Oversized chaise longue

oversized chaise longue (1)

An oversized chaise longue to sit alone or with others, guaranteed comfort.

19. Contemporary daybed

This contemporary daybed has a padded seat that makes you want to lie down.

20. Eleganty style

Eleganty style (1)

The chaise longue keeps all its elegance with its country spirit.