Best Ideas of Marble Bathroom Designs (1)

Marble has been used for centuries to make the best palace ceilings and to dress floors and walls. It was a material used to express wealth and power in order to impress visitors. It must be said that this is still the case today if we trust the value of marble. Discover in this post some marble bathroom designs to inspire you. You may want to renovate your bathroom eventually in this article.

1. A sublime appearance

A sublime appearance (1)

You might be thinking that all marble bathrooms are the same. However; This is not the case. The difference in colors and grain is what makes this material special. This ensures you a unique bathroom. In any case, the marble has a sublime appearance. Make your choice according to your personal preferences as well as your budget.

A marble bathroom can only be elegant; whether you decide to cover the floor or the walls with it.

2. The resistance of marble

The resistance of marble (1)

Marble is a hard and resistant material. He can break a window into a thousand pieces without being broken in his turn. This is the reason why it is a good material to cover the bathroom floor.

3. The disadvantages to remember

The disadvantages to remember (1)

Marble is certainly solid, but it also has significant absorbing power.

4. Bring a luxurious touch

brings a luxurious touch (1)

It’s a good thing that marble brings a luxurious touch to your interior; but it must be said that its cost is one of its drawbacks. It would seem that a marble bathroom would cost five times more than a traditional ceramic bathroom. This therefore means that not everyone can afford to completely dress their bathroom in marble.

5. The interview

The interview (1)

Unlike other materials, you don’t need to apply a sealer every year, for example. However, important precautions must be taken for its maintenance. It must be cleaned with a mild detergent which is not chlorine-based, dry it immediately to stop the absorption process …

6. Create contrasts

Create pretty contrasts (1)

Create pretty contrasts by painting your walls black and dressing the bathrooms with white marble with gray veins.

7. Marble in panels

Marble in panels (1)

More expensive and more difficult to work with, marble panels in XXL format know how to give a bathroom all the modernity and elegance it needs. Here, they have the particularity of being hollowed out to give relief to the material, like a painting in its frame.

8. Marble like in a hotel

Marble like in a hotel (1)

You can find inspiration everywhere, this is the secret of a successful decoration. And why not in the hotels that we visit or that we discover in the guides or on specialized sites? We then play with their codes by delicately arranging the bathroom accessories, all on a marbled background.

9. Baroque marble

Baroque marble (1)

Sometimes marble can be surprising in a baroque decoration or in an offbeat or even too-much style. Fortunately, our favorite material lightens space, expands volumes and redefines style. We do not hesitate to choose an original chandelier to pair with a mirror sink.

10. Marble in color

Marble in color (1)

Aubade offers us a nice little piece of furniture for the bathroom: composed of 3 colored drawers offset from each other, it supports a white marble basin . The latter has therefore entered our space, without breaking the bank and without giving up an original decoration.

11. Marble on the wall

Marble on the wall (1)

On the ground it protects against splashing, on the wall it forms a band, like a frieze to liven up the space, at the sink it allows easy and quick cleaning. Marble therefore has all the advantages we could dream of and we can already see ourselves installing it everywhere!

12. Marble and wood

Marble and wood (1)

Often associated with ceramic or porcelain, as in many bathrooms, it can also be mixed with a light wood shade. As a central element, this storage becomes the center of the room and immediately catches the eye.

13. Minimalist marble

Minimalist marble (1)

Black, gray, white … nothing very original, but an elegant and contemporary bathroom thanks to well-chosen furniture and accessories, as well as the marble which supports this tasteful decoration.

14. Checkered marble

Checkered marble (1)

It is the cutting of marble that often makes its price. Here, cut into small squares like tiles, it creates material in small pieces, while the larger ones are reserved for XXL panels. We take the opportunity to play with shades of gray and create a checkerboard pattern in the bathroom.