20 Recommended Color Ideas for Bathroom Decor (1) - Copy

With the daily rhythm and the stressful life that we almost all have today, the bathroom is one of the rooms of the house that we cherish because we can relax and de-stress quietly. This is the reason why we have decided to share with you some recommended color ideas for its decoration. The bathroom should be pleasant and relaxing above all.

1. Blue

blue (1)

As blue recalls water and has a soothing effect, it is the color par excellence to dress the bathroom. It is also a color that symbolizes peace, inspiration, spirituality and mystery. It would be great to have blue tiles accompanied by some blue accessories in the bathroom.

2. White and cream

White and cream (1)

If you are one of the people who prefers the traditional style, then you will have to dress up your bathroom with the white and cream color combo. These neutral colors will bring a good dose of freshness to the room.

3. Orange

Orange (1)

Because of its intensity and the energy it brings, the color orange is also perfect for the bathroom. By combining orange with a light shade of blue, you will have an energizing bathroom.

4. Cherry red and white

Cherry red and white (1)

If you want a bathroom that exudes freshness and energy at the same time, consider incorporating cherry red. To avoid an aggressive effect, limit yourself to an accent wall, for example, and combine red with white.

5. With gray

With gray (1)

When gray is present, it is advisable to integrate an element of a light color. This will create a nice contrast. Gray and ivory make a good color combination to decorate the bathroom.

6. Classic and neutral colors

Classic and neutral colors (1)

It must be said that neutral colors are the most used in modern bathrooms. The good thing is that these colors easily adapt to any style: traditional, modern, eclectic, etc.

By decorating your bathroom in white and gray, for example, you make it visually larger and you will create a relaxing and serene atmosphere.

7. Amaranth and white

Amaranth and white (1) - Copy

Amaranth is purple in color but is lighter than burgundy. You can pair it with white to bring your bathroom to life. You will easily get a feminine and delicate touch this way by the way.

8. Birch wood

Birch wood (1)

Of course, birch is more of a material than a color; however, its color is ideal for bringing a cozy touch to the bathroom. Pair it with ceramic tiles to balance the cool and cozy side of the room.

9. Powdery pink

Powdery pink (1)

Certain shades of pink can be synonymous with relaxation and delicacy; and not necessarily femininity. This is the case with the pink used to decorate this bathroom.

10. White and mint

White and mint (1)

Freshness and relaxation guaranteed!

11. Black and white

Black and white (1)

For an elegant and timeless design, black and white are the ideal colors to combine.

12. Terracotta

Terracotta (1)

“Terracotta” is the term used for a shade of red, reminiscent of the color of brick , almost rusty. The terracotta look is directly inspired by a natural material, it is a color that goes wonderfully with a clear decoration , and even mineral. Adding a few green plants makes you even think you’re in California!

13. Curry yellow brightens your mornings

Curry yellow brightens your mornings (1)

In 2021, bright colors are coming with confidence in bathrooms. The decoration magazines and the catalogs of the big DIY stores are full of them! On a single section of wall, as in the Cubik bathroom, yellow highlights the furniture and the earthenware all the more.

This yellow bathroom sublimates the graphic floor and the subway tiling, for a modern and retro touch that we love at the same time!

14. Purple bathroom

Purple bathroom (1)

Purple can come in many shades. From amethyst through plum , eggplant or indigo , the decoration rendering will be very different. Eggplant style as in the decoration idea of Mon Coach Déco, the result is particularly chic.

By combining purple with shiny details (jewelry, enamelled accessories, ceramics), the set displays an assumed sophisticated face. Contrary to what we saw in the previous example, here the dark section of wall will precisely create depth in the room.

15. A taupe bathroom

A taupe bathroom (1) - Copy

The taupe color can be seen in all the rooms of the house, and not just in the bathrooms! Warmer than gray, MariaMeneghelli did not hesitate to dress the whole room with it except for the ceiling. Taupe is a very soft color that goes with almost anything.

16. Bet on green

Bet on green (1)

Green evokes plants, nature, and freshness… what could be more invigorating when you enter your bathroom in the morning? Long neglected and renowned for giving off a bad look, green is regaining its nobility.

Pine green, sea green, spring green … each version has its advantages. At Chadam, pine green combined with light parquet and metallic notes create a chic and modern bathroom. Next door, the bathroom in shades of turquoise and green in the Cubik master suite makes us want to travel.

17. Dark gray

Dark gray (1)

Play on contrasts a proven decoration technique. To highlight your beautiful light and immaculate furniture, and if you dare the dark gray ? More subtle than a black decoration, the charcoal gray takes on the air of slate . The rendering is almost organic, and goes easily in a design bathroom decoration.

18. A black bathroom with an assertive style

A black bathroom with an assertive style (1) - Copy

The total black look in a bathroom might seem reckless. Yet it is THE great fashion that can be found in all design and interior design magazines, and without exception! For a modern bathroom, go for an all-black decoration. The floor and walls are adorned with a garment of incomparable elegance. Don’t forget to add some subtle pops of color to counterbalance the power of black.

A green plant, a wicker laundry basket… so many elements dotted around the bathroom to create a pleasant living room every day.

19. An immaculate white bathroom

An immaculate white bathroom (1)

The white will always be the flagship color that capture attention when renovating a bathroom. It is both timeless and modern. In the West, white is a symbol of purity and freshness, which is quite appropriate for this room.

You will have no trouble putting white everywhere, earthenware on the walls, along the furniture and even on the side of the accessories. Lousticaire has chosen to break the monotony with black parquet imitation tiles. We love this graphic touch!

20. Pastel colors for a cozy and fresh atmosphere!

Pastel colors for a cozy and fresh atmosphere! (1)

Pastel shades are making a remarkable comeback in our interiors and they are successfully inviting themselves into the bathroom. Do you like the boudoir side? Nothing could be simpler with pastel tones. From very trendy powder pink to sea ​​green through the often forgotten and yet particularly refined pastel gray, have fun and create the atmosphere you want. Dare with marble, mint green for the freshness of this association.

Softness and cocooning guaranteed with pastel, you will not regret your new bathroom for tender and gentle awakenings. You will also enjoy it in the evening after a grueling day. You will marry them with colors and natural materials, furniture in light, white or gray wood, metal accessories… These colors bring luminosity and are perfect for visually enlarging a room. You can use them on any wall without any problem.