15+ Ideas of Charming Bathrooms With Wooden Beams (1)

The charm of the wooden beams cannot be denied, even in a room like the bathroom. The proof in these ideas … To give a natural and warm aspect to your interior, opt for beams! Even in the bathroom, they remain very trendy and dress the room by giving it character …

1. Attic bathroom

Attic bathroom (1) - Copy

The impressive wooden beams break up the white appearance of this attic bathroom and give it an interesting rustic air. The beams are arranged in a straight and symmetrical line; which gives the contemporary feel, but also adds a natural and warm note.

2. A beautiful bathroom

A beautiful bathroom (1)

Wooden beams paired with brick walls are the appropriate materials for creating a warm, cottage-inspired bathroom. The independent copper bathtub adapts to the artisanal layout of this interior.

3. Very coquette

Very coquette (1)

The honor goes to the wooden beams, regarding the unique appearance of this bathroom. Their layout is spectacular, which makes them attractive in this beautiful modern and rustic setting.

4. Fresh

Fresh (1)

The oak beams in a light color, with an interesting texture and a rustic character represent the element that finishes this bathroom with a charming and fresh look. Their arrangement on the walls and on the ceiling, gives a striking appearance on the white walls.

5. Peaceful

Peaceful (1)

The setting of this bathroom would be cold and dreary without those wooden beams, right? Their presence enhances the aesthetic side and transformed the general design of this white monochrome interior.

6. Chic

Chic (1)

The layout here is rather eclectic, but the wooden beams added a cottage feel and rustic vibe. The beam on the black ceiling provides a balanced and relaxed look, which impacts the black and white patterned floor.

7. Contemporary

Contemporary (1)

In this white monochrome bathroom, the wooden beams with their rustic character and texture break up the smooth look and contemporary arrangement, while bringing a natural and relaxed feel.

8. Nice

Nice (1)

The decoration of this rustic and eclectic bathroom is sublimated by the oak beams which bring a fresh and natural atmosphere.

9. Cottage

Cottage (1)

Here is another bathroom design, in which brick walls and wooden beams were used together to create an earthy note with a cottage imprint.

10. Country

Country (1)

The wooden beams saved the dreary and cold appearance of this bathroom, setting up a homely and warm atmosphere. The attic architecture reflects a warm and cozy atmosphere.

11. A bathroom that honors wood

A bathroom that honors wood (1)

On the platform, an unconventional “cabin” bathroom: the whitewashed wooden beams are punctuated by a set of bamboo rods.

12. Dominant white for a house to live in

Dominant white for a house to live in (1)

A designer bathroom, simple and bright: the white stone sink recalls the white of the rectangular beams.

13. Modern and refined bathroom

Modern and refined bathroom (1)

The beams of the spectacular bathroom of this Provencal farmhouse are painted white, giving a refined style to the room.

14. A mountain-style bathroom


The dark brown old wooden beams of this bathroom give a mountain spirit to this tasty chalet made of natural materials.

15. Vintage and bright spirit in the bathroom

Vintage and bright spirit in the bathroom (1)

A very atypical universe for this bathroom with a pretty flowery bathtub. The beams give character to the room …

16. A natural bathroom

A natural bathroom (1)

Pastel green is dominant in this natural bathroom with white wooden beams.