15+ Contemporary Sink Ideas for a Change (1)

To create a functional and modern bathroom, you must focus on the essential element that will determine this functionality and the general aesthetic appearance. The sink happens to be one of those essentials that can determine the style, functionality and appearance of the bathroom. The sink is a fundamental accessory, without it the bathroom cannot function. Apart from its design and appearance, the bathroom sink directly determines the overall appearance and style of the latter. Due to the immensity of the advancement in the world of bathroom furniture these days, you can easily find a top quality sink where design and functionality are both satisfactory. A contemporary sink can have a relevant influence in bringing a sleek and modern feel to the bathroom. We have put together some washbasin models that could serve as inspiration and give you some ideas.

1. A stunning model

A stunning model (1)

We admit that from the first glance this sink amazes us due to its very innovative and creative design. The patterned glass at the bottom of the sink reflects an ombré effect, creating a wonderful visual appeal.

2. Abisko

Abisko (1)

Here is a very creative sink created by Abisko. Its innovative and creative design makes it one of the top quality sinks today. Its sinuous line allows water to flow easily to the floor drain.

3. Bandini

Bandini (1)

Some Italian bathroom designs are known for their pretty curves. This design of the Bandini washbasin also proves the beauty of designs featuring curves.

4. Creative

Creative (1)

The elegant and creative design of this sink is very interesting and inspiring. The lacquered finish of the granite gives it a superb and contemporary look.

5. Decolav-Sophia

Decolav-Sophia (1)

We just love this mix of simple and modern designs. The oval edges lend a specific look to this contemporary sink and make it charming; which also beautifies the overall appearance of this bathroom.

6. An unusual surface

An unusual surface (1)

This is a truly extraordinary sink, from Kohler brand. It stands out elegantly in the bathroom. Its flat and smooth design earns it the honor of being the focal point of this room to which it provides a modern appearance.

7. Kraus

Kraus (1)

This model of sink made of glass is so beautiful and charming. It is of a super creative and geometric design which will make your bathroom very flirtatious.

8. Modern

Modern (1)

This sink is shaped like a lemon. As we can see, the interior is yellow. He is dressed in a fresh and modern appearance. It will definitely help you in creating an elegant and invigorating bathroom.

9. In the shape of a seashell

In the shape of a seashell (1)

Obviously, it is a sink in the shape of a shell! By choosing it, you will add a modern and sophisticated note to your bathroom.

10. Silver plated copper

Silver plated copper (1)

This copper sink in a champagne silver color is truly unique. It is perfect for creating a spectacular ambiance in your bathroom. It is simply extraordinary.

11. Shades of pink

Shades of pink (1)

A feminine bathroom that plays with shades of pink. Small storage unit on black legs, vanity top, sink and Opi mirror by Globo.

12. Wooden sink

Wooden sink (1)

Bathroom mixing candy pink and olive green.

13. Pink washbasin

pink washbasin (1)

Base paneling, copper mirror and tap, pink washbasin (Artis, Villeroy & Boch ), marble vanity top and storage niche … a bathroom that assumes its feminine refinement.

14. Modular vanity system

Modular vanity system (1)

Modular vanity system including a storage compartment for makeup, a folding mirror, an electrical outlet and a usb port.

15. Large ceramic washbasin

large ceramic washbasin (1)

A large ceramic washbasin in which is integrated a “make up” element comprising a cabinet and a mirror. 

16. Jewelry box sink

Jewelry box sink (1)

Like a jewelry box, the Hidden chest (designed by Giulio Gianturco for Makro ) conceals all the essentials of toiletries and beauty. When opened, it reveals a sink, faucet, mirror and storage drawer. Enough to create a pretty contemporary dressing table!

17. Concrete sink

Concrete sink (1)

Concrete sink whose color is enhanced by golden accessories.

18. With golden decorative elements

With golden decorative elements (1)

A soft bathroom with golden decorative elements.