15 Ideas of Amazing Backsplash for Kitchen (1)

The backsplash is a must have for your kitchen to be aesthetic and trendy. It is used to protect the walls when cooking or preparing food, but it is also an essential element that unites all the other components of the kitchen. However, it can be intimidating to make the right decision. Redecorating a kitchen is still a long-term commitment!

1. Ceramic or self-adhesive tile backsplash

Ceramic or self-adhesive tile backsplash (1)

This is the more traditional option when it comes to backsplashes. On the other hand, it is not without reason that so many people choose it. Tiles can match any decor style and taste, making them a great option for anyone looking to add visual appeal to their kitchen.

If you appreciate bold decors, feel free to experiment by installing textured tiles. On the contrary, if the decor is rather minimalist, go for thin ceramic tiles. Another option that comes up often is that of reproducing the patterns of metro station tiles, i.e. rectangular white tiles. No matter which model you choose, you won’t have a hard time finding a type of tile that you like.

2. The metal backsplash

The metal backsplash (1)

Several types of metals work well as kitchen backsplashes. One of the more common choices is stainless steel, due to the fact that this material is reflective, making the room appear larger. Stainless steel is easy to clean, making it both an efficient and aesthetically appealing choice. Hammered pewter is another great option, as it will add an interesting texture to the decor.

This material is tough and easy to maintain, so if you choose it, you won’t need to update it anytime soon. Copper and brass are also often used for backsplashes. These metals change over time, thanks to exposure to wind and humidity which can cause color variations.

3. Natural stones

Natural stones (1)

For a successful traditional rustic kitchen, choose noble materials such as natural stones. You can find this material in many forms: in uniform tiles, in bespoke pieces or even in their original condition. Each type of stone can be organized into a mosaic that you really like. The stone colors are multiple: paler with soapstone or darker with gray marble. You will thus have a backsplash that blends perfectly with all styles.

If they offer a unique contribution to your kitchen – indeed, one stone can never look like the second – natural stones require a little more maintenance than other alternatives for your backsplash … They can be damaged easily if you does not take care of it and, because this material is porous, greasy stains may be more difficult to wash off. The unavoidable? Quartz, soapstone, marble and travertine!

4. Sea glasses

Sea glasses (1)

For those who dream of the beach at ength of annĂ©e, a backsplash in sea glass is the perfect compromise. It is an interesting tile material to decorate and protect the walls of his kitchen. On the love it for its hue s blue varieds, from a gray dark to turquoise completely broke. It is possible to make a mixture of color, but can remain in shades monochrome s for appearance equally successful! This year, it’s the tile size that matters when it comes to sea glass . For a more trendy kitchen backsplash idea, opt for larger tiles, regardless of the shape and pattern of installation. Since this type of backsplash is made of glass, it remains easy to maintain while remaining pretty and chic.

5. Terracotta

Terracotta (1)

Terracotta is a wonderful option for a cozy kitchen. Much like natural stones, terracotta offers a variety of hues that depend on where its clay was harvested. One can then choose to go with a lighter or more coppery type of clay, the latter being its most popular and richest shade. If terracotta is more difficult to maintain as a floor covering because it is porous, using it as a backsplash involves fewer problems since it is less exposed to impurities!

6. Zellige tiles

Zellige tiles (1)

The Zellige tiles are in one of the trends from recent seasons and will not seem to leave the charts! Choosing them for your backsplash means choosing a style belonging to a hundred-year-old cultural tradition that will give your kitchen a unique touch. Indeed, since they are made by hand, they are prettier and more authentic in their asymmetry. You can have them with a glossy or matte finish, depending on your taste. If they are usually sold and cut into a rectangular “subway tile” type, you can very well find them made to measure at specialist craftsmen!

Since they are not made in a factory or by machine, Zellige tiles require a little more meticulous maintenance. You will have to go into the small cracks using a brush and we recommend adding a layer of protective sealant to ensure that they do not get damaged.

7. Paneling

Paneling (1)

When we think of a classic backsplash, we visualize ceramic. If you want to make more room for nature in your kitchen, we recommend the wooden slats as a backsplash. It is a simple choice and easy to install. You can opt for prefabricated paneling which remains more economical, but if you can’t find what you like, it is possible to find it custom-made. Its maintenance is fairly basic: a wipe down with soapy water and voila! Ultimately, all that’s missing for a finish that blends perfectly with the rest of the kitchen is the desired color.

8. Wallpaper

Wallpaper (1)

The trends of the last few years have seen a comeback of wallpaper, but not your grandmother’s! A multitude of colors, patterns and textures are now available s as in specialty stores and online. You can let go of your fool with a style that suits you, whether it’s flowers, geometric shapes, or vintage tapestry, the choices abound. Since wallpaper is a relatively easy-to-install backsplash option, if you want a change of design you don’t need as meticulously detailed preparation as if you had chosen ceramic for example. If you select one that is resistant to water and dirt, it will clean itself wonderfully. You can keep it that way for a long time!

9. Navy blues

Navy blues (1)

The colors paler leave more place to the deep colors. The dark blue e is a color known mainly for its relaxing nature, which is why it is the usually found in bedrooms and lounges. If you want to use for the walls of your kitchen, but you do not want to p ‘re too stifling room, paint your backsplash that color! Trendiest easy to accomplish !

10. Various patterns

Various patterns (1)

Have fun with stunning ceramic patterns. If you are tired of understated minimalis me and want to add a dose of personality , choose patterned ceramic tiles. You can mix color, go for it with eclectic shapes, or even both! There is no limit when you decide to go for accent walls . The timeless? The rafters and arabesques, mosaics and larger asymmetrical tiles. For the colors, go with complementary tones or variations of tones from the lightest to the darkest. Just be sure of the durability of your choice and of its arrangement with the rest of the room!

11. Colored applied grout

Colored applied grout (1)

The seals can be much more than the component between the tiles, they can also be an element connected decor. The tiles can stay in more neutral tones for those who don’t want to have a backsplash that is a bit too stimulating on the look, but we will still suggest choosing two contrasting colors such as an off white with an orange or navy applied grout. In addition, the color s darks are much easier s maintain that are traditional white grout.

12. Moroccan tiles

Moroccan tiles (1)

If you love to travel and want to bring colors and textures from elsewhere into your abode, one of the bold kitchen backsplash ideas is Moroccan tile. We recognize it for its contrasting patterns of sublime arabesques with the colors of your choice. If, on the other hand, you want to play in the classics, the tradition is to take a mixture of different colors like a burnt orange with a navy blue or a mustard yellow and a deep green. In order to create a pleasant harmony in the room, select sober cabinets and accessories so as not to overload your kitchen decor.

13. Brick

Brick (1)

We all love a brick accent wall in our home, but have you considered it for your kitchen? If you prefer durable, easy-to-maintain, and rustic materials, look no further than beautiful brick backsplashes. Brick adds a classic and timeless touch to your kitchen interior design. It seems to take you back to simpler times, without losing its stylized element. By incorporating brick into the design of the backsplash, the kitchen will have a warmth that charms all those who take an aperitif there. If you are looking for a heartwarming, authentic style with a touch of texture, brick is the perfect type of backsplash!

14. Marble: timeless elegance

Marble, timeless elegance (1)

For a clean and classic style. Marble represents luxury and elegance. Very durable and resistant to both heat and humidity, it is simply timeless. Tip: Porcelain stoneware is an effective and affordable alternative.

15. The mirror: to enlarge the space

The mirror, to enlarge the space (1)

The mirror surprises and illuminates the room. Easy to clean and affordable, it brightens up the space and reflects the light during the day. In the evening, it reveals a contemporary, cozy and intimate effect.