15 Ideas of Brick Backsplashes to Renovate Your Kitchen (1)

The kitchen backsplash was designed to protect the wall from splashing originally. However, today it plays an important decorative role at the same time. Discover in this post some ideas of modern brick backsplashes to bring a little change in the decor of your kitchen.

1. An element to personalize

An element to personalize (1)

There are several types of bricks and fake bricks. So you have to make your choice according to the decorating style of your kitchen and your preferences.

2. An interesting color

An interesting color (1)

If you would like to have a modern decor that is out of the ordinary, try to choose bricks that are not red like the traditional models. This is valid for real and false bricks. There is a wide choice when it comes to these materials. There are even some that look like stones and that are gray in color.

There is very little chance that you will not find bricks that you like and that fit your kitchen.

3. A cozy kitchen

A cozy kitchen (1)

The key to creating a cozy kitchen is a good balance between the backsplash, the countertop and the flooring. Try to think of these three elements as a set, but that doesn’t mean they all have to match.

4. Thin bricks

Thin bricks (1)

For a modern look, one idea would be to bet on particularly thin bricks. It is also ideal for a kitchen backsplash.

5. Customized solutions

Customized solutions (1)

Custom tiles can be a great option for bringing interesting designs into your culinary space.

6. Playing with brick patterns

Playing with brick patterns (1)

Unless you are really determined to lay tiles in a classic horizontal arrangement, you could achieve something interesting with a different installation or by varying the patterns and / or colors. The simplest bricks can be a sublime decor if you find an interesting way to lay them. You can also embellish them with stickers if you want.

7. Faux bricks on the kitchen backsplash

Faux bricks on the kitchen backsplash (1)

To avoid major works, you might forget about the real bricks and go for the fake ones. These come in many different colors and they can provide a unique texture despite the fact that they are artificial.

8. The most popular materials and colors

the most popular materials and colors (1)

Need a great kitchen decor idea? Modulate and sculpt your space by inviting a modern and personalized kitchen splashback while enjoying quality and durability! Tiles, stainless steel, marble, wood, paint… you are spoiled for choice. Focus!

9. Kitchen idea with magnetic splashback

Kitchen idea with magnetic splashback (1)

The magnetic wall covering made a real revolution in the world of creative interior design and especially in the modern nursery . But recently, he invites himself into the gourmet room to bring it originality and personality. Whether it is a magnetic splashback in total look or a magnetic kitchen board as an accent, you will undoubtedly benefit from a personalized decoration that is right on trend. 

10. Panel or wallpaper for kitchen splashback?

Panel or wallpaper for kitchen splashback (1)

Do you have an artistic soul and want to liven up your space with a kitchen splashback with a pattern? Why not opt ​​for a self-adhesive kitchen splashback to change your look like your shirts? Whether it is pretty creative designs or simply an imitation tile or wood panel … a wide choice is available to you in order to design a state-of-the-art decoration!

11. Self-adhesive mosaic backsplash

Self-adhesive mosaic backsplash (1)

Taking a look at decorative splashback ideas, let’s take a look at another example of adhesive models. The self-adhesive glass mosaic offers a wide range of patterns allowing you to personalize the gourmet piece by going for the design of playful and original patterns.

12. Black and white mosaic tiles

black and white mosaic tiles (1)

For your information, the black and white mosaic tiles offer a contemporary and upscale atmosphere. Enhance the look with the help of some designer suspensions and enjoy a decoration straight out of the catalogs! Whether it is a self-adhesive kitchen mosaic or as is, the original design is 100% guaranteed!

13. Imitation brick tiles or not?

imitation brick tiles or not (1)

When it comes to adopting a brick splashback, we find ourselves locked in a dilemma: self-adhesive fake brick or raw material? Generally, the choice is yours. But if you get bored easily, we advise you to opt for an adhesive brick imitation splashback so you can change your look in a flash.

A white brick imitation tile will bring freshness to your space while allowing you to incorporate colorful accessories. For information, imitation briquette tiles are among the kitchen splashback ideas adopting a subtle look.

14. Modern kitchen backsplash with azulejo inspiration

Modern kitchen backsplash with azulejo inspiration (1)

The azulejo-inspired kitchen backsplash cement tiles represent a colorful paradise adorned with various geometric or figurative patterns. If you are therefore looking for a graphic kitchen splashback idea, azulejos are for you. As long as you don’t want to dare to look too colorful, the kitchen splashback frieze is a good compromise.

15. Modern plastic kitchen splashback

Modern plastic kitchen splashback (1)

Yes, our kitchen splashback ideas encompass all available materials including plastic. Hygienic and super easy to clean, the plastic kitchen splashback lasts a lifetime!