20 Decorating Ideas for a Pretty Kitchen (1)

Are you looking for decorating ideas for the kitchen? Furnishing this room is a task that can quickly turn out to be complicated. Because in addition to being aesthetic, it must be perfectly functional! Whether family, small, huge, 100% practical but in any case, always pretty: we have unearthed for you the most beautiful ideas to decorate your kitchen.

1. A bi-color kitchen

A bi-color kitchen (1)

Another superb achievement signed Nordiska Kök, which we no longer present. We love natural stone combined with two-color wood : midnight blue for the base units and stained oak for the top. But also for lighting with a very arty style!

2. A black & white kitchen decor

A black & white kitchen decor (1)

The black and white look always works great, even in the kitchen ! The floor and the stone splashback add a very graphic touch to the whole. And to warm it all up: high dark wood stools!

3. Mix colors and materials

Mix colors and materials (1)

We tend to keep things sober: black, white, wood… And yet there are so many possibilities for playing with colors and materials! The proof with this cuisine which advocates mix and match. Blue furniture fronts, a gray marble worktop, shiny light green wall tiles… And it works!

4. A pastel kitchen decor

A pastel kitchen decor (1)

How about a pastel kitchen ? After all, it’s fresh, bright and happy! We fall for the very thin shelf that runs above the Terrazzo splashback, for the Asteria pendant lights from Umage but also and above all for the sea green Smeg fridge!

5. A wooden kitchen

A wooden kitchen (1)

In this authentic charming wooden kitchen , we like the combination of wood and black marble, which gives it a certain elegance. The good idea: the shelves open to display your prettiest crockery!

6. A kitchen in the box

A kitchen in the box (1)

Here is an interesting architectural concept! In this Haussmannian apartment , the kitchen stands out completely from the rest thanks to its full height elements that give the feeling of a box in the box . We also like the two niches which offer beautiful workspaces, and the chevron parquet !

7. Use dark colors in the kitchen

Use dark colors in the kitchen (1)

In this apartment in Gothenburg, the choice of dark colors and materials bring a certain elegance. Indeed, the combination of matte black and dark wood gives a very refined result ! As for the worktop, it brings light thanks to the shine of the light gray marble.

8. A kitchen with textured glass cabinets

A kitchen with textured glass cabinets (1)

In this Scandinavian-style kitchen, we love the tall pieces of furniture with textured windows that reveal the shape of the objects. But also the marble base which dresses the room in an elegant way.

9. Deco and layout ideas for a large kitchen

Deco and layout ideas for a large kitchen (1)

How not to be charmed by this Victorian house, its beautiful volumes and its old moldings? The kitchen turns out to be a central room of the house, with its cooking area, plenty of storage, dining area and bar area. We love the different materials used, which reveals a strong personality!

10. A minimalist kitchen decor

A minimalist kitchen decor (1)

Lovers of minimalist style will surely love this kitchen devoid of tall cabinet. Only a thin shelf installed above the credenza is used to display pretty objects. We love the authentic side of the exposed wooden beams, which add even more character to the room!

11. A kitchen with golden furniture

A kitchen with golden furniture (1)

What a daring choice that facades of golden kitchen furniture ! With their shiny side, they bring light to the room. It was the perfect contrast to go with the sage green walls.

12. A sage-colored kitchen decor

A sage-colored kitchen decor (1)

This year again, green is available in all its nuances and we particularly like the sage tone , soft and delicate. In this light-flooded kitchen, it contrasts wonderfully with the white worktop. The good idea to steal: the niche to store books or decorative objects!

13. A tone-on-tone wall shelf

A tone-on-tone wall shelf (1)

In this kitchen, a real mix of Scandinavian and Japanese inspirations, we love the beauty of the materials; but also the idea of the open limestone shelf, the same material as the worktop and the splashback.

14. Kitchen decoration with Terrazzo

Kitchen decoration with Terrazzo (1)

The Terrazzo is much appreciated for its colorful and unique side.

15. An industrial style kitchen decor

An industrial style kitchen decor (1)

This industrial-style interior already had a crazy charm thanks to its red brick wall . But the gigantic gallows and the interplay of materials give it an even more interesting atmosphere!

16. Graphic wall tiles

Graphic wall tiles (1)

In this interior, the wall tiles add a graphic touch to the decor. We also fell in love with the leather handles.

17. A blue kitchen

A blue kitchen (1)

We really like the use of blue in the kitchen , it’s an intense color with a strong personality, it immediately brings a lot of style, especially when it’s dark blue! Here, the other good idea is the String shelves to store pretty crockery.

18. An arty style kitchen decor

An arty style kitchen decor (1)

At first glance, this kitchen in light oak and black is rather classic. But in reality, touches of bright colors give it a little arty, sober and elaborate style ! Our favorite : the FlowerPot pendant lamp from & tradition in a copper version !

19. Contemporary kitchen

Contemporary kitchen (1)

How can you resist this kitchen with very contemporary lines ? The two wooden forms on either side of the furniture line; divided into three parts: the low white elements; the stone splashback; and the wall in charcoal gray. This gives a “wow” effect to the room!

20. Warm tones for a suave atmosphere

Warm tones for a suave atmosphere (1)

In this Haussmannian apartment, the very contemporary layout of the kitchen is worth the detour. We love these warm, slightly golden tones, which give the room a suave atmosphere.