12 Tips to Visually Enlarge a Small Bathroom 1 (1)

A spacious bathroom is a luxury that not everyone can afford. However, there are a few ways to make the room look like it’s not that small. Discover in this post some infallible tips to visually enlarge your small bathroom.

1. Build a palette of light colors

Build a palette of light colors (1)

Whether you believe it or not, the color scheme you choose can make all the difference. Light tones like white can make your bathroom more spacious visually speaking. The same is true for colors like beige, cream color and soft shades of yellow. It is not necessarily about painting the walls with these colors, but for example choosing white sanitary ware, beige tiles, etc.

2. Do not abuse contrasts

Do not abuse contrasts (1)

Avoid painting the ceiling black even if you have white walls for example. Strong enough contrasts like this will not help you make the room feel spacious.

3. Take advantage of height

Take advantage of height (1)

It is possible to emphasize the height of the room in order to make it more spacious. A great idea would be to hang vertical wall panels for example or a water resistant vertical striped wallpaper.

4. Get rid of unnecessary items

Get rid of unnecessary items (1)

We don’t always realize it, but we accumulate unnecessary objects over the days and months. These could be old napkins, empty bottles, etc. Throw them away because they clutter up your bathroom!

5. Free the ground

Free the ground (1)

If your bathroom is small, do your best to free up floor space. Instead of a large closet, for example, you could make do with the sink cabinet and install open shelving or other wall storage.

6. Hang mirrors

Hang mirrors (1)

Why only install a small mirror above the sink when you can hang others in the room before visually enlarging it?

7. Prioritize natural lighting

Prioritize natural lighting (1)

Even if you decide to install a chandelier and wall sconces in your bathroom, it is still essential to prioritize natural lighting. If this does not affect your privacy, leave the windows bare. Or ultimately, opt for curtains that are not too thick.

8. Invest in mobile storageĀ 

Invest in mobile storage (1)

It is not really a good idea to fit large storage units into the interior of a small bathroom as you will not be able to make any changes. However, baskets, crates and boxes are still practical.

9. Keep the tub / shower visible

Keep the tub shower visible (1)

It is a mistake to create a barrier between the tub / shower and the rest of the room when it comes to a small bathroom.

10. Choose an XXL tile

Choose an XXL tile (1)

Forget traditional tiles or cement tiles: dare XXL tiles! Large tiles will bring visual continuity and more light to your room, which will visually expand the space. Preferably choose them plain. For an even more striking visual effect, cover your walls and your floor with the same tiles. On the other hand, if you choose different colors, make sure that they are well matched. Does your bathroom have a walk-in shower? The impression of volume will be even more important if the floor of your shower is one with the floor of the rest of your bathroom. Also equip it with a transparent glass wall to increase the visual space of the room. You feel the creative soul? Choose a contrasting color for your silicone gaskets: blue, red, green, purple, glitter … Any fantasy is allowed! Be careful, however, that this does not overload your decoration too much. If you want to minimize the investment and the work, know that today there are adhesive tiles that stick to the tiles in the bathroom. These are perfectly waterproof and are very easy to install. You can also repaint your floor tiles and wall tiles with a special paint or lime plaster. And if you are launching into paintings, also know that a ceiling the same color as your walls, or slightly lighter, will give the impression of

11. Bet on hanging furniture for a guaranteed volume effect!

Bet on hanging furniture for a guaranteed volume effect! (1)

Hanging furniture is a simple and effective option for visually expanding a room and optimizing space in a small bathroom. It will be easier to perceive the volumes of your room if the floor space is free. Your bathroom will appear more refined and much less busy. While it is easy to replace a washbasin on a cabinet or on legs with a suspended washbasin, for example on a worktop, it will, on the other hand, be more complex to replace conventional toilets with hanging toilets. The intervention of a qualified professional will therefore probably be necessary. You are not yet sure of yourself or would like to benefit from the expert opinion of an expert? Do not hesitate to approach an interior designer. Contrary to what one might think, their services are not reserved for luxury homes and designer apartments. An interior designer will be able to advise you on the best layout for your bathroom, give you some decorating ideas in line with your style and even save you money on your work. To find an architect near you, you can turn to the French Council of Interior Architects (CFAI). You can also hang small items usually placed on the floor on the walls, such as the trash can or the toilet brush. Besides helping to make the space bigger, it will make it much easier for you when the time comes to clean your bathroom floor. Finally, do not forget to choose adequate lighting, preferably white, which will give your room all the brightness it needs. Mirrors are also an economical and efficient way to visually enlarge a small bathroom.

12. Choose a small basin to optimize the space

Choose a small basin to optimize the space (1)

The sink is one of the elements that takes up the most space in a bathroom, so it is the first item that we will seek to optimize. Fortunately, there is no shortage of sources of inspiration! Very small bathrooms have a whole range entirely dedicated to them, with models measuring up to 50 cm long and 30 deep. Do you have a small bathroom that can accommodate a full-size sink? You are then spoiled for choice: square, rectangular, round, oval, natural stone, ceramic, marble, glass … Just be sure to choose a sink whose dimensions are consistent with those of your bathroom. baths and the piece of furniture on which it will be placed. Whatever the model, if you run out of storage, always choose a washbasin on a cabinet over a washbasin on countertop and, even better, a washbasin on a suspended cabinet! In the same idea, preferably choose a mirror with integrated storage in order to optimize the space as much as possible. And finally, never forget that the bathroom, whatever its size, is above all a room dedicated to your well-being. So do not neglect its decoration and the care you will take in choosing its furniture and color palette.