15 Ideas for Adopting the Cottage Decorating Style (1)

Decorating with the cottage style involves the introduction of feminine and elegant touches in the interior design of a house. It can be achieved through the coverings of the walls, windows, colors, type of furniture and types of accessories used.

1. Window dressing

Window dressing (1)

The decoration of the windows is also another important part to introduce the cottage style. Dress up your windows with floral curtains for a cottage look. Another alternative is the installation of shutters. Apart from that, there are also the sheer curtains which are decorative and do not block the light from entering.

2. Colors

Colors (1)

The cottage decorating style adopts soft colors such as pastel colors. Pastel blue, mint green as well as chick yellow and light pink are common options. White is often used for walls or chosen for the color of furniture. Colors that reflect the beach atmosphere are also in order; such as the color teal, aqua blue and brown which is reminiscent of sand.

3. The furniture

The furniture (1)

There are a number of ways that decor enthusiasts can embrace the cottage decorating style as discussed above. This includes the choice of furniture. Wrought iron is often used as a support for tables and headboards. Slipcovers are recommended for covering sofas with a slightly worn look, armchairs and dining room chairs. Certain furniture colors, such as white, blue or yellow are automatically associated with this style. Then the worn effect is obtained by using sandpaper, or by “wearing” the piece of furniture with a hammer or a chisel. Wicker furniture is also recommended. Large storage devices such as wardrobes, wardrobes, wardrobes are also welcome.

4. A bright entrance hall

A bright entrance hall (1)

The goal of the cottage style is to feel good, to feel at home and at ease right from the front door. The hall is therefore an important part to take into account. This is why it is advisable to opt for bright and warm tones such as glass doors or doors painted in light tones.

I love this first front door. Indeed, I find that it perfectly sums up the cottage style. Glass door, surrounded by windows and exposed wooden ceiling, all painted white, natural light is diffused perfectly. In addition, the dark gray leather bench or the black and white tiled floor bring contrast to the room.

5. A vintage and cozy living room

A vintage and cozy living room (1)

In these places, several alternatives are available to you. Yes, more vintage, modern or elegant, the cottage style blends in with your every desire. Take this first example. We highlight a few natural materials such as the wooden table, the beams on the ceiling, the natural fiber suspension or the imposing linen corner sofa. Finally, the multitude of cushions intensify the comfort of the room. If you want to bring a vintage touch and adopt the cottage style, I advise you to turn to linen accessories. Sofa, curtains or even cushions, linen instantly brings a rustic look to any decoration.

6. Touch of color

touch of color (1)

This time, let’s opt for a touch of color. In addition to the famous white, gray or beige hues, the owners have chosen to bring color with the help of pastel tones. I really like the finality. The mint green blends in wonderfully with the pink tips scattered all over the place. These make the universe soft and bucolic. In addition, by adding wood and wicker accessories such as parquet, armchair or suspension, it adds a rustic note to the decor.

7. Discreet benches for perfect reading corners

Discreet benches for perfect reading corners (1)

If your surface area allows it, it is a good idea to opt for reading corners. In a living room, an office, a long hallway or at the entrance, inserting a reading corner makes it possible to optimize space. A simple wooden bench topped with cushions is a first solution. A wooden bench, fitted with cushions and leaning against an imposing vintage piece of furniture, can also serve as a relaxation area.

8. A bright kitchen for a cottage style

A bright kitchen for a cottage style (1)

Like other living rooms, the kitchen also lends itself to the allure of English homes. Total white look, exposed beams, shelves and wooden worktops, the universe respects the cottage style in every way. The area of ​​the room increases further with the help of white painted walls and furniture. The golden handles bring a touch of modernity.

More skeptical of the total white look, it is possible to add some colored notes through the seats.

9. Vintage rooms with a bucolic feel

Vintage rooms with a bucolic feel (1)

Old wooden furniture found in flea markets, wooden benches or cane beds , do not hesitate to use natural materials. Then, in order to accentuate the vintage look , covering your walls with wallpaper can also be a great idea. Here, the old rose softens the universe of the room, while providing a bucolic spirit to the decor.

10. Renovate your cottage-style bathroom

Renovate your cottage-style bathroom (1)

Now let’s discover the last room with the bathroom! Here, it’s the freestanding bathtub with curved edges that brings the vintage touch to the decor. Once again, it is the combination of wood furniture and wicker accessories that bring the vintage and rustic look. Finally, the trick is to add copper or brass elements to refine the decor and bring modernity.

11. Beautiful materials for an English cottage style decor

Beautiful materials for an English cottage style decor (1)

For an English-style living room, all you have to do is bet on a strong and central piece: the sofa. In addition to the Chesterfield sofas, inseparable from the British style, we put everything on the velvet sofas which, with their cozy and sophisticated look, are a real incentive to take a tea break. So British ! By combining the softness and nobility of velvet with classic cuts, you get the perfect English-inspired living room.

12. A British living room with ultra cozy details

A British living room with ultra cozy details (1)

The British love the opulence in the living room, relying on colonial-style furniture and objects. Heavy furniture, dark woodwork, impressive chandeliers, luxurious materials … Between boudoir and cabinet of curiosities, the British living room sends its occupants back to distant lands and eras. If the shelves and dressers are overloaded with trinkets from elsewhere and porcelain services, the furniture relies on one or two centerpieces: an imposing Chesterfield sofa, an armchair, a glass-fronted coffee table.

13. A colorful bathroom for an original English style

A colorful bathroom for an original English style (1)

Nostalgic, British style plays with elegance in every nook and cranny of the house. The bathroom is ultra comfortable, almost user-friendly. No question of shower – even less Italian – we prefer the indecent comfort of a freestanding bathtub. The golden finishes and the worked furniture are welcome, to underline the decorative complexity, the opulence of the room.

14. A romantic room for a respected English style

A romantic room for a respected English style1


As in the other rooms of the house, the English style in the bedroom is imposed by a succession of cozy materials. Velvet and tartan at the top will take pride of place on the bed with a multiplication of cushions. The bed will prefer to display a fabric covering than a cold wooden frame. Another detail of the utmost importance in this room dedicated to rest: the color. The British like it enveloping and reassuring. A beautiful burgundy on the walls, accompanied by a purple or a green on the textiles, will do very well.

15. For the four corners of the house, original patterns on wallpaper or textiles

For the four corners of the house, original patterns on wallpaper or textiles (1)

If the British style invokes elegance, it also knows how to be extravagant. Often while having fun with improbable patterns. The tartan is the most convincing example. We dare it in total look on the walls of an office corner , especially if we have to be creative. It allows you to let go a little and bet on colorful and pop accessories, invoking the 60s and Swinging London rather than the Colonial Empire.