15 Ideas of Rustic Kitchen Islands for All Styles (1)

The rustic style is invading us at the moment. It’s a good idea to adopt the farmhouse style, but it can’t always match modern, sleek lines. However, there is one element that you can easily add to any decorating style. This is the rustic kitchen counter; yes, it is the ideal element to bring a rustic note to any decoration, even contemporary.

1. Luxurious and rustic

Luxurious and rustic (1)

Without a doubt, marble is the most classic choice for a kitchen counter. If you pair it with wood, you will get a chic and rustic look at the same time. This type of countertop is perfect for a kitchen that needs to be both luxurious and rustic.

2. An economic island

An economic island (1)

Many people do not decide to renovate their kitchen, fearing that they will incur considerable expense in order to obtain a result that reflects the desired style. When you have decided to rearrange your kitchen with the farmhouse style, all you have to do is cover your island with wood and you’re ready to go.

3. Stones and wood

Stones and wood (1)

The stones are superb materials. There are several variations of colors and textures, and it will be easy for you to choose the ones that suit your kitchen. Cover the part that bothers you on your island, with wood, depending on the color you like, for a real cabin look.

4. A rustic island for a small kitchen

A rustic island for a small kitchen (1)

You might think your small, cramped kitchen can’t fit an island, but you’re wrong. Moreover, it is wood that you need to give character to this small culinary space.

5. An old table used as a kitchen island

An old table used as a kitchen island (1)

It’s wonderful to find forgotten treasures in grandparents’ attic, for example, that large old dining table which is ideal as a kitchen island.

6. A rustic kitchen island in a modern decor

A rustic kitchen island in a modern decor (1)

How are you going to be able to bring the rustic touch to a rather modern kitchen? It’s all in the wood. Give your little island a new look by covering the corners with some rustic beams. The visible wood grains on the closet will bring an impressive effect, more than you might imagine.

7. A butcher’s block

A butcher's block (1)

Apart from appliances, the countertop is the item that can also be particularly expensive in the kitchen. If your budget is limited, recycle an old table. Otherwise, invest in a butcher’s block or a solid and elegant wooden island.

8. Industrial and rustic

Industrial and rustic (1)

If the decoration of your home is more oriented towards the industrial style, then you should definitely think more rustic. A thick wood island will meet your storage needs without deviating from the industrial style.

9. Transform a dresser into a kitchen island

Transform a dresser into a kitchen island (1)

If you can’t find the perfect ideal piece of furniture (I admit it’s difficult), consider doing a little DIY. Here, a nice example seen on the Nesting Gypsy blog of a dresser transformed into an island. Legs have been added. The back has been given a makeover with barn planks laid in a chevron pattern. The top was created with white painted wooden planks.

10. Buy an old furniture style island in the store

Buy an old furniture style island in the store1 (1)

Dig a little and you might find the rare pearl. Here are some furniture islands that I have spotted in the trade.

11. Industrial or country style

industrial or country style (1)

There are several beautiful rustic, industrial or country style islands.

12. Antique style kitchen island

antique style kitchen island (1)

There are a lot of antique style kitchen islands …. although their prices can be a bit prohibitive.

13. Practical island

practical island (1)

Obviously you will find all kinds of practical islands at Ikea.

14. Island with sliding table

Island with sliding table (1)

The most beautiful (unfortunately even more expensive!) are at Williams Sonoma, at Pottery Barn or at Crate & Barrel. This model with sliding table is quite formidable. 

15. Simple bar table

Simple bar table

Otherwise, you can opt for a simple bar table like this one on sale.