12 Ideas to Furnish and Decorate an Office With a Rustic Touch (1)

The rustic decorating style is not often discussed when it comes to the office; whether it is in a professional room or at home. However, if you would like to set up and decorate an office at home, this is a style to try absolutely for its cozy and warm side. Discover in this post some ideas to furnish and decorate an office with a rustic touch.

1. Set up and decorate the right office

Set up and decorate the right office (1)

Maison Decor shares a particularly spacious and bright office with us. It must be said that it is a decor that seems to be the opposite of those rustic settings that we are used to seeing. However, the choice of furniture exudes a rustic style and the office is above all cozy.

2. Neutral colors

Neutral colors (1)

Neutral colors are allies in rustic interior design. This home desk dressed in gray is the perfect example of a vintage desk with a rustic feel.

3. Bring a touch of freshness

bring a touch of freshness (1)

To bring a touch of freshness to your rustic office, consider incorporating white wood wall panels.

4. Work in rather dark rooms

work in rather dark rooms (1)

This desk will certainly inspire those who prefer to work in rather dark rooms. Do not forget the green plant to bring the room to life.

5. Small work space

Small work space (1)

If you don’t need a very large space to work, a small desk table will suffice. For the rest of the room, consider incorporating comfortable furniture like armchairs and a sofa to relax during your break hours.

6. Office table in the center of the room

office table in the center of the room (1)

Placing the office table in the center of the room is a way to impose the function of your space. For more comfort and to keep the welcoming side in your rustic office, choose an upholstered chair.

7. Large wooden bookcase

large wooden bookcase (1)

A large wooden bookcase and one or two leather chairs / armchairs will help you create a warm atmosphere in your rustic office.

8. Rustic interior design

Rustic interior design (1)

Rustic interior design is known to invite nature inside. Why make an exception for decorating your home office? Decorate your office with simple branches to adopt the style.

9. Bring a modern touch

Bring a modern touch (1)

How about a home office that almost looks like a studio? Such an open space will breathe new life into your interior design in general. Opt for exposed beams and a table desk in raw wood to be sure to bring the rustic note.

10. Country-style wooden desk table

country-style wooden desk table (1)

The country-style wooden desk table and matching chair are at the center of everything inside this cozy, rustic and modern desk. Walls painted in a subtle shade of olive green keep the room from being too dark.

11. Open office

open office (1)

Having an open office with this kind of brown leather armchair is a great idea to decorate your office with a style that is both antique and sophisticated.

12. Original way to decorate an office

original way to decorate an office (1)

Here is an original way to decorate an office with a rustic and original style. What do you think?