Tips for Successful Planning and Decorating Your Feng Shui Office (1)

Often people think of feng shui as a concept full of mystery when it comes to decorating a house. Indeed, it is an art form and a science allowing to live and to work in an environment arranged properly according to the rules. Feng shui is governed by the flow and circulation of a living energy called chi which depends on yin [positive energy] and yang [negative energy]. It leads to improved quality of life, health and love. Creating a feng shui office will help you improve your health, establish a balance of energy, develop your career and personal affairs.

1. Get rid of negative energy

Get rid of negative energy (1)

The principle is to eliminate the negative energy installed by all those who are negative, such as events, thoughts and stress. After that, the energy becomes fresh again, it illuminates and can flow freely in space. Get rid of all that is unnecessary at the same time. Store documents in a drawer or closet.

2. Arrange the entry well and let success enter

Arrange the entry well and let success enter (1)

According to feng shui, the door is considered “the mouth of chi”. This is because the office energy enters through the main door. It is therefore necessary to arrange the entry well and let the success enter freely.

3. Place the office table in the right place

Place the office table in the right place (1)

The best place is to have your back turned towards the wall. The study should be in the corner so that you can see the main door. In this way, you will welcome success and all new opportunities.

4. Be selfconfident

Be selfconfident (1)

When you’ve made the big changes, look around your desk and find out how you are feeling. Do you feel so comfortable? Do you feel the positive energy or is something stressing you out? Follow your instincts and keep putting everything in order.

5. Integrate the right decorative elements

Integrate the right decorative elements (1)

When choosing photos and paintings, pay attention to their meaning. Family photos that remind you of happy events will make you a more productive and creative worker.

6. Create a balance

Create a balance (1)

The yin and the yang are opposed, dependent on each other and must balance each other. The best balance depends on how you will set up and decorate the room. In general, the office as a workplace should have more yang characters than yin, yet yang should never predominate.

7. Find the right chair

Find the right chair (1)

The chair you use in your office should be as comfortable as possible. However, that doesn’t mean you have to go for a soft chair; it won’t be good for your back.

8. Use colors according to feng shui

Use colors according to feng shui (1)

Colors play a very important role in mood. By using colors following feng shui, you will achieve a more harmonious and productive environment. Green, for example, symbolizes growth and harmony. It is relaxing for the eyes and the mind and provides optimism and balance. Blue is related to peace and patience.

9. Create perfect lighting

Create perfect lighting (1)

Natural daylight occupies a very important place in an office as it plays a major role in creating a positive atmosphere in the room. Do not dress the windows with dark curtains, rather favor ventilation and light.

10. Decorate with flowers

Decorate with flowers (1)

According to feng shui, houseplants provide positive energy. Isn’t that what we all need in our office?

11. Choose sober and adequate furniture in natural materials

Choose sober and adequate furniture in natural materials (1)

Feng shui recommends not to overload the rooms and to choose sober furniture, with rounded shapes , neither too high nor too massive that let in light and allow energies to flow freely, so let’s say it clearly: stylish furniture modern.

You will therefore favor light structures, light or even transparent materials , and openings. You will also banish sharp angles, dark recesses and furniture full of drawers or closed lockers that trap energies.

12. Tidy up your desk and dust it regularly

tidy up your desk and dust it regularly (1)

Purity, order and clarity are three other important precepts of Feng Shui philosophy. The gaze should sweep the space freely without obstacles so that the energies circulate throughout the room and throughout the body and the mind can concentrate and relax in an optimal way.

Never leave a used pencil, empty cup, files or any other unnecessary items lying around on your desk, as they block positive energies and generate stress. Regularly dust your desk, your screen, and all the furniture around you, the surrounding cleanliness will help you to order your thought and make it more efficient.

13. Furnish the office according to the principle of Feng Shui

Furnish the office according to the principle of Feng Shui (1)

Making the office pleasant and Feng Shui is essential to be comfortable and perform well. This promotes good relationships between colleagues and improves everyone’s productivity. The Feng Shui method involves different parameters: nature, color , brightness, position, orientation, shape …

14. The colour

The colour (1)

According to the philosophy of Feng Shui, each color has its own energy, which can be cold or hot. Playing on nuances and harmonies thus balances the environment in order to attenuate energies that are too hot or too cold.

15. Orientation

Orientation (1)

Guidance is of great importance in the philosophy of Feng Shui. It conditions harmony, a feeling of security and performance. Below, a workspace layout that is not always Feng shui but very ergonomic: also know how to find your balance and that of your teams depending on what space to develop allows you!