25 Ideas to Create Your Own Office in Your House (1)

Small or large, you always need an office, to do your homework or fill out your administrative papers … This is why, we make one ourselves for the children’s room or the living room. Creating your own office is original, tailor-made but above all economical! Discover the 25 DIY ideas to create your own office!

1. Wooden desk

Wooden desk (1)

Reuse old wooden crates to create an ultra stylish and practical desk!

2. Mini desk

Mini desk (1)

The mini desk, ideal for smaller spaces!

3. A desk with two ladders

A desk with two ladders (1)

This desk is elegant thanks to the storage boxes and the wall decoration.

4. A slate desk

A slate desk (1)

For a simple and practical desk, opt for an IKEA KALLAX cabinet and a board painted with slate paint that will amuse the children!

5. Children’s desk

Children's desk (1)

A desk hanging on the wall, ideal and practical for a child’s room!

6. Office under the stairs

Office under the stairs (1)

To optimize your space as much as possible, create a custom-made desk under your staircase with a simple wooden plank!

7. Minimalist desk

Minimalist desk (1)

For a minimalist and pretty desk, all you need to do is buy steel table legs. Simple to make!

8. Shelving desk

Shelving desk (1)

A desk made with boards superimposed on top of each other!

9. Hanging desk

Hanging desk (1)

For a pretty desk, rustic and original, hang a wooden board with thick ropes.

10. Desk with trestles

Desk with trestles (1)

Elegant, authentic and easy to make! You simply have to fix a plank on two trestles.

11. Hidden office

Hidden office (1)

To save space, opt for the desk in the closet!

12. Mini retractable desk

Mini retractable desk (1)

A retractable mini desk, simple and practical for small spaces!

13. Scandinavian desk

Scandinavian desk (1)

This desk is either fixed to the wall or with legs. Very simple to make and practical! 

14. Using shelves

Using shelves

Kallax shelves have become an IKEA classic. They can very well act as a trestle to hold a wooden board and become a desk. 

15. Wall shelves

Wall shelves (1)

Creating wall storage while playing on the length of the shelves is possible with this new trend. It is even possible to envision a desk on one of the wooden planks. 

16. Wooden planks

Wooden planks (1)

For a natural and inexpensive desk, invest in 3 wooden planks. Put them together and create a practical and simple desk. 

17. A terrazzo desk

A terrazzo desk (1)

For a trendy desk, opt for trestles and a Terrazzo worktop. 

18. A ladder-desk

A ladder-desk (1)

Invest in the height under the ceiling by opting for a desk in the form of a ladder! 

19. An aerial office

An aerial office (1)

Without taking up space on the floor of the house, this wall-mounted desk offers working comfort thanks to its minimalist look. 

20. A cork wall

A cork wall (1)

To make an XXL memo, nothing like a cork wall. Cover a side to attach souvenir photos or to do lists without damaging your wall.

21. A desk with storage

A desk with storage (1)

Want storage while enjoying a spacious worktop? Use a Kallax shelf on which you place a wooden board.

22. An office under the slope

An office under the slope (1)

If your office area is under the eaves, set up a workspace under the slopes to optimize the space as much as possible. 

23. Practice

Practice (1)

How about making a hanging desk that closes? Ideal for storing it, as soon as you have finished working!

24. Folding

Folding (1)

Create a folding desk with the Ikea shelf. Perfect for saving space!

25. In a cabinet

In a cabinet (1)

Discreet, this desk nestled between the shelves of the storage unit has it all!