20 Ideas of Designer Folding Desk for a Small Space (1)

Thanks to its lifting top, the folding wall desk is ideal for setting up an optimized desk in a small space. But beware, it still does not offer the same comfort as a large desk. If to work you only need a laptop and a few small accessories (diary, phone, etc.) then choosing one is a good idea. To integrate a desk into your living room, you can also choose a bookcase desk , this two-in-one piece of furniture allows you to combine workspace and storage, or a small desk. If you have a dedicated room, you can consider an industrial office that will give a workshop spirit to your interior.

1. The design piece of furniture

the design piece of furniture (1)

I start my selection with a folding desk for a small space, particularly Wahou. The one who amazes all the friends who cross the threshold of the door. (The sale price can also create the same effect, but for that, I’ll let you be the judge).

Desk Pill (pill, tablet in English for its shape). It has the advantage of being spacious and having storage space, without cluttering the floor. I have dedicated an article to this designer piece of furniture that I invite you to read if you want to know more.

2. Graphic and discreet

graphic and discreet (1)

It is more graphic and discreet. Its more refined design gives it a more “adult” side, less joyful but just as beautiful.

3. On the living room wall

on the living room wall (1)

Gaston is an atypical secretary. Space-saving, it has a large tablet to meet all your requests. The 3 drawers are available in a multitude of colors to adapt to your interior decoration. Play the pop color card if it’s a desk for the nursery. Be, possibly, more sober, if it sits on the living room wall.

4. Folding wall desk with a clean design

Folding wall desk with a clean design (1)

This is a mini wall desk with a very refined design. A tip: do not hesitate to place it high to use it with a bar stool or to work standing (alternating positions when working is good for your back and your mind!). 

5. Folding wall desk in bedroom

Folding wall desk in bedroom (1)

A folding MDF desk to be fixed on a wall. In the atmosphere in the photo above, it creates a workspace in the bedroom and it is the bed that serves as a seat.

6. Folding wooden wall desk with colorful interior

Folding wooden wall desk with colorful interior (1)

In this room with a Berber carpet, a foldable wall desk provides a space to work close to your bed. The detail that makes the difference on this model is its green interior. This touch of color remains visible once the shelf is folded down. Indeed, it does not cover the upper part which accommodates a small shelf.

7. Retractable desk with cable duct

Retractable desk with cable duct (1)


This practical retractable desk model incorporates a cable gland. It is thus possible to leave your computer, tablet or phone charging when you close it. Its finish is in walnut with the underside of the shelf to choose from six different colors. 

8. Folding wall desk with electrical outlet and lamp

Folding wall desk with electrical outlet and lamp (1)

Thanks to its integrated lamp, its two sockets (one classic and one USB), you can work even late at night with the Flatbox wall desk by Müller Möbel. As a bonus, a groove system makes it possible to personalize the organization of the interior storage spaces. 

9. Folding wall secretary with storage

Folding wall secretary with storage (1)

This folding wall secretary offers many small interior storage spaces reminiscent of those of a briefcase. Once folded, it is almost forgotten! 

10. Ultra slim wall desk

Ultra slim wall desk (1)

The ultimate solution to optimize space in a small apartment! Once closed, this wall desk is only 3 centimeters deep (2 centimeters for the desk and 1 centimeter for the fixing system). It can also be used as a small wall table. 

11. Wall secretary for children’s room

Wall secretary for children's room (1)

This secretary dressed in a flamboyant red is ideal as a decoration in a small child’s or teenager’s room to create an office area

12. Nubo foldable wall desk

Nubo foldable wall desk (1)

Once closed, the superb Nubo wall secretary by Ligne Roset reveals its astonishing face covered with wool. Inside, a baguette allows the storage of books and magazines.

13. Folding desk with jacks

Folding desk with jacks (1)

Brenta is a modern design wall desk. When folded it is only 8 cm deep. Its dimensions: 44 centimeters high and 74 centimeters wide. 

14. Scandinavian style wall secretary in oak

Scandinavian style wall secretary in oak (1)

The Danish brand Bloomingville offers us its Scandinavian deco-style interpretation of the workspace in a space- saving furniture version . The integrated shelf as well as the eight drawers provide storage space for small items. This oak creation with a natural finish will be your best friend to find inspiration and concentration. 

15. Folding desk with modern design

Folding desk with modern design (1)

This foldable desk is a little different from the others since this model rests on the floor. This allows it to benefit from more space for storage, like a desk shelf . It is also ideal if your walls are not strong enough to secure a hanging cabinet, or if you do not want to drill through them. 

16. Retractable desk in oak and marble

Retractable desk in oak and marble (1)

This model on feet is made of oak and marble. Very trendy with the contrast of its materials, its vintage air and its timeless shape… Used as a desk, it can also compose an elegant workspace in the living room or in a spacious entrance. 

17. Rattan folding secretary

Rattan folding secretary (1)

It is in a contemporary house with concrete floors and walls, we discover this folding secretary made from metal, wood, and woven rattan . To get comfortable, a vintage-style brown leather chair completes this beautiful space conducive to inspiration. 

18. A narrow office

A narrow office (1)

Thanks to its reduced dimensions, the narrow desk makes it possible to fit a workspace in the entrance, under the stairs or in the bedroom without taking up too much space. Equipped with storage or reduced to the strict minimum, they combine functionality and aesthetics.

19. A wall desk

A wall desk (1)

A space-saving advantage, the hanging desk avoids cluttering up floor space. We particularly like the ladder models which include a few storage shelves, very practical for accommodating pretty boxes in which to put our papers.

20. An extra flat wall desk

An extra flat wall desk (1)

Ideal for small areas, the extra flat folding desk takes up minimal space. Its shallow depth allows it to be placed behind a door, at the end of a corridor or in a small entrance.