15+ Ideas to Dress Up Your French Windows and Doors (1)

French doors and windows make any interior stylish. As they have a beautiful look, we would not like to spoil that by dressing them. There are, however, several window treatments that could make French windows even more charming. Obviously, window coverings, whatever their type, make it possible to manage the natural light that enters the house as well as the issue of privacy.

1. A double rod and patterned curtains

A double rod and patterned curtains (1)

To dress your French doors in a more original way, consider installing a double rod; therefore one a little below the other. Choose a sheer sheer curtain for the one below and a pretty patterned curtain for the other.

2. Simple shutters and classic blinds

Simple shutters and classic blinds (1)

Roman blinds are another option for dressing French doors or windows. By pulling them out in the evening you will be safe from curious eyes and by pulling them up in the morning you will benefit from natural light while admiring your French doors or windows.

3. Cellular shades

Cellular shades (1)

If you would like window treatments to be able to filter the light entering your home well, then you should try cellular shades. Not only do they adapt to any style of French door and window, but in addition, they will not interfere with the handles.

4. Pom-pom curtains

Pom-pom curtains (1)

Another idea would be to choose curtains with pom-poms or embellished with various accessories that would make them less classic. What do you think?

5. A simple and different way to dress your windows and French doors

A simple and different way to dress your windows and French doors (1)

If pom-poms are a bit too much for you. You could be inspired by this curtain covering. It’s simple and yet it emphasizes the style of the windows and doors.

6. Organza for a soft appearance

Organza for a soft appearance (1)

There’s a reason many designers recommend organza for curtains. It provides a soft and light look… which is ideal for French windows and doors.

7. Elegant and long curtains

Elegant and long curtains (1)

To dress your French doors elegantly, turn to these long curtains that reach the ceiling (or almost).

8. Blinds adapted to French windows and doors

Blinds adapted to French windows and doors (1)

Filter the lighting as well as possible and preserve your privacy with this type of dressing. These blinds can be wood, vinyl, metal or faux wood. Choose the material and style suitable for your interior design.

9. A personalized touch

A personalized touch (1)

After you’ve had your fill of ideas, you can also decide to dress your windows and French doors in your own way.

10. The sheer white blind

The sheer white blind (1)

This awning model is made up of flexible slats of diaphanous fabric inserted between two thin fabrics. Its roller system allows the curtain to be adjusted in a semi-open or even closed position according to the desired light intensity or the desired level of privacy. Thus, it has the advantage of allowing light to penetrate inside the house. To add personality to the window shown here, patterned curtains have been installed on either side.

11. Fabric panels on rail

Fabric panels on rail (1)

Perfect for tall windows or patio doors, this window covering consists of large fabric panels that are installed on a track system. Depending on the fabric chosen (patterned, plain, diaphanous, opaque, etc.), the number of panels as well as their position on the rail, it is possible to create sets of atmospheres which greatly contribute to the decoration of a room. room. They can be bought in big box stores or even made to measure.

12. The shutters

The shutters (1)

The shutters adapt to any decor! Used in a classic style living room like here, they evoke the romanticism and chic of the past. Whether they cover the window in whole or in part (more often the lower part of the frame to ensure privacy), they are trendy and practical: once in the closed position, their horizontal wooden or PVC slats prevent the sun to pass. They must be made to measure in order to match the shape of the window on which they will be installed.

13. Arch curtains

Arch curtains (1)

Different solutions are available to you for an arched window covering, including curtains which follow their semi-circular shape. These must be made to measure, depending on the dimension to be covered. In the decor presented here, the designer has chosen to fix the curtains at the ends in order to let in as much light as possible in the living room. Plus, instead of trying to hide the anchoring system, she chose to showcase it with pretty fasteners reminiscent of big buttons.

14. Daylight curtains, an elegant window covering

Daylight curtains, an elegant window covering (1)

With its huge windows covering an entire wall, this living room is a real temple of the sun! Sheer fabric daylight curtains bathe the room in a soft and calming atmosphere. They are therefore perfect for highlighting such a large window area. The panels here have rings that slide over a rod, but they could also have been made in a more classic style with French pleats, to fully conceal the rod.

15. Sheer black roller blind

Sheer black roller blind (1)

Those who prefer discreet and delicate window coverings should stay away from this model! This canvas mixing black stripes, sometimes opaque, sometimes diaphanous, does not go unnoticed. We will only opt for this model if we want to feel its presence since it offers an interesting graphic game that creates an effect of horizontal lines. It therefore becomes a decorative element that must be treated as an accessory. See another great example ofblack striped blind here.

16. The wooden blind and the rod pocket curtains

The wooden blind and the rod pocket curtains (1)

The bay window widens the space and adds an architectural element to a living room. Dressing it up is not easy, however. Here, three window treatments complement each other to get the job done. To ensure privacy, wooden blinds have been favored. Following the convex shape of the frame, a rod accommodates rod pocket curtains all in transparency. Finally, shimmering curtain panels line each side.

17. The spaghetti curtain

The spaghetti curtain (1)

The curtain of spaghetti threads is much more aesthetic than practical. Increasingly popular in decor, it adds movement and craziness to the living room by recalling the 1960s. Since it lets light through, it is often combined with a canvas on a roll or a wooden blind, such as here. Available in a wide variety of shades ranging from white to black through fuchsia, yellow and purple, it will bring color into your decor!

18. The Roman blind

The Roman blind (1)

This type of window covering combines the appearance of a drapery with the convenience of a blind. It is available in many big box stores, but can also be custom made to match your living room decor style. Remember, however, that the awning spinning system as well as the back of the fabric are visible from the outside. It must therefore be taken into account when choosing to integrate it into the decor.