35 Ideas for the Wall Decoration Above the Sofa in Living Room 1

Ah, that famous wall above the sofa… Here is a particularly delicate space to arrange and decorate. With the right ideas, you can turn it into a trendy wall that will never be empty again. Storage, paintings, suspensions or a touch of color, there are many decorative ideas to enhance your living room.

After installing his beautiful sofa in the living room, the wall behind him is often forgotten. As if the piece of furniture was enough. Except that here, it remains a little bland. Especially if you have a good headroom. No need to overload it with decorative elements, well-chosen pieces will make all the difference. They will also enhance your sofa. By decorating the top of your sofa, the decorative atmosphere of your living room is continuous and harmonious. Sofa or not, have fun placing photo frames, paintings, shelves, plants…

1. XXL photos

XXL photos (1)

These two large photos above the sofa give a real style to the living room!

2. Garland

Garland (1)

Enhance your room with a simple light garland!

3. Gallery

Gallery (1)

Give your living room a little art gallery flair with picture frames.

4. Painting

Painting (2)

Invite color into your living room by repainting the wall behind the sofa!

5. Horns

Horns (1)

Unusual and trendy, we adopt the trophies above the sofa!

6. Bohemia

Bohemia (1)

Hang pretty baskets on the wall to create a soft bohemian chic vibe.

7. Round mirror

Round mirror (1)

Think about it, the mirror enlarges the room and reflects the light!

8. Green wall

Green wall

The most daring among us will adopt the green wall for a living room that throws!

9. Graphic

Graphic (1)

Wake up your decoration and sublimate your sofa with a chic and graphic wallpaper!

10. Duo

Duo (1)

Simple and elegant, we love this duo of simply placed mirrors.

11. The library

The library (1)

To store everything in style, install a bookcase behind the sofa!

12. Panoramic

Panoramic (1)

Transform your living room by covering the wall behind the sofa with panoramic wallpaper!

13. Memories

Memories (1)

Decorate your interior by installing shelves above the sofa to put holiday memories.

14. Bricks

Bricks (1)

Give a loft side to your living room by opting for a brick effect wallpaper! The must have? The authentic stone wall.

15. Plants

Plants (1)

The green plants behind the sofa? We say yes! Make sure they have enough light!

16. Scrabble

Scrabble (1)

Post positive thoughts above the sofa!

17. Frames

Frames (1)

Photos, drawings, cards, we multiply the posters to create a pop and graphic ensemble!

18. Books

Books (1)

Behind the sofa, we set up a library for book lovers!

19. Mirrors

Mirrors (1)

To enlarge a small living room, play with mirrors! We find them, we restore them and we install them above the sofa.

20. Optimize

Optimize (1)

If you live in a small apartment, make the most of the space above and next to the sofa: picture frames, shelves, bookcase …

21. Wallpaper

Wallpaper (1)

To decorate the wall above the sofa, the patterned wallpaper really does!

22. Bi-color

Bi-color (1)

To add originality, play with colors! The two-tone wall behind the sofa brings a chic touch to the room.

23. Japanese paper

Japanese paper (1)

To escape …

24. Neon

Neon (1)

Pinterest announces that the neon will make this year. Above the sofa, it easily dresses the wall.

25. Shelf

Shelf (1)

Place a few thin shelves above the sofa to add your decorations.

26. Furniture

Furniture (1)

You don’t want to make a hole, but you want to decorate the wall above the sofa? Slide a piece of furniture behind it and put your decorations on it. 

27. Macrame

Macrame (1)

Enhance the wall above the sofa with macrame! This beautiful pendant light highlights the room and the bohemian decoration.

28. Dried flowers

Dried flowers (1)

Dried flowers are the trend of the year. No more bouquets, install large stems on the wall!

29. Art

Art (1)

If you love art, flaunt it! Indeed, transform your living room into a museum by hanging the reproduction of your choice.

30. Plates

Plates 1 (1)

We hang plates above the sofa for an atypical and poetic interior!

31. Frames

Wooden frames 1 (1)

Recycle old picture frames to make unique, almost contemporary shelves. 

32. Black & white

Black & white (1)

Don’t be afraid to adorn your wall with only black and white photos. Perfect for a sober and chic side!

33. Round baskets

Round baskets (1)

A pretty bohemian-chic side on the walls!

34. Multiplication of round mirrors

Multiplication of round mirrors (1)

Round mirrors galore!

35. Deco design

Deco design (1)

A design wall decoration for designer furniture!