It’s time to give life to the dream of the sun, rainbow and summer! Today we will tell you how, with the help of simple manipulations, to add variety to the harsh everyday winter everyday life and settle butterflies in the interior.

Girl’s Bedroom

So, your reading nook, vanity area or girl’s bedroom is ready for innovation, you have already set aside a few hours and are excitedly awaiting the appearance of a muse. Let’s start by delineating the scope. Butterfly decor, which we planned to use in the interior, does not require much space and can be both bright and attractive, as well as translucent and unobtrusive.

Buy Decorative Material

You can buy decor material, but we recommend making the butterflies yourself. Firstly, you can involve children in the process, and secondly, this way you will get the right color, shape, size and design.


Romantic-Gothic variant – black on white. Butterflies are the same in shape, but slightly different in size. You can leave notes and reminders on them. And of course, before starting work, you should make sure that their color will not be discordant with the environment.


Here it is perfectly shown how the purple pattern on the pillows gave the owners the idea to continue the theme of nature and duplicate the purple hue. They created a whole flock of butterflies on the bedroom wall. The work itself probably took only one evening, but they will evoke emotions for a long time.

Several Butterflies

Having printed several butterflies on paper, you can cut out a few more colored paper along their contour.

Children’s Room

This is a more complex composition of butterflies on the wall, it fits perfectly into the child’s room.

Love Christmas Wreath

Love Christmas wreaths? What’s stopping you from doing them every month? Winter, spring, festive and just for the mood. Such a wreath can be hung on the wall, made together with the children.

Hang On the Wall

You can do something more picturesque, thoughtful and complex if you know how to work with oil paints and stretch the canvas. And again, you will need butterflies, which you will make yourself and hang on the wall. Isn’t it great?