Abstract: In the decoration, the decoration of the wall is still very important. In a house, except for the door, it is the wall. The wall has a very strong visual impact. You have a sense of luxury, someone asked the editor in the background, I don’t want to paint the walls alone, there is no sense of design, and the options are very small. I believe you will like these wall designs today. It is the most common and relatively simple decoration choice when renovating a house.
Wall decoration

In the decoration, the decoration of the wall is still very important. A house, in addition to the door, is the wall. The wall has a very strong visual impact. When the wall is matched, the whole space will give you a high-end feel. Someone asked the editor in the background, I don’t want to paint the walls alone, there is no sense of design, and the options are very small. I believe you will like these wall designs today. If the walls look dull and featureless, this needs to be changed. We’ve found great ways to personalize your home and wow your guests.

1- Panel of paintings or photos

Let’s start with the simplest – a lot of beautiful frames with family photos, paintings or children’s crafts can easily be combined into an interesting composition on the wall.

2- Huge clock

And you don’t have to buy ready-made ones. Stock up on the mechanism, and you can make the numbers yourself or replace them with the same photos in the framework.

3- Art painting

Long, difficult and, most likely, you will have to look for a specialist, but it’s worth it! And if you have the skills of an artist, then what are you waiting for?

4- Shelves for decor

They can be made just a few centimeters deep, and then they will not take up much space. But you can arrange a mini art gallery or a museum of pleasant trifles for travel on the wall.

5- Large mirror

You can hang it on the wall, or you can just put it next to it on the floor. The main thing is to make sure that the room is light, well, take care of a beautiful frame.

6- Indoor flowers

This is especially true in the cold season. Create a kind of green wall – it will delight you every day.

7- Bright stickers

With them, you will create the right mood in the room, and if you suddenly want to change everything, the stickers can be easily removed.

8- Metal Grate

Important documents, decorative items, shelves and coasters, and much more can be attached to the grille. And in the interior of the wall, it looks unusual.

9- Tapestry

Not the old, grandmother’s, but bright, with a beautiful pattern or ornament. And it can also be hung on the wall in some unusual way.

10- Paper garlands

By the way, if you have children, then the creation of such a decoration will be a real holiday for them. Your walls will be transformed quickly, easily and inexpensively!

11- Mirror composition

Many decorative mirrors in unusual frames are an amazing decoration for the interior. Mirrors can be of different sizes, occupy the entire wall or form some kind of figure – it’s up to you.

12- Bright pencils

Another great option for those who have children, or for people in creative professions. Looks amazing on the wall!

13- Curtain

Breaking stereotypes – curtains exist not only for windows. It can be a translucent tulle or a thick curtain with a bright, print – hang it behind the bed or at the desktop. Fantasize!

14- Living Wall

Almost like a shelf for potted plants, only here the flowers will grow as if straight from the wall. And a special watering system will make such a flower arrangement almost autonomous.

15- World map

Especially if it is very bright or vintage. Such decoration will give the house an air of mystery, and you can also mark the places you have visited on the map.

16- Fabric Panels

Another decoration that you can make with your own hands. Just wrap the wood or plastic frames with a beautiful fabric, and then make a composition out of them.

17- Neon Inscription

Your name or favorite saying is made in this form to order, and then it can play the role of both decoration and, for example, a night lamp.

18- Photo wall

Print out dozens or even hundreds of old family or Instagram photos and stick them randomly on the wall. How many pleasant emotions it will evoke in you at every glance!

19- Hatrack

It is unlikely that you wear hats every day, but almost everyone has a couple lying around in the far corner of the closet. Hang the hats in a row – that’s the finished decoration.

20- Cork board

It has a pleasant warm light and texture, it is convenient to attach important notes or just beautiful little things to it. And you can go further and make a whole wall with cork! Insulate the room at the same time.

21- Composition of plates

Old as the world, but still popular. And for good reason – the plates look very cool on the wall, especially in the kitchen, if they are all different sizes and colors.

22- Brush latex paint

Latex paint is now the most common and relatively simple decoration choice in the decoration of the house. There are many colors of latex paint, most of which are light colors, such as white, gray, light blue, etc. The walls of latex paint give people a clean and simple sense of space.

23- Wall tiles

Wall tiles are often used in bathrooms and kitchens. Bathrooms are prone to moisture. If latex paint is used, it is easy to peel. The kitchen is cooking, the oil and fume substances are not easy to take care of, and the wall tiles are easy to clean.

The living room and bedroom are rarely tiled on the wall, and the brick surface gives people a cold feeling. After all, if you want to live in it, you should choose a warmer color.

24- Soft and hard wall

One of the more popular now is the soft and hard bag, which is made of leather, which is very soft to the touch and has a good texture. Use it on the background wall to instantly enhance the sense of class.

25- Wooden wall

Wood veneer is more common in Nordic decoration style and is a common design element. The large-scale application of wood veneer to the wall is also very warm and natural and comfortable.

26- Wall covering wallpaper

The materials of wall coverings and wallpapers are relatively environmentally friendly, that is, cloth and paper are used to decorate the walls. Whether it is color or color, there are many options. You can even choose different patterns and paste them according to your own preferences. The walls have a strong sense of warmth.

Suggestion: When choosing wallpapers and wall coverings, be sure to choose good ones, don’t be greedy for pretty cheap, there will be problems such as bulging and fluffing in the later stage, unless you want to reinstall it again.

27- Cement wall

The cement-style walls belong to the industrial style, which is a more personalized decoration. The cement ash is directly splattered without any treatment on the surface, and the surface is rough. Not suitable for current family life. Now there are alternative materials, slate, imitation cement texture wall paint. The effect is the same as the visual effect of the cement wall.

28- Bare brick walls

For those who like primitive beauty, in addition to the cement style, bare brick walls are also very popular designs. It is simple to brush varnish directly on the built brick walls. If you think this is rough, you can also buy imitation bricks. The board on the wall is pasted. Of course, the style is relatively rough. It is estimated that most people are unacceptable. It is suitable for some more personalized home decoration.

Bare brick walls are also a popular industrial style design. The simplest is to paint white or varnish on the wall, which is also a very industrial style. The wall is a major project in the decoration, which has a great influence on the style of the house, so it is necessary to determine the wall first, and then the style is basically set.