65 Decorative Ideas of Gray Bedroom (1) - Copy

Gray is a versatile and trendy color in contemporary decor. Always very trendy, this color is one of the ideal colors for an adult bedroom. From its rather neutral appearance, gray has so many nuances, that it is easy to decline it in all the styles of decoration, including that of the parental room! Mouse gray, flannel, anthracite, blue, beige, pastel… so many reasons to fall in love with the softness and voluptuousness of gray for your bedroom. Find out why you should why you should fall for the gray trend with our tips, ideas and photos!

1. A gray bedroom decor for serene simplicity

A gray bedroom decor for serene simplicity (1) - Copy

Simplicity, symmetry and purity are the key words for the decor of this bedroom. Simplicity in the play of colors (variation of gray), symmetry in the accessories and colors (sheets, pillows, bedside lamps). Purity of lines and as if to break this desire for rigor, the photo frames on the bedside tables and the Eiffel Tower structure bring touches of warm colors.

2. A gray bedroom that plays with white

A gray bedroom that plays with white

A good idea to give a wallpaper effect with paint and create a nice decorative effect on a bedroom wall. After painting the wall in pearl gray, white circles are stenciled. A subtle play of colors around the gray easily achieved which also makes a nice headboard.

3. Charcoal gray girl bedroom decor, intense and chic color

Charcoal gray girl bedroom decor, intense and chic color (1) - Copy

For the decoration of a teenage girl’s room , the strength of the dark gray of the mural which covers a single wall of the room does not pose any problem of coherence (in relation to the destination of the room) on the contrary. It focuses on the bedroom bed space and highlights the flashy colors of the pink bed linen and the bright yellow cushions. The ball suspension of white paper suggests our dear moon coming to light up the night resting area and the four-poster bed with its white veil reinforces this wink.

4. A gray and black room

A gray and black room (1) - Copy

For the decoration of this master bedroom, another harmony of gray between the light gray of the low partitions which isolate the bathroom space, the pearl gray of the walls, and the mouse gray color of the headboard which echoes the same color on the wall facing it. Curtains and resolutely black desk complete the simplicity of the bedroom decoration. The gray carpet, very graphic, breaks to better reinforce them, the play of vertical and horizontal lines.

5. The gray nursery is great!

The gray nursery is great! (1) - Copy

A nursery decor around a beautiful mouse gray color associated with an ivory paint and an anthracite gray you can dare… It works well and it’s very classy! And if the lack of color in your baby’s room scares you, fear not, toys, childcare accessories and more will provide you with what you need!

6. The intimacy of a gray attic room

The intimacy of a gray attic room (1) - Copy

The arrangement of a parental room under the attic where the well-exploited surface allows the installation of a bathroom open to the volume and separated from the sleeping area by a low partition which also serves as a headboard. The gray color treated in total look or almost from floor to ceiling is warmed by the wood of the beams and the door left in their raw appearance.

7. Pretty gray stripes in the bedroom

Pretty gray stripes in the bedroom (1) - Copy

Gray, only gray (and white!) For the decoration of this girl’s room. The play of colors provided by the gray and white striped wallpaper and those of the plaid covering the bench enlivens this harmonious gray monochrome for a super relaxing decor atmosphere …

8. A gray and blue room in the Santorini spirit

A gray and blue room in the Santorini spirit (1) - Copy

In this room of a holiday home in Greece, a decoration that is both minimalist and warm. Superbly associated with the azure blue of the nightstands, the walls are faded to lime lightly tinted gray. The headboard, which is treated as a base, is painted in a more intense shade of gray and to create balance, the mirror frame is worked in the same gray. The duvet and the plaid in a midnight blue enhance the harmony of pastel colors of the paintings, the whole creates a soft and peaceful decoration conducive to this place of rest.

9. A gray and soft green bedroom

A gray and soft green bedroom (1) - Copy

Any other atmosphere emanates from the decor of this room with a fair balance of warm and cold tones. The light oak parquet, the two-body cabinet and the coffee table in weathered white pine and poplar add warmth. To sublimate these shades, a palette of bluish gray echoes it: The headboard and the armchair in slate velvet, a boutis in gray velvet and the matching gray pillowcases, the discreet gray embroidery that adorns the duvet and the white cotton pillowcases , the bedside lamps in nickel and black metal. Sweet night assured!

10. The decor of a contemporary gray and red bedroom

The decor of a contemporary gray and red bedroom (1) - Copy

It is well known, associating a gray and a red in decoration is a good marriage of colors! For the decoration of this room of a resolutely refined style, the gray color is provided by an immense rectangle of mouse gray paint which acts as a headboard, framed by the night tables composed of a simple shelf fixed in another gray paint rectangle drawn on the wall. Gray and red color scheme worked on the storage unit and the occasional lamps included with the pillowcases. A harmony of colors for a very discreet graphics and a Zen atmosphere for this room which invites you to relax.

11. Artist’s studio style in the bedroom with gray

Artist's studio style in the bedroom with gray (1) - Copy

In this bedroom, shades of gray are combined with a subtle mix of metal-look materials and velvety, silky-touch bed linen. The dry cotton aspect of the cold gray double curtains contrasts with the shiny look of the skai of the headboard and the shell armchairs while the walls offer themselves the softness of a gray paint in a warm tone. A sober and warm bedroom decor.

12. A gray and taupe room, softness and balance at the rendezvous

A gray and taupe room, softness and balance at the rendezvous (1) - Copy

In this bedroom, the taupe, chocolate and yellow ocher colors of the bed linen are combined with the large paneling to which is applied a light gray white lead. The frame of wooden mirrors and the accumulation of natural cord on the bedside complete the natural color atmosphere for the decor of this Zen bedroom.

13. Light gray variation for the bedroom

Light gray variation for the bedroom (1) - Copy

Subtle combination of materials for this room with a refined atmosphere. The softness of the silk, the fur and the bed linen are declined in a gradient of pastel gray softened the raw aspect of the exposed stone wall and the mat effect of the pearl gray decorative plaster on the wall of the headboard. bed. In order not to break the harmony of colors, the bedside table is repainted in the same pearl gray.

14. A parental suite with a gray partition to hide the dressing room

A parental suite with a gray partition to hide the dressing room (1) - Copy

In the minimalist universe of this parental suite, while leaving visible part of the mirrors of the closet doors, a real decorative object, the central partition which isolates the dressing room is painted with a bright pastel gray embellished with a graphic effect of wiped gilding . This shade of gray is discreetly used around the bed base as if to better reveal the nuances of the floating floors. The yellow copper wall lamp introduces a very nice touch of fantasy in this room atmosphere that is not austere.

15. Gray and plum room

Gray and plum room (1) - Copy

The plum color is a shade of purple that brings a lot of warmth to your room, an intimate space that it completely reveals. Indeed, it embodies the serenity so necessary for this piece. It can, depending on the way it is accessorized, be modern, luxurious, sophisticated, mysterious and romantic. It goes wonderfully with the gray which highlights it as well as with a bright white which illuminates the sleeping area. It invites sweetness and dreams! You can afford everything when it comes to furniture, bed linen and decorative items. Natural materials are suitable for a cozy atmosphere.

This shade is associated with yellow, its complementary color, but also with red or fuchsia for the dynamic side. Obviously with purple, it forms a perfectly successful shades, and as the two colors are superb with gray, no error is possible. Know that black, gray and plum give a beautiful atmosphere, very glamorous. These two colors, plum and gray, provide a very soothing and elegant environment with taupe, white and linen. The natural wood is highlighted by the association of these two colors, but you have the possibility of choosing materials such as wicker, rattan, white or black lacquered wood, for more modernity.

16. Bedroom in green and gray

Bedroom in green and gray (1) - Copy

Once again, you are spoiled for choice as to which shades of gray and green to choose from. Dark green, fir, is back in the spotlight this year, and it goes very well with gray. The only precaution to take is to place it in small touches and in shimmering materials if possible. It is thus the assurance of raising your decoration without the risk of darkening it.

In more pastel tones, water green or even pale, light or bluish green are perfect for the softness that we appreciate in the sleeping area. Do not hesitate to combine it with a fairly light gray and embellished with a little green. The effect will be even prettier. You can also take a slightly darker gray and play with the contrast, in this case, dare to add a pure white with a hint of gray. By doing this, your paint will not turn yellow and it will stay vibrant for much longer.

17. Bedroom in gray and red

Bedroom in gray and red (1) - Copy

The marriage of gray and red brings a little dynamism to your room, it remains restful, because the softness of the gray absorbs the slightly aggressive side that red could have. You will then obtain a lively, elegant and very glamorous result. It associates the opposites with yin and yang, that is to say: on one side passion and on the other serenity, perfect for your night space, right?

It wakes you up in a good mood, you have two possibilities: either you already have a gray cast and you add red, or you put a gray wall of red and white to light up the room. It is this marriage that is recommended in a small room with little light. And if you are hesitant, play with this color on the accessories, you can always change the cushions, bed linen, frames, vases if you get bored or according to the seasons.

18. In gray and pink

In gray and pink1 (1) - Copy

If the gray and pink bedroom is so magical, it is because these two very soft shades bring an incomparable feeling of calm. Especially since, contrary to popular belief, pink is not just for little girls’ rooms. It is perfect for an adult bedroom as long as you do not opt ​​for a candy pink or fuchsia and dose it well. Powder pink, peach, pale, pastel is perfect in your room. It goes very well with a modern decor, Scandinavian style, contemporary, natural or design.

In gray and pink (1) - Copy

The easiest way is to paint the walls in different shades of gray and to play with the bed linen and the decor for the pink colors. This shade has great potential, it is soothing and chic and the atmosphere is immediately much more refined. Minimalist furniture, nice gray, pink and a few touches of white, and the room is bright and calm.

19. Bedroom in purple and gray

Bedroom in purple and gray (1) - Copy

The marriage of gray and purple is very beautiful because the gray balances the purple. You vitalize the gray walls with a few purple accessories. No need to put too much, a few touches are enough to have a very elegant result that invites you to dream. But if you opt for one or more purple walls, then multiply the shades of gray to obtain a calmer and more comforting atmosphere. You can add a little pastel pink or white to brighten up the room.

Watch out for purple walls, they tend to narrow your space. Know that a light purple or on the contrary very deep soothes. It also has a luxurious side which harmonizes perfectly with the furniture with very design clean lines. With a few well-chosen accessories, your sleeping area takes on a whole new dimension with elegance and refinement. If you go for a purple and a blue gray, you get a romantic cocoon where you will enjoy relaxing.

20. Bedroom in gray and beige or gray and white

Bedroom in gray and beige or gray and white (1) - Copy

A gray and white bedroom is always stylish and very modern. These two colors go very well, the white coming to illuminate the aspect which can sometimes be a little dull or even sad of the gray. This is a good option in a small room with little light. Bright white brings the brightness that is essential as well as freshness. Regardless of the shade of gray used, the key is to balance the two tones well so that the result is very pleasing to the eye and the room is welcoming.

Gray and beige highlight the natural and soothing side. We can play with the two shades on the walls, because they really go together perfectly. They can also accept a third shade very easily in small touches on vases or cushions for example. But have no fear, anyway, the whole will be the most beautiful effect.

21. Total gray look

Total gray look (1) - Copy

Pretty piece cultivating the different shades of gray for the pleasure of the eyes and a guaranteed cocooning atmosphere. Choice of materials and colors, everything is perfectly in harmony.

Loft style for this room all in gray dressed with a few touches of bright white to wake up the whole. A room with a bright and peaceful atmosphere. The shades of gray are perfectly successful.

22. Wood

Wood (1) - Copy

To add a twist to the gray color in the bedroom, we opt for wooden materials and furniture.

23. Knitting

Knitting (1) - Copy

Great trend this winter, the gray knitted blanket will find a very special place on the bed.

24. Shades of gray

Shades of gray (1) - Copy

No need for a wall, the shades of gray can be displayed on a table above the bed.

25. Waxed concrete

Waxed concrete (1) - Copy

Add character to your wall by coating it with a waxed concrete effect paint.

26. Flax

Flax (2) - Copy

No doubt, linen really gives pride of place to the gray color.

27. Recuperation spirit

Recuperation spirit (1) - Copy

Gray adapts to all decorative styles, including reclaimed decoration.

28. Charcoal gray

Charcoal gray (1) - Copy

To give more depth to the bedroom, you have to dare to repaint a wall in charcoal gray.

29. Wooden slats

Wooden slats (1) - Copy

If your attic room looks like a chalet, give it a facelift by repainting the slats in gray.

30. Marbled effect

Marbled effect (1) - Copy

To energize the gray in the blink of an eye, we apply it in small touches like marble.

31. A headboard

A headboard (1) - Copy

If you don’t dare the total look, the gray tufted headboard will do the trick.

32. Child bedroom

Child bedroom (1) - Copy

Gray for the children’s room? We say yes!

33. Ropsante room

Ropsante room (1) - Copy

Light gray for a relaxing bedroom!

34. Candy

Candy (1) - Copy

Bring a little softness to a bedroom by combining gray with pastel pink.

35. Completely gray

Completely gray

In the bedroom, we do not limit ourselves to a single gray wall, we paint all four for a cocooning result. 

36. Gray and yellow

gray and yellow (1) - Copy

To energize the gray, add a few touches of yellow. © Pinterest

37. Gray parquet

Gray parquet (1) - Copy

In the bedroom, we love the light gray parquet.

38. Blue grey

Blue grey (1) - Copy

Voted color of the year 2017 by Dulux Valentine, gray blue invites itself into the bedroom. 

39. 50 shades of gray

50 shades of gray (1) - Copy

Create a real cocoon by choosing furniture and linens in different shades of gray. 

40. Color the gray room

Color the gray room1 (1) - Copy

Thanks to the cushions and the bedside table, color your gray bedroom. 

Some more inspirations:

gray bedroom1 (1) - Copy

This first bedroom decoration was imagined by one of my favorite interior design agencies: Penint Design Studio. Here, gray is used in stripes, hexagons and with concrete. A real canvas completed with autumnal hues like bronze and olive green.

gray bedroom2 (1) - Copy

This modern-inspired bedroom is highlighted by concrete and gray bedding. The wooden floor adds warmth while the glass walk-in closet reflects the whole.

gray bedroom3 (1) - Copy

Laroslav Kovalchuk offers us a monochromatic theme enhanced by a little black and white. In this space, gray and white overlap in a paneling with an artificially aged appearance.

gray bedroom4 (1) - Copy

If you take a good look at this room, the color is gray but tending towards green. I really like the painting installed in the middle of the wall and which creates a focal point.

gray bedroom5 (1) - Copy

Textures are the key words for this decoration. The whole is sublimated by the light coming from the suspension. We recognize here the paw of Fly Design Studio.

gray bedroom6 (1) - Copy

This room is beautiful and mixes a whole palette of gray colors. The geometric patterned headboard helps create an absolutely stunning focal point. Perhaps one of my favorite bedroom decorations in this selection.

gray bedroom7 (1) - Copy

This decoration may be one of my favorite bedroom decorations among all these bedroom decorations. WOW effect guaranteed!

gray bedroom8 (1) - Copy

A little too dark for my taste, this decoration lacks a bit of pep for me. But to each his own!

gray bedroom9 (1) - Copy

I much prefer this type of decoration much more worked and mixing materials.

gray bedroom10 (1) - Copy

Gray and red are a perfect match. Here red was used for the headboard and the bedspread. A little reminder is done with the office chair.

gray bedroom11 (1) - Copy

The more pastel tones here complete the decorum. The goal is to add a little color while maintaining a majority of gray in the room.

gray bedroom12 (1) - Copy

Let’s continue with the color mixes. Here brown mixes with gray and black. Not necessarily the happiest mix for my taste.

gray bedroom13 (1) - Copy

Gray and purple come together again in this multicolored, lacquered and flowery bedroom. Girls should like.

gray bedroom14 (1) - Copy

Now let’s test the orange and gray mixture. I am quite a taker. In small doses, this allows you to enhance the entire decoration of the room.

gray bedroom15 (1) - Copy

For a slightly more feminine style, add a little pink. But be careful if you are in a relationship, do it in a subtle way so that it also pleases the gentleman. Do not necessarily spread the walls. Bed linen is ideal for this.

gray bedroom16 (1) - Copy

For a slightly more kitsch atmosphere, you can opt for a fabric headboard.

gray bedroom17 (1) - Copy

What I liked here was the idea of ​​framing the headboard with mirrors.

gray bedroom18 (1) - Copy

Shapes rather than color. This is what is proposed for the decoration of this room.

gray bedroom19 (1) - Copy

Who said gray was sad? This room proves the opposite and I love it!

gray bedroom20 (1) - Copy

Ideal for a couple, this gray and white bedroom is based on very clean lines.

gray bedroom21 (1) - Copy

Do you like Batman? You will undoubtedly like this double-sided room.

gray bedroom22 (1) - Copy

Another example of the mixture of gray and pastel. This time again, the color is used by small touches and in a subtle way thanks to the bed linen.

gray bedroom23 (1) - Copy

This gray and beige bedroom looks different at a closer look.

gray bedroom24 (1) - Copy

You can hear the sea in this room. The marine theme is simply suggested thanks to the table positioned in the center of the wall behind the bed. Like what, it is useless to do too much.

gray bedroom25 (1)

A touch of honey, here is all it takes to brighten up the gray decoration of this room.