Yellow and blue (1)

On the walls, the sheets or with a few accessories, we invite color in our room to create a pleasant and sparkling cocoon! Do you find your room too bland? Warm up the atmosphere by inviting color! Discover 30 ways to adopt color in the adult bedroom.

1. Single wall

Single wall (1)

Do you want to bring in the color with big strokes of paint? Stay reasonable and stick with a wall! Preferably choose the wall opposite the door.

2. Deep blue

Deep blue (1)

On the color side, we opt for the very trendy dark blue which brings depth to the room.

3. Powdery pink

Powdery pink (1)

Another big trend this season is powder pink. This soft, tangy shade is perfect for the bedroom!

4. Bedhead

Bedhead (1)

With just a few brushstrokes, treat yourself to an artistic and poetic headboard!

5. Addict wallpaper

Addict wallpaper (1)

Give your room a bit of madness and fantasy, with a wall lined with colorful wallpaper!

6. On the bed

On the bed (1)

Those who are more cautious will start with new bed linen. This will immediately give a new dynamic to your room.

7. Curtains

Curtains (1)

Very important decorative accessories, curtains can also add that touch of color to your room.

8. Accessories side

Accessories side (1)

Lamps, cushions or pretty boxes, opt for colorful accessories! 

9. The cushions

The cushions (1)

Colorful or graphic, create a beautiful set of cushions to brighten up your room!

10. On the walls

On the walls (1)

Paintings, stickers, photos … make your walls sparkle!

11. Design touch

Design touch (1)

Through a lamp or a small piece of furniture, adopt THE designer and colorful touch that will give your bedroom decoration a twist!

12. Green plant

Green plant (1)

In addition to bouquets of flowers, host one or two green plants in your room.

13. Grey

Grey (1)

A color that goes with absolutely any decoration!

14. Ceiling

Ceiling (1)

Add color to the bedroom by painting the ceiling! 

15. Yellow headboard

Yellow headboard (1)

Perfect for finishing a paint bucket!

16. Degradation

Degradation (1)

An original idea to add color to the bedroom in a unique way!

17. Multicolored

Multicolored (1)

For an original bedroom, mix the colors! 

18. Pink

Pink (1)

We love the pink gradient bedroom wall! © Pinterest

19. Geometry

Geometry (1)

To color the room, paint geometric shapes! © Pinterest

20. Green

Green (1)

The green in the bedroom creates a vegetal atmosphere. 

21. Blue

Blue (1)

Blue adds a chic spirit to the bedroom. 

22. Watercolor

Watercolor (1)

We love to paint the bedroom wall in watercolor. 

23. Turquoise

Turquoise (1)

Turquoise blue in pastel tones is ideal for children’s or teenagers’ rooms!

24. Green rooms that breathe serenity

green rooms that breathe serenity (1)

We say yes to green rooms that exude serenity.

25. Mustard yellow and gray

We love the combination of taupe gray and mustard yellow, all combined with a strip of black and white wallpaper.

26. Color and picture wall

Color and picture wall (1)

Associate the color of your walls with your decor and play on the details with an assembly of paintings of different sizes.

27. Terracotta

Terracotta (1)

Bohemian and bewitching, we invite the terracotta hue to your bedroom. 

28. Beige

Beige (1)

Nothing like soothing colors like beige, taupe or off-white to help you fall asleep.

29. Placing plants

Placing plants (1)

Placing plants in your bedroom is a great way to add color easily.

30. Black and wood

Black and wood (1)

Very trendy, this combination of raw colors offers a significant elegant side to the bedroom.