A cardboard box is a cardboard box, right?

This is wrong.

The boxes you choose to use when moving can have a lot of impact on your moving experience. These cubes or rectangles are made from layers of stiff paper, and they are an important part of moving your home.

There are many places where you can get used cardboard boxes that you can use to pack your household items and belongings when moving.

Some of the most common are shops, friends, factories, and ads online and in newspapers. These sources are good for those looking to get cardboard boxes without having to spend much. 

This might seem like a good way to save money, but it isn’t good for your move.

You need to think carefully about the boxes you are going to use for the move.

Should you go and buy a new box or re-use card boxes when moving? How heavy is a good moving box? What is the best size of the moving box?

While you can get used boxes for free, they don’t guarantee uniformity in terms of strength and sizes. This makes them a bad option when packing your belongings

Storage warehouse with packaged goods

You also need to keep in mind that the cardboard box usually deteriorates with time if it is stored in areas with fleas and bed bugs because they eat away the cardboard.

Boxes that have been exposed to water get damaged, and it is hard for them to hold anything. You should never use boxes that have been stored in damp conditions because you risk damaging your belongings.

The seam where the cardboard sheets are glued is the most vulnerable part of the box. The glue is going to deteriorate with time until the seam becomes the weak point of the box.

The strong 2 wall Gaylord boxes get stapled and this is why they don’t have this problem.

It is a good idea to buy new moving boxes. You will be able to make sure the boxes are quality and are standard sizes. The removal company is going to help you with this because they will do volume calculations on standard box sizes.

If you choose to use non-standard boxes for your move, all your items might not fit in the can on the day of your move.

This is why you will find boxes that have been specifically made for moving.

It is important to get a brand-new moving box because you then don’t have to worry about things going wrong. You can use a mixture of both used and new, but it will depend on what you are packing into them and how much you have to spend on packing materials.