When that time of year rolls around and you need to update your registration, the emissions test can be a little bit of a headache maker. That’s especially true if you’re running an older model Ram 1500, because as a car ages the chances of malfunctions in the exhaust system increases. There’s an easy way around it, though. You need to get your preventative maintenance on track, and then you need to check out how the exhaust system is functioning. Why do the work to check out your plugs, wires, fluid levels, and other bits of basic maintenance first? Simple: If that stuff needs replacement, you could have extra buildup and other stuff that adds to the emissions. This, in turn, makes your catalytic converter work harder than it should, and it can even cause it to break. Before you diagnose and repair any issues stemming from extra stuff in the exhaust, you need to make sure you’re running clean again.

  • Oil change
  • Plugs and wires updated, if applicable
  • Valves and other minor replacement parts handled
  • Fluid checks, with indicated flushes and changes if necessary

This minor tune-up process will also help you see if you have any larger repair issues to handle. Once you have all those things checked out, it’s time to see about that converter.

Get an Unofficial Test

If you’re not sure whether you’ll pass or not, you can always get your vehicle tested. If you know you have an issue, it’s time to shop for the best Dodge Ram 1500 catalytic converters and other exhaust system parts. Testing the emissions really will be the best way to make sure you’re going to pass when it counts. It’s still a good idea to do your regular rotation of prevention work beforehand, though, because sometimes old, dirty oil and other factors can increase your emissions beyond their average temporarily. Going overdue for oil changes and other needed maintenance also puts more strain on the catalytic converter by creating more toxic by-products, some of which aren’t designed to be broken down in the converter.

Keep Your Dodge Ram Ready for Anything

It’s generally just a good idea to stay on top of your vehicle’s needs, but there is a cumulative effect to good maintenance, too. If your truck is aging and you are starting to look at the best ways to get the longest life from it, you can’t underestimate how much a new set of Dodge Ram 1500 brakes or a timely suspension update will reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle’s other systems, resulting in a smoother ownership experience overall and a much longer life expectancy for the average Ram, when compared to people who just do what’s necessary to prevent immediate trouble. Going a step further and installing performance brakes can deliver even more for your truck as it ages, because performance parts give you an opportunity to upgrade to materials and designs that might not have been on the market when your Ram was brand new. Even when they don’t, their upgraded quality specifications and construction help deliver a better overall driving experience, and when you shop someplace with a VIN lookup, you can be sure every part you search will fit your truck.