30 Mistakes to Avoid While Decorating a Small Living Room (1)

Do you have a small living room? No problem ! You just need to arrange it well , avoiding a few missteps… Smart storage, wall decoration, choice of furniture: every detail counts in a small room. The idea is of course, to respect some basic rules. You will see, your small living room has much more potential than you imagine!

Are you about to furnish your small living room? To make it look great, discover the 30 decoration mistakes to avoid!

1. Furniture that is too big

furniture that is too big 1 (1)

We can not emphasize this enough ! Choose furniture adapted to your space! 

2. Furniture that is too small

Furniture that is too small1 (1)

It’s rarer but it happens too! Just because your living room is small doesn’t mean it has to be content with tiny (and often ridiculous…) furniture 

3. Too much furniture

too much furniture (1)

If you have to be reasonable about size, be sure to think about quantity as well! 

4. Not enough furniture!

Not enough furniture! (1)

Everything being a question of balance, be careful not to fall into the opposite excess! A small living room must be warm and sufficiently furnished!

5. Forgetting the walls

forgetting the walls (1)

On the decorative side, we think of dressing the walls with our most beautiful posters to give character to the room! 

6. Leaving the ground

leaving the ground (1)

We often forget it, but the living room floor has a lot of potential. We install a carpet or large cushions that we take out in case of unforeseen guests! 

7. Overloading in decoration

overloading in decoration (1)

The addicting decoration that lies dormant in you will have a hard time resisting, and yet … To highlight your decorative accessories, it is better not to have too many!

8. Neglecting lighting

neglecting lighting (1)

For a small cozy living room, we multiply the light sources. Lamps, garlands, ceiling lights will help create a pleasant atmosphere. 

9. Skipping storage

skipping storage (1)

Even more than in a large, storage is essential in a small living room! Fight against the daily bazaar by equipping yourself with various storage!

10. abusing white

abusing white1 (1)

Of course, white gives an impression of space and light. But be careful not to overdo it at the risk of having a too cold living room. Opt instead for a nice shades of white and gray. 

11. Multiply colors

multiply colors (1)

While white should not be overused, colors should not be overused either. Opt for a marriage of two to three harmonious colors. 

12. Leaving the window

leaving the window (1)

Make the most of natural light! Forget too big curtains and blinds, the idea is to clear your window. 

13. The total look

the total look1 (1)

To give style to your small living room, forget the total scandi or bohemian look. Instead, pick some interesting elements here and there to create your living room. 

14. Deadlock on memories

deadlock on memories (1)

Your travel memories and family photos are your best decorative assets! They will give personality and charm to your room. 

15. A carpet that’s too small

A carpet that's too small (1)

If the carpet is a real added value in the living room, it should not be chosen just random. It’s best to choose one that’s big enough to fit around the coffee table and sofa. It will thus structure the space better and create a feeling of conviviality. 

16. The wrong choice of curtains

The wrong choice of curtains (1)

If you have a small living room, you should not make it too dark. Opt for light-colored curtains to let in natural light and create a bright atmosphere. 

17. Too Many Patterns

Too Many Patterns (1)

While colors should not be overused in a small living room, so are the patterns. In short, try to find two or three reasons to mitigate the neutral tendency, but not too much! The idea is not to overload your small living room. 

18. Overloading a wall

Overloading a wall (1)

One of the most common mistakes when it comes to wall decoration is overloading your wall. Avoid at all costs combining patterned wallpaper with decorative items, for example. 

19. Not enough space between the sofa and the coffee table

Not enough space between the sofa and the coffee table (1)

It is not because you have a small living room that it is absolutely necessary to glue all its furniture, at the risk of bumping between two passages. So leave enough space between your sofa and your coffee table. If possible, choose a smaller coffee table, or even nesting tables that you can store successively. 

20. Empty vases

empty vases (1)

Pretty vases yes, but empty vases no. Include plants, flowers, and even fairy lights! 

21. Opting for just one sofa

opting for just one sofa (1)

Of course, you have a small living room, but that is no reason to put only one sofa as a seat. Think about your guests and opt for small poufs that you can store easily, or storage benches, just to make a 2 in 1! 

22. Not betting on mirrors

not betting on mirrors (1)

It is well known that mirrors enlarge space. If you have a mini-living room, now is the time to play with light and opt for an XXL mirror that will bring relief to your room.

23. Not investing in wall storage

not investing in wall storage (1)

While it is essential not to overload your walls, it would be a shame not to use them to optimize your space. Invest in pretty wall storage such as floating shelves or wall libraries to store your books or plants for example.

24. Not daring to color

not daring to color (1)

Indeed, too many patterns in a living room is not the best solution, but this is not a reason not to dare absolutely any color. Warm up your room with cushions, lamps or a brightly colored rug. 

25. Multiplying coffee tables

multiplying coffee tables (1)

Coffee tables are practical, but can take up a lot of space, especially in a small living room! Prefer a single coffee table or nesting tables!

26. Having too many candles

having too many candles (1)

It can be very pretty, but a little dangerous! So moderate the candles in the decor!

27. Not delimiting the space

not delimiting the space (1)

It is not uncommon for the living room to become one with your dining room. Even small, the seating area must be demarcated. Painting, atmosphere, sofa … there are many tips.

28. Having too much cushion

having too much cushion (1)

We love them on our sofa or our armchairs, the cushions bring color to the living room! But when there is too much, it overloads the room and clutters it. Four are enough. 

29. Forgetting the seats

forgetting the seats (1)

Seating is essential in your living room, even if it is small! If you can, put up a sofa. Otherwise, opt for armchairs, strongly decorative. Do not neglect the poufs, they take up little space and are very practical.

30. Accumulating several rugs

accumulating several rugs (1)

Not only does this risk reducing the feeling of space, but mixing patterns that do not go together would be a shame for the final result!