Everyone wants the perfect theme for their special day. But could the perfect theme for yours really be…cannabis?

If your wedding is taking place in a state where marijuana is legal, the answer is a resounding yes. Weed weddings are the latest craze to sweep the nuptial trend landscape, and they’re a great way to make your day fun and memorable while at the same time providing your guests with a unique experience that will definitely differ from the same old routine they’re used to seeing at every other wedding they attend.

We’ve scoured the internet and collected some of the most fun, exciting, and one of a kind ways to incorporate cannabis into your big day.

Hire a Budtender

Instead of the traditional open bar, a professional budtender serves your guests weed. But your budtender will do much more than just handing over joints. Since many wedding guests might be unfamiliar with marijuana and lack the expertise to curate their own experience, they’ll find it helpful to have someone knowledgeable in the house. The budtender can help guests choose the right strain to experience the results they want. They can also help to moderate serving sizes, ensuring that your wedding doesn’t turn into an event where all your guests have overdone it and are grappling with unpleasant paranoia.

Make sure you let your budtender know if you’re inviting underage guests to the wedding, as the last thing you want is to accidentally serve someone who shouldn’t be partaking. The budtender can check IDs if necessary. Alternatively, maybe you and all your guests are in a medical marijuana state like Oklahoma, and everyone has their Oklahoma medical marijuana card. That situation would permit use within a private venue.

Furthermore, the bar can offer all kinds of treats to your guests— vapes, ready-rolled joints, edibles, even oils. And never fear—your budtender will be able to tell each guest exactly what to expect from their chosen substance. Using a budtender creates a safe, low-stress environment for first-timers to experience what cannabis has to offer.

Do not be tempted to take on this role yourself, no matter how knowledgeable about weed you may be. It’s fun to help your friends have a good experience with marijuana, but on your wedding day, you’ll be far too busy to handle this job.

Build Weed into the Rituals

There are dozens of wedding rituals already in existence—maybe hundreds—and opting for a weed wedding doesn’t mean foregoing some of your favorite traditions.

For example, there’s the wedding veil. If you’re a bride to be, you might have been thinking about your veil for a while. But did you know it could be made of hemp? Choosing hemp fabrics is more than a tribute to our favorite plant—it’s actually a great thing to do for the environment. So by selecting a hemp veil, you’re helping the planet.

It’s traditional to give a gift to your wedding party. Have you thought about what that gift will be yet? Why not theme it around cannabis? Pack them some of your favorite edibles, or choose a special pipe for each wedding party member that speaks to their interests or personality.

Many couples choose to light a unity candle during their wedding ceremony, symbolizing the moment when two become one. But at a cannabis-themed wedding, a couple might choose a ceremonial unity bowl instead. A specially made pipe with two mouthpieces, this bowl allows couples to take a hit together as a symbol of the ventures they will embark upon jointly as they move forward in life.

Is a cannabis wedding right for you? You could be at the forefront of this exciting new trend, helping to shape what it will look like as cannabis legality continues to spread throughout the world.