Best Ideas of Living Rooms With a Lavish Purple Sofa (1)

Colors surround us, they have a huge impact on us and our life. They affect our mood subconsciously. This is why we have to consider what kind of mood we want to establish by using them.

The color purple symbolizes power, nobility, luxury, ambition, health and extravagance. Purple is also associated with wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery and magic.

The color purple in the living room

The color purple in the living room (1)

Furniture in purple color is very fashionable. With elegant shape and good materials, they can bring a light and modern touch. Light purple is a color sensitive to even the smallest change in light. This color was always associated with the upper classes of society.

Modern and luxurious style

modern and luxurious style (1)

If you want to get a living room decorated with a really modern and luxurious style, we suggest you mix some of the purple shades with some metal decorative items. It is possible to use any type of metal, including the attractive color of silver, nickel and gold. Aluminum can fit perfectly into the support of armchairs, bed frames or table lamps.

Flirtatious and modern look

flirtatious and modern look (1)

If you want to give your living room a flirtatious and modern look, you can definitely do that by choosing a purple sofa. By incorporating matching decorative objects around it, it will be the ideal piece of furniture.

One color to combine with purple

One color to combine with purple (1)

In case you don’t fancy making a design that is too flashy, the best idea is to pick just one color to combine with purple. White color is a good idea. It is perfect for cushions, curtains and rugs. Up to you. Primarily, purple is considered a feminine color, but with a good combination with other hues and colors, it can create an extremely masculine atmosphere.

Match with different designs

match with different designs (1)

It is flexible color, it can match with different designs. It can add drama to more quirky living room designs; as well as a touch of freshness when mixed with white and other muted colors.

A cozy purple living room

A cozy purple living room (1)

A purple sofa will help you create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your living room.

Focus on the walls

Focus on the walls (1)

If you don’t want the sofa to be the focus, we suggest you choose a more interesting color or attractive patterns for the walls. Attention will thus be drawn to them.

An elegant decoration

An elegant decoration (1)

If you love the color purple, you can use other shades of the same color in your living room. You will always get a stylish decoration. Use one shade for the sofa, another for the carpet, and another for the walls.