20 Tips for a Successful Feminine Decoration (1)

There is a significant difference between a female bedroom and one for a girl. The feminine decoration of a bedroom is more chic and more elegant; incorporating elements that inspire pleasure and harmony. You are certainly not going to find in a feminine bedroom a submerged space of pink color and fluffy details. It is a room suitable for all those who prefer subtle color tones, calm and relaxing environments. The secret is knowing how to combine these specifics with your already planned decorating plan.

1. The influence of feminine fabrics

The influence of feminine fabrics (1)

The variety of fabrics is one of the characteristics that makes feminine bedrooms famous: unique fabrics are used for furniture, draperies and blankets. Feminine fabrics are recognizable by embroidered details, rich patterns, lace, silk moiré and satin.

2. Neutral walls

Neutral walls (1)

As long as you keep the walls in a restful pastel color, they can accept any color from your favorite list. A neutral color palette, for example, could be paired with pale yellow, green or aqua.

3. Mirrors and mirrors

Mirrors and mirrors (1)

What woman would resist a large mirror for her bedroom? Mirrors are still accepted, not only because of their practical and decorative effect, but also because they reflect light and thus can visually enlarge the smallest spaces.

4. Hardwood furniture

Hardwood furniture (1)

A feminine bedroom goes well with natural wood or painted wood. Especially what is in a dark finish. The choice of furniture will depend on your own style.

5. Feminine furniture

Feminine furniture (1)

Feminine decor has a lot to do with the influence of European furniture. The French provincial style sets a good example with its curved profile, smooth edges, and creative carvings that women appreciate.

6. The play of light

The play of light (1)

The play of light is very simple: let in a huge amount of natural light to brighten up the room and to bounce it off reflective surfaces. Surrounded by light, you will always be joyful and optimistic. High brightness will at the same time provide the illusion of a larger space.

7. A decoration rich in accessories

A decoration rich in accessories (1)

A large, impressive chandelier is a ‘must have’ in a feminine bedroom. The crystal version fits the traditional theme.

8. Lots of flowers

Lots of flowers (1)

Flowers are timeless and infallible ornaments when it comes to bringing freshness to the interior of a room. The flowers are beautiful on an office table, a coffee table; but especially in a bedroom.

9. Personalize

Personalize (1)

You are free to experiment with bright colors and create your own personal accents. Opt for plush cushions with creative patterns or put a collection of novels under the coffee table. It’s for you to see.

10. Romantic

Romantic (1)

To create a romantic bedroom, priority will be given to light colors, floral prints, pretty wood species… A shabby chic side in other words! In this room decorated by Carine Tilliette, in collaboration with Véronique Lacaze, the space is available around white and powdery pink and mauve tones. A poetic spirit emerges from the bedroom, mixing the old and the modern. We particularly like the suspension made of multiple small fabric lampshades, the welcoming meridian, the sewing mannequin and the heavy curtains which bring a little more softness to the whole.

11. Baroque

Baroque (1)

A feminine spirit can lead us to the realization of a classic style room, worthy of a palace. If one chooses this option, the furniture will play a crucial role: generous, rounded and neat shapes, touches of gold, refinement coming from the sense of detail. Here, the quilted headboard and bench are invitations to linger!

12. Pop

Pop (1)

Touches of color will give a more pop aspect to the bedroom. We will bet on rather warm colors such as fuchsia pink, orange, purple. For this room, the decoration is very sober, based on white, and is enhanced by cushions, a plaid and a table which bring the coveted colors. A major advantage when you choose this combination: you can change your mind very easily since the basis of the decoration is basic. The flowers are the final note of this very successful painting!

13. Japanese influence

Japanese influence (1)

Japan reminds us of the refinement of fabrics, bright colors and floral prints. This room is at the same time very modern and colorful, feminine and dynamic. We opted for dark walls, the atmosphere would change to be more subdued and glamorous.

14. Glamorous industrial

Glamorous industrial (1)

Just because you live in a loft or because your house is industrial in style, doesn’t mean you can’t add a very “girly” touch to your room. We will not hesitate to completely break the codes by keeping very refined furniture, metal frames and exposed bricks, but we will focus on the contrast provided by a very glamorous bed linen. In this context, what could be better than silk and satin? The example presented here shows this very successful alliance.

15. Office table ideas for a typically feminine workspace

Office table ideas for a typically feminine workspace (1)

The choice of your office table should be made according to the style of decoration and the colors you have chosen. It is very common to find a white office table because it adapts to all styles of decoration and white goes well with all colors. For a more feminine desk table, choose a model with curves or well-crafted shapes.

Gold frames and table legs are recommended for a glamorous design. The acrylic table is also an interesting option for a feminine desk because it is light and delicate. To make your desk stand out, you could opt for a hot pink chair in a modern office. There are also desk table models made of a mirror if you would like a style that is both vintage and glamorous. Vintage wooden tables aren’t bad either. And the advantage is that they generally have drawers; which means that you have more storage space.

16. Storage furniture ideas

Storage furniture ideas (1)

Furniture and storage space occupy a very important place in an office. Your workspace should be kept tidy and impossible to get there without the required storage. Floating shelves are an interesting idea because they don’t clutter up while still providing plenty of space for your things. Choose your storage furniture according to the style chosen and according to the available space. 

17. Some perfect lighting models for a feminine office

Some perfect lighting models for a feminine office (1)

Crystal chandeliers and metal lamps are most recommended for a feminine and glamorous office. However, there are also lights for the other styles. 

18. A touch of elegance and femininity

A touch of elegance and femininity (1)

While one often refrains from stating that a space is decorated in masculine and feminine colors, yet it cannot be denied that there are elements of the decoration and a color palette that is often associated with femininity and with its own elegance. Whether you live alone, with a companion or with the family, adding a few feminine touches to living room interior design is never a bad idea. In fact, it is precisely these touches that can change the look of your living room and make it much more welcoming and pleasant.

19. Decoration idea with elegant and feminine colors

decoration idea with elegant and feminine colors (1)

When we talk about a color palette reserved for femininity and elegance, we should not think only of pink, but also of all the pale, calm and welcoming colors. So, for example, according to some interior design specialists, gray mixed with pink is the new color of femininity. You see an example of this in the living room interior decoration photo below. By using this color palette, you can achieve a bright living room without predominating pink or other overly “girly” shades.

20. Interior decoration with feminine atmosphere and curtains

interior decoration with feminine atmosphere and curtains (1)

The curtains and fabrics are examples of accessories almost always associated with the feminine touch in interior design house. So, for an elegant and feminine living room, don’t forget to think about these elements. The floral pattern and the shades of pale colors are, we repeat, to privilege to give your living room an elegant and feminine touch. In that vein, you could opt for curtains and fabrics from the Laura Ashley brand, which is often seen as an embodiment of chic style and comfort with a touch of femininity.