25 Ideas to Decorate Your Home With a Tropical Style (1)

Tropical decor is currently very trendy and for good reason, it allows you to escape while being comfortably installed at home. It is refreshing and exotic. It can be found in any room of the house and thus allows you to benefit from the positive influence of nature. The tropical decor is at the same time comforting, relaxing and warm.

1. Regarding color shades

Regarding color shades (1)

The tropical color palette is a good palette that manages to actually look like real tropical colors. Therefore, you should choose strong shades of blue, brown ocher, yellow, green and brown. Here and there you can add some colors of your favorite tropical fruits.

2. The light

The light (1)

Light is a very important issue in the style of tropical decor. Use neutral and natural colors to get the right lighting. Make sure you have enough smooth textures to handle the light scattering. The artificial light created should come from light lighting, ceiling fans, etc.

3. Window dressing

Window dressing (1)

Your windows should make you feel freedom and attachment to nature. Authentic tropical interior decor should include large, uncluttered windows, with wooden roller shades, instead of the classic curtains. The materials should remain as natural as possible, such as bamboo.

4. From ceiling to floor

From ceiling to floor (1)

To achieve a tropical decor, you should think about the walls, ceilings and floors. Without them, the tropical decor will never be complete. Natural materials are always to be considered.

5. The accessories

The accessories (1)

A tropical setting features a variety of beautiful elements, ocean waves, choppy palm leaves, red sunset, or birdsong. Handmade accessories with these basic elements are inexpensive and easily found. They have an important effect on your tropical decoration.

6. Furnishings

Furnishings (1)

When it comes to furnishings, the tropical style equals the natural. You have two options prevailing: plain wood, dark color; like walnut or mahogany, or iron which has a warm and decorative character. These materials are perfectly robust but warm and welcoming for furniture.

7. Tropical patterns

Tropical patterns (1)

Greenery, plants and bright colors are some of the elements that should inspire you. Your tropical interior design will never be complete without the large palm leaves, bananas, bamboo etc.

8. Opt for vegetable wallpaper

Opt for vegetable wallpaper (1)

To achieve a tropical-style decoration, you can choose a plant wallpaper. There are all kinds. There are thus very realistic models that create the illusion of a window to the outside. Your interior then opens directly onto a tropical forest, for example. It is the ideal solution to benefit from a feeling of escape. Other models represent, for example, banana leaves, Monstera leaves , trees, etc. It is true that they are mainly found in different shades of green., but not only. You can also turn to models in black and white or, for example, in warm tones, etc. You can choose to cover a complete wall or just use a strip on a wall. In the same genre, panoramic sets are also sold. They too are wallpapers, but once the strips are installed side by side, they form a complete decor.

9. Integrate green plants

Integrate green plants (1)

Who says tropical atmosphere, says nature, and what better than to integrate green plantsin your interior to enjoy an even more realistic decoration? In addition, you will enjoy their benefits on your environment. Indeed, some plants have depolluting properties. They release a slight humidity favorable to the creation of a healthy space. If you don’t have a green thumb, opt for plants that are easy to care for. In any case, if you want to make the most of them, be sure to choose them according to the environment in which you are going to place them. Make sure that their need for light is met, that they are not stuck to a radiator, etc. Giant plants, like the Monstera, will easily find their place in a tropical decoration. You can also bet on a green wall, guaranteed result!

10. Color codes

Color codes (1)

For your tropical decoration to succeed, the different shades of green can certainly be used on the walls or in the decoration, however, it is still better to avoid painting all the walls in green. It is possible to contrast with white which will restore brightness and space to the room. You can also opt for pastel roses which will marry wonderfully with the green of the vegetation. The blues , especially dark, are also just as suitable for a tropical decoration. They evoke the sky, the water. These are soothing colors that will help you create a tropical atmosphere. More exotic, you can bet on bright colors reminiscent of the colors of birds from these distant regions, such as parrots. The warm colors are just as appropriate.

11. Rattan furniture

Rattan furniture (1)

For your tropical decoration, you can turn to rattan furniture: an armchair, chairs for a dining room, etc. They will be an invitation to travel. The naturalness of their color and their material is perfectly suited to this style. In addition, they are the most beautiful effect whether inside or outside.

12. Wooden furniture

Wooden furniture (1)

And why not bet on wooden furniture? Prefer it unpainted to keep its natural look. It can be varnished or wood. It is also possible to favor species of exotic wood for a more authentic appearance. You can choose a bed, a table, etc.

13. Bet on tropical-style textiles

Bet on tropical-style textiles (1)

For your tropical-style decoration, bet on the details. Be careful, however, not to overdo vegetable prints. For example, if you have wallpaper with leaves, refrain from choosing a comforter that also has exotic prints. However, if you don’t want to wallpaper or paint your walls, a duvet cover with this type of print will be welcome. It is also possible to find cushions of this style to install on a sofa, for example.

14. Exotic decorative elements

Exotic decorative elements (1)

You can also find decorative elements that will add an exotic touch to your interior. It can be a representation of cockatoos, for example, parrot statues to be installed on the wall or, to evoke the journey, a screen with tropical motifs. In the lobby, why not opt ​​for decoration that seems to have been brought back from a trip?

15. The rugs

The rugs (1)

For a cozy atmosphere, bet on a carpet. Prefer it in a room where it is not too afraid of being soiled, especially if it is clear. Again, you can find some with exotic patterns. In addition, if your floor is a little faded or if it does not match the chosen style, it will hide it.

16. A chic tropical atmosphere

A chic tropical atmosphere (1)

It is quite possible to bet on a chic tropical decoration. To do this, give preference to more noble textiles, such as velvet and turn to golden decorative elements.

17. Tropical style in every room

Tropical style in every room (1)

The tropical style invites itself into any room. No contraindication for this decor which will prove to be a real breath of fresh air. It joins the parents’ room as well as those of the children. Your little explorer will be able to enjoy this soothing setting and imagine his adventures there. It is also perfectly suited to the bathroom where you can take your bath in an exotic atmosphere. For exotic meals, bet on a tropical decoration in your dining room. Whether in the living room, office, etc., you have a choice for this easygoing decoration.

18. Prefer colors reminiscent of the jungle

Prefer colors reminiscent of the jungle (1)

The jungle spirit is characterized by its natural inspiration , so to succeed in installing it in the decoration, bet on colors naturally present in the environment. Green, yellow, blue or even terracotta hues are welcome in this style of decor. In addition, natural colors are famous for their positive and calming effects on your morale!

19. Buy decorations from basketry or weaving

Buy decorations from basketry or weaving (1)

Baskets, rattan armchairs, cane and macrame are increasingly famous decorative and textural objects . They surf on decorative trends and merge perfectly with the jungle spirit. In fact, basketry and weaving are ancestral know-how from many communities and cultures, without forgetting that they are mostly made of natural materials. That is why they are the ideal accessories for your jungle-style decor .

20. Say yes to ethical craftsmanship

Say yes to ethical craftsmanship (1)

Finally, to complete your jungle decoration, bet on handcrafted and ethical objects whose patterns and materials are reminiscent of nature. The craft uniquely decorates and enhances the warm decor of your appearance, it gives life to decorative accessories completely in agreement with the tropical jungle and decorating style . Without forgetting that decorating with objects made by hand by passionate craftsmen is a responsible act, almost ecological!

21. Dress your walls with a jungle-style wallpaper

Dress your walls with a jungle-style wallpaper (1)

Palm tree, banana tree or colored forest motif … In the absence of real plants, wallpaper can also set the mood.

22. Invest in woven baskets

Invest in woven baskets

In natural or colored fiber, wicker baskets form the perfect storage space in a tropical-style living room. They welcome plants, magazines or knick-knacks.

23. Some flamingos

some flamingos (1)

These birds brighten up the decoration and bring a touch of kistch to the Miami spirit.

24. Add an ethnic note

Add an ethnic note (1)

A few metal lanterns add an additional exotic touch to the decoration.

25. Lay a green carpet at your feet

Lay a green carpet at your feet (1)

More unusual, the ground can also be adorned with plant motifs.