Best Airy and Natural Kitchen Ideas to Inspire You (1)

The terms natural and airy kitchen refer to a kitchen that is simply decorated with creamy white color tones and natural wood materials. The main atmosphere in this kind of kitchen is dominated by the freshness and elegance coming from these tones. The warm and comfortable feeling, on the other hand, is achieved by the wooden materials. The airy and natural look of a kitchen is perfect for someone looking for a sleek, modern vibe, but who doesn’t want to shy away from the warm, natural scent. An airy kitchen does not include too many metal or steel accessories; and that’s what sets it apart. Check out the list of some airy and natural kitchens below for you to get inspired.

1. An airy design

An airy design (1)

The combination of dark-colored walnut flooring and white cabinets created a perfect balance in this natural cream-colored kitchen. The white colored wooden beams add illumination; while the blue mosaic tile backsplash reflects freshness and a polished ambiance.

2. An open and airy plan

An open and airy plan (1)

The designer of this kitchen used white and cream tones to make it look airy and natural. The large wooden island is the focal point of this interior, with tall white wooden stools.

3. Unparalleled elegance with an oak floor

Unparalleled elegance with an oak floor (1)

The design of this kitchen has been done in different ways, but stays true to the main idea which adheres to the airy and natural character. The dark oak floor provides an earthy, warm, musky scent. Creamy white cupboards soothe the mood and bring an elegant tone

4. Airy industrial style in a white kitchen

Airy industrial style in a white kitchen (1)

The layout of the space in this kitchen was well done. It’s been decorated with a bit of an industrial touch with this turquoise chalkboard panel and tile backsplash. However, the predominance of the white tone provides this place with an invigorating and airy atmosphere.

5. Sleek design

Sleek design (1)

The impressive wooden beams have a really important effect in the decoration of this kitchen. The very elegant white cupboards soothe the imposing appearance of these wooden beams.

6. An elegant wooden kitchen

An elegant wooden kitchen (1)

Here we see another conception of an airy and natural kitchen. Contrary to what we have already seen, the designer has accentuated the decoration with predominance of natural wood cupboards and elegant white walls.

7. A rustic and natural decor                 

A rustic and natural decor (1)

Light oak beams reveal a stunning appearance in this modern and airy kitchen. The arrangement of the furniture is perfect for its natural design.

8. A natural kitchen with oak beams

A natural kitchen with oak beams (1)

The dark oak flooring with the white island creates a natural charm and an airy note in this kitchen. The two exposed beams, also in oak, break up the whiteness of the ceiling and provide a natural and warm touch.