12 Ideas for Decorating a Cottage-style Kitchen (1)

The houses inspired by the cottage style always recall the family atmosphere and are characterized by simple elements that create a cozy atmosphere. These elements are natural materials and fabrics. Due to its characteristics, the cottage style is ideal for cooking. Moreover, we are going to share with you some ideas to dress your kitchen according to this style.

1. A discreet color palette

A discreet color palette (1)

If you decide to adopt this style of decoration, pay special attention to the choice of colors. The cottage style doesn’t stray too far from the traditional and rustic styles. Therefore, cream, beige and pastel colors are the colors that are suitable for it. To break up the monotony, you can add touches of buttery yellow, mint green or lavender.

2. Adapted storage spaces

Adapted storage spaces (1)

Just like in any kitchen, storage is essential in a cottage kitchen. Although this does not preclude the presence of traditional cupboards with doors, a cottage kitchen is characterized more by open shelves and storage allowing the room to be more practical, open and casual.

3. Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring (1)

One of the things that makes a cottage kitchen so cozy is the flooring. The latter is both welcoming and warm. As it is resistant and easy to maintain, it is a perfect coating for the culinary space.

4. The furniture of a kitchen inspired by the cottage style

The furniture of a kitchen inspired by the cottage style (1)

Cottage kitchen is synonymous with casual themes and comfortable surroundings. To have a cottage kitchen, you will have to bet on solid wooden tables, comfortable chairs and cushions in natural fabrics with traditional colors and patterns.

5. The presence of wooden beams

The presence of wooden beams (1)

The wooden beams will sound a bit too French for your taste at first glance; however, these are typical elements of cottage kitchens that can be found all over the world. If possible, try to renovate the room and install wooden beams on your ceiling. You will simply fall in love with their rustic and cozy allure.

6. Hardware

Hardware (1)

The choice of handles and knobs for storage furniture is also important. Be sure to buy models from the same era and forget about anything ultra modern or contemporary.

7. A farmhouse style sink

A farmhouse style sink (1)

No designer will tell you about a cottage kitchen without talking about farmhouse style sinks. This type of sink is large and above all deep. It will instantly remind you of country life.

8. Hanging lamps at a low level

Hanging lamps at a low level (1)

It would be nice to buy at least one cottage-style pendant lamp that you won’t hang too high.

9. Deconstructing the furniture

Deconstructing the furniture (1)

By deconstructing the furniture to make better use of the available space – traditional layout at the sink, more airy on the other side of the piano, completed by buffet-style storage – this kitchen with greige lacquered oak fronts offers a beautiful charming atmosphere. 

10. Lacquered solid wood

lacquered solid wood (1)

In lacquered solid wood, this kitchen combines different types of furniture: low, high, glass, open, closed … to suggest an authentic style, reinforced by painted wood.

11. Thick wooden worktops

Thick wooden worktops (1)

This kitchen features black lacquered solid birch doors and drawers, highlighted by the thick wooden worktops. Solid or glazed facades. Different colors, aged or patinated. 

12. Hint of tradition

hint of tradition (1)

A hint of tradition in this kitchen that focuses on wood and green effects, combined with a travertine-style laminate worktop. The glass facades add to the spirit of the past.