Best 12 Decorating Ideas With a Blue Sofa in the Living Room (1)

Whether you occupy your living room to watch TV, greet your guests or read a good book while relaxing, it should be both comfortable and well decorated. In this regard, discover in this post some superb decorating ideas with a blue sofa in the living room.

1. A blue accent sofa

A blue accent sofa (1)

The two main colors that dress this living room are brown and gray. The brown is on the door, some accessories and some furniture while the gray is required through the armchairs and the carpet. They are two different colors but quite neutral. This is the reason why blue looks great as an accent color.

2. Two shades of blue

Two shades of blue (1)

Inside this living room, there are two different shades of blue; one on the corner sofa and the other on the armchairs. Although the design of the living room is minimalist, the chosen shades of blue make the decor captivating.

3. Blue and white

Blue and white

If black and white form a timeless and elegant duo; the combination of white with blue should not be underestimated either. Isn’t this living room decorated in blue and white sumptuous?

4. Cooler and more joyful tones

Cooler and more joyful tones (1)

Choose the blue of your sofa according to the atmosphere you would like to create in the living room. For an elegant decoration, opt for darker tones. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a fresh decor and a cheerful atmosphere, choose shades of blue like the ones in this image.

5. A navy blue corner sofa

A navy blue corner sofa (1)

Navy blue is not necessarily used in decorations inspired by the sea; this image testifies to it. Bring life and elegance to your all-white apartment with a large navy blue sofa.

6. A small welcoming lounge

A small welcoming lounge (1)

Choose a comfortable blue sofa for your living room so that the room is well decorated, practical and relaxing at the same time.

7. Surrounded by neutral colors

Surrounded by neutral colors (1)

The blue sofa in this living room is surrounded by neutral color; and that’s a good thing when you’re not used to decorating with bold color undertones.

8. A blue velvet sofa

A blue velvet sofa (1)

Nothing better than a velvet sofa for maximum comfort and softness. Do not neglect the decorative side either and bet on blue; the most popular color in the world.

9. Blue and greenĀ 

Blue and green (1)

The blue sofa is not only made for living rooms that are mainly decorated in white. Moreover, blue goes perfectly with other superb colors; including green.

10. An eclectic design

An eclectic design (1)

A blue sofa, no matter what shade you choose, can only be welcome in an eclectic living room. Here, it is accompanied by superb black armchairs.

11. Blue and other colors

Blue and other colors (1)

As you can see, the blue sofa easily accommodates cushions in other colors that are not necessarily neutral.

12. Your favorite shade of blue

Your favorite shade of blue (1)

As the sofa will not go unnoticed in the living room; be sure to choose the shade of blue that appeals to you the most.