20 Great Ideas to Decorate a Feng Shui Living Room (1)

In a decoration based on feng shui, the flow of energy occupies a primordial place. This is the reason why a feng shui living room cannot be furnished and decorated in any way. To give you some ideas, here are some feng shui inspired living room designs.

1. A spacious living room

A spacious living room (1)

This living room is distinguished by its coffered ceiling, wall panels, sumptuous chandelier, bay window, fireplace and built-in bookcase. People can move around freely and the flow of energy is unconstrained.

2. Well-arranged furniture

Well-arranged furniture (1)

Here is a living room with a very beautiful floral patterned rug. The furniture has been arranged so that the family can share moments of complicity; while watching a movie for example.

3. The colors of feng shui elements

The colors of feng shui elements (1)

Fire, earth, metal, water and wood are the five elements of feng shui. Incorporating the color of the elements into your living room would be a great idea.

4. A colorful living room

A colorful living room (1)

A living room decorated according to the principles of feng shui can have different bright colors. Here is a decorative idea that could inspire you.

5. A traditional living room

A traditional living room (1)

Neutral and light colors can also make your living room a sublime room. What do you say about this design marked by symmetry?

6. A comfortable layout

A comfortable layout (1)

You can keep neutral colors for the entire decor and add a rug to provide accent colors. The sofa has been placed close to the wall, following a feng shui principle, so that those who sit on it feel safe.

7. A decoration based on feng shui elements

A decoration based on feng shui elements (1)

If you take a good look at everything in this living room, you will see that the 5 elements of feng shui are present. This is done through furniture, but also accessories.

8. Wood and metal

Wood and metal (1)

Wood and metal are among the five feng shui elements. You will then create a beautiful decor based on this principle by combining these two materials in the decoration of your living room. This is the case in this living room inspired by a beach house.

9. A living room opening onto the patio

A living room opening onto the patio (1)

If your living room is open to the patio, then place the sofa facing the door that leads to the patio. This way you will see who comes in and who leaves.

10. A comfortable and well-lit living room

A comfortable and well-lit living room (1)

For a more comfortable living room, it would be nice to have an ottoman coffee table. Natural lighting occupies an important place in a feng shui design; nevertheless, the lighting is not to be neglected either. Place lamps in the corners of the living room so that the room is well lit.

11. A contemporary living room

A contemporary living room (1)

Feng shui is not necessarily opposed to a defined style of decoration. The main thing is to create an environment conducive to the flow of energy and an optimal environment for the occupants of the room. A modern or contemporary living room can then very well adapt to feng shui.

12. A harmonious decor

A harmonious decor (1)

You don’t have to match all the objects and furniture in your living room; however, according to feng shui, it would be nice to put together the items that have some relationship to each other.

13. Optimize fluidity

Optimize fluidity (1)

Feng shui is based on the circulation of energy, “chi”. Essentially, it is about finding the right balance: energy should neither flow too quickly, nor stagnate or get stuck.

To properly accommodate energy, it is necessary to make room. It begins, quite simply, with a tidy, clean living room, where everything is in its place (except the dust, which has nothing to do with it!). Avoid cluttering the space with excess furniture, which impedes the good flow of energy. However, if the room is large, one should also not fall into excess vacuum, which would cause chi to leak out.

14. Place your sofa with care

Place your sofa with care (1)

The living room sofa should ideally be against a wall, so that the entrance to the room can be seen. If this arrangement is not possible with you, do not panic. If the shape of the room requires you to have a sofa in a central position, and not leaning against a wall, place an object (a plant, a small table, a low cabinet, a screen, etc.) behind it – the main thing being that ‘there isn’t a big empty space behind your back when you are sitting down. It is also preferable to add a central point (a coffee table) around which you will have seats, preferably low to facilitate communication. Feng shui is full of common sense!

15. Prefer closed storage

Prefer closed storage (1)

Storage does not mean counting. The living room is above all a living room, which it is not a question of transforming into a museum. On the contrary, the objective being to increase your well-being, it is important that the order is done very smoothly with, for example, closed bookcases or cupboards. Your books and objects will remain there within easy reach without disturbing the harmony of the room.

Your decoration is also tinted with your presence thanks to what you choose to put there to personalize it, and make it your own. Your favorite objects, travel souvenirs and symbols that are dear to you, have their place there. Let yourself be guided by your feelings to find the right balance between overabundance and absence!

16. Rely on the strength of symbols

Rely on the strength of symbols (1)

Feng shui is based a lot on the power of symbols: elements, cardinal points, animals… A philosophy that a good dose of common sense is enough to tame. For example, representations of wild or aggressive animals should be avoided. On the other hand, a family photo has its place in the living room (whereas we recommend a couple photo in the bedroom, for example). Generally speaking, any visual representation that evokes a positive image for you will be perfect. And if a statue of Buddha (or any other “sacred” symbol) brings a calming dimension to your room, do not hesitate to create the atmosphere that suits you.

17. Multiply the plants!

Multiply the plants! (1)

Green plants and fresh flowers have the power to activate energy vibrations. So feel free to place it in different places in your living room, especially in the corners of the room, where chi tends to stagnate.

A beautiful plant will also be perfect to separate the living room from the dining area , two areas whose activities – and therefore energies – are different. However, avoid dried flowers, which have lost their vital power because they tend to carry negative waves. Finally, prefer round leaves rather than pointed ones. No cactus in the living room!

18. Project the four cardinal points

Project the four cardinal points (1)

Feng shui defines a place for everything, first on the scale of the house, then within each room. This study of the ideal place for each piece of furniture and object depends on many criteria (general configuration of the house, environment, exposure, family life…) and it is very difficult to extract generalities. However, as far as the living room is concerned, it is customary to put the television and the hi-fi system in the north-west, in order to stimulate luck and communication. If possible, the fireplace will be in the south to boost notoriety and the dining area in the east, to strengthen health. These are only general considerations, which need to be refined. To get started, follow your intuition, which is a great guide for you.

19. Pay attention to the light

Pay attention to the light (1)

Your living room being the room in the house where both intimate scenes (yin energy) and “public” scenes (yang energy) are played out, the ideal is to be able to create different atmospheres, each of which will promote the expression of such or such type of exchange. It is therefore recommended to adopt flexible lighting : diffuse a bright light for discussions or decision-making and prefer a subdued light for privacy and quiet moments. In addition to the modular nature of the lighting, it is also the multiplicity of light points that will allow you to harmonize your living room.

20. Take care of your fireplace

Take care of your fireplace (1)

As fire is a beneficial element in feng shui, the fireplace is highly recommended, provided you think of a few details that will allow you to take full advantage of its benefits. Take care, for example, that the hearth of the fireplace and its flue are not a vector of energy leakage when you are not using them. It is thus preferable to be able to close it by a hatch or a shutter. Otherwise, place a vase or other decorative object that will prevent chi from escaping in front of the fireplace when it is turned off.