Are you planning to change the color scheme of your kitchen and can’t decide between beige and brown? Get inspired by our article and break your stereotypes. Every time we think about renovating a kitchen, we choose the long-tried shades of wood, white, and beige as the color scheme of the most popular space in the house. However, as we use it, we realize that we may have made a mistake, and more juicy shades are exactly what our kitchen lacks now.

To save you from the excruciating pain of disappointment from an unsuccessful choice, we suggest that you be puzzled by the problem in advance and get acquainted with bright color solutions, one of which will indeed resonate in your soul, thirsting for new experiences.

Egg yolk color

Yellow is a cheerful color from all sides: it improves mood, stimulates optimism, and enhances digestion. However, its use in the kitchen should be dosed. Yellow is beautiful in the form of a kitchen backsplash, small details of facades, towels, and accents.

Sea ​​color

Blue-blue is now at the peak of its popularity in interior design. Despite the depth and saturation of the shade, it looks more than appropriate in the kitchen, and it does not suppress or inflate. But if you are planning to create a stunning effect, we recommend adding white, gray, gold shades, and wood textures to the blue kitchen. Together they will look like a formal blue suit with brown boots, a white shirt, and gold cufflinks. In other words, you are guaranteed styles.

Shine of metal

Metal reflects light and, as a result, increases its amount. And for the same reason, it draws attention to himself. And the brighter the shade of the metal, the more of this same attention it attracts. Everyone has long been accustomed to chrome, but this season the method of mixing metals of different colors in one room has become widespread. Depending on the environment, copper, chrome, and gilding in accents and details look solemn, stylish, bright, glamorous, or even vintage (if you choose metal with a patina).

Bright combinations

It is unnecessary to mix yellow with purple to achieve an impressive result, but terracotta with turquoise, orange with gray, and red with white will be pretty appropriate. Of course, the brightest shade can be used as an accent in details, textiles, and accessories.

Shades of gray

Without a doubt, gray is the new beige. But unlike beige, which is often called boring, gray has a more comprehensive tint range. Gray can be stylish, silver, smoky. It goes well with many rich shades and is suitable both as a base and accent.


A red kitchen can seem intimidating, which is why we don’t recommend painting the facades in wine shades, especially if the space it suffers from a lack of light. However, two-tone facades, white with red, where white is predominant, will be pleasing even in small kitchens.