Studies have shown that many Russians love to use brown shades in their interiors. But what colors are best combined with it? We have prepared for you a list of the most winning combinations. Brown can be dull and uninteresting in a variety of settings, that’s a fact. But the right shade will become an exquisite decoration of any interior. Oddly enough, all its inspiring power and beauty mainly depend on what color it is paired with.

And so that you do not waste time looking for new ideas, we have done this work for you and prepared the top 10 best color combinations based on brown.

1. Brown + mint

Natural mint tone evokes a feeling of naturalness and naturalness of the surrounding space. This green shade is inherently soft, but at the same time it is not feminine. Therefore, paired with brown, this is an excellent compromise between an overly masculine interior and an overly girlish one.

2. Brown + copper

A rich and deep chocolate brown color with a magical hint of copper will definitely not leave anyone indifferent. In this range, the red-orange tone perfectly emphasizes the silky brown, which looks at ease and very stylish in the interior of the house.

3. Brown + white

Classics of the genre. Pure and incredibly simple, like white snow, this shade, paired with brown, will create, if not original, but a very charming and time-tested color composition.

Our opinion:

– And again white – at the top of Olympus, proving its invaluable versatility in combination with any colors. Therefore, if you make a choice in favor of such a solution, your interior will remain relevant for a long time, because the classics do not become obsolete.

4. Brown + blue

Some shades of soothing blue paired with elegant brown will create a warm and relaxing atmosphere that envelops the entire interior. Such a sophisticated combination is suitable for both the living room or bedroom, and for the bathroom.

5. Brown + fuchsia

To give the interior a little femininity, add bright fuchsia accents to it. Against a brown background, this colorful shade of pink will smooth out the calmness in the interior and make it more alive.

6. Brown + turquoise

The combination of classic brown and feminine turquoise is one of the trendiest color combinations. And where the classics are intertwined with tenderness, a stylish and amazingly beautiful look is born. Such a modern combination allows you to embody many different ideas, and this duet is so versatile that it will look beautiful and dignified anywhere.

7. Brown + yellow

Oddly enough, yellow, which is one of the most cheerful and lively colors, goes well with soothing brown. In fact, this is a universal duet that allows you to create a rather outstanding and harmonious design in any room.

Our opinion:

“It is amazing that the combination of such different colors is a very practical solution for many interiors. It is with their distinct contrast that they make the space so harmonious, and this is the uniqueness of such a fusion of colors.

8. Brown + gold

Cozy and soothing brown is the perfect base to dilute it with a little gold. Such a decision will add luxury, courage and even magic to the room, but the tangible brown will harmoniously balance and make it natural.

9. Brown + pink

The combination of pink and brown will help create a truly cozy and comfortable space for living. And the presence of feminine warmth and charm is suitable for both individual rooms and family rooms.

10. Brown + orange

This is another simple, but an insanely attractive partner for brown. This combination can create a very stylish and modern space, which is achieved just by adding a few colorful accents to a serene neutral realm.