Time flies and trends change, but many still dream of having in their interiors something that has gone out of fashion for 20 years. We tell you what it is better to refuse if you do not want to bring the designer to a heart attack. Everything connected with European-style renovation has been at the peak of popularity for a long time in one way or another. Various embellishments seemed a sign of luxury and a refined look at the design of living space a couple of decades ago.

But the old trends are gone, replaced by a desire for simplicity and conciseness. In the interior, high-quality materials and furniture, a stylish finished design, where each element is not accidental, is essential. Designer Stepan Bugaev helped collect the main anti-trends of modern design in one review.

Stretch, multi-level ceilings with lighting

Sometimes they are also made shiny, with an extensive print and many spotlights around the perimeter. This once created a strong impression, but we would not recommend doing this today. Such ceilings press and make the space heavier, and their design is simply out of place in ordinary living quarters.

Plasterboard partitions with niches

Such designs are often made with internal lighting and glass shelves. This piece of furniture also came to us from the renovation of the 1990-the 2000s. And he leaves our apartments, unfortunately, with difficulty.

Beige color

Often people come to our studio who, regardless of style preferences, want to make their interior in beige tones. When making this choice, it is essential to consider that this color completely depersonalizes any interior and makes it look like an average hotel room.

From the use of beige, the interior will not become warmer, homely, and cozy, as it seems at first glance, so I would not recommend the use of such shades, especially with the combination of dark wood finishes.

Built-in wardrobes to order

Such cabinets have become part of almost any modern apartment for some reason. It even seems to many that if you make a closet, then it is sure to be a compartment, and when you see swing doors in the project, customers may be amazed.

Often in such cabinets, they like to make mirrored or glass doors with patterns, forgetting that the designer can offer a considerable number of other design options for cabinet fronts. More trendy and original.

Pseudo high tech

What looked good in the nineties compared to dull Soviet interiors now looks no less tasteless than they do. Exposed bright colors, chrome elements combined with budget faux leather furniture, simple geometric shapes in furniture and space – all this is entirely out of date now.

Photo wallpaper or print with large prints

The photo’s location, for example, behind the glass of a kitchen apron, is also a pseudo-hi-tech style detail. It must always be remembered that non-compliance with proportions considerably “breaks” the interior. And excessive naturalism quickly bothers.

Venetian plaster

This anti-trend is most relevant for small apartments. Such wall coverings significantly burden the interior often look ugly and out of place, especially in small spaces.