10 Tips to Choose Flooring for the Living Room (1)

Each coating has its advantages and characteristics. This offers a complete and varied range of floor coverings for an interior suitable for everyone’s tastes. Your living room is the room where you spend the most time and it is important to feel good there.

What’s great about the living room is that it offers many possibilities as to the floor covering you want to install. It’s not like in the bathroom or kitchen where the coating has to withstand moisture. It is not like the entrance, for example, where the coating has to be adapted to frequent passages. The living room is a fairly easy room to renovate. The constraints are less.

1. Parquet for warm living room


Obviously, I start this list with the parquet which is undoubtedly my favorite to dress the floor of your living room. It is relatively easy to maintain. It arises without too much problem. It is also possible to insulate with an underlay. And what’s more, he’s incredibly warm. There are all price ranges, which allows you to have fun and have a robust coating even when you do not have a huge envelope to renovate your home. There are different types of parquet: Solid parquet which is quite expensive but which is synonymous with robustness. Laminate floors that are easy to install when you are a handyman. Laminate which leaves us a lot of choice when it comes to decoration but which has a shorter lifespan than the previous two.

2. Tiles for an easy-care living room

Tiles for an easy-care living room (1)

After the parquet, we often have tiling. It is easy to maintain and again it is synonymous with ease of maintenance. I like it less, because it is sometimes colder than the parquet and it is therefore necessary to provide a carpet for example to make it more warm. What is interesting with tiling is that you have a wide range of finishes to perfectly match your desires. You have the choice in size, pattern, color …

3. PVC flooring for a low budget living room

PVC flooring for a low budget living room (1)

PVC flooring is often reputed to be attractive at the price point. There are expensive ones, eh! But not only. What is interesting is that PVC is easy to install. For a living room in half a day, the installation can be carried out, of course allowing a time for your floor to adapt to the room before cutting the offcuts and installing the baseboards. What is essential for a perfect result is that your floor is initially without imperfections. Over time, PVC may cause them to appear, which 1 / will damage your flooring 2 / will look ugly. We therefore avoid laying too thin a PVC floor on a tiled base. You will eventually have the tile joint marks appear. If the floor is too thin and you frequently move the arrangement of your furniture, this is not a good idea.

4. Stone for a natural living room decor

Stone for a natural living room decor (1)

Less common, natural stone for the living room. Why? Because there is the price factor that comes into consideration but also the fact that it is sometimes less easy to maintain. On the other hand, if you have a tendency towards minimalism, if the materials decorate as much as they are functional, you will probably fall in love with the coating.

5. Carpets for a cozy living room

Carpets for a cozy living room (1)

Carpet has been out of fashion for several decades. But it is still possible to find some. You may be interested in this coating if you want a warm atmosphere. On the other hand, maintenance level is very different. It is vacuumed regularly and from time to time it will be necessary to think about washing it. This is a choice to be avoided if you eat regularly in the living room. The greasy stain on the carpet is not very funny to remove.

6. Cement tiles: the trend of the moment

Cement tiles, the trend of the moment (1)

Cement tiles are on the rise. This coating gives an authentic and retro style. The patterns and colors will brighten up the living room for a warm and oriental atmosphere. Our advice: Cement tiles are installed by double gluing on a dry and smooth screed. Apply the thin-set mortar with a wide-toothed comb to the surface to be tiled. Position the tiles leaving a space for grouting and then apply the joint cement between the tiles using a spatula.

7. Polished Concrete: Loft atmosphere

Polished Concrete, Loft atmosphere (1)

The waxed concrete is part of an industrial atmosphere. One might think that he imposes a cold atmosphere, but his material games are quite the opposite. Composed of powder, marble, cement and fine river sand, it will set the decorative tone for your living room. Our advice: The advantage of waxed concrete flooring is that the color chart is immense. To color waxed concrete, it is possible to add a bottle of universal dye or powder pigments.

8. Laminate floors: easy installation

Laminate floors, easy installation (1)

The laminate flooring offers the same pose as laminate flooring. The two coatings are however very different. Laminate floors have a core made of chipboard particles of several millimeters covered with a layer of real wood of a few millimeters.

This parquet is identical to solid to the touch, but is much less expensive. You can sand the laminate floor, but at most once or twice, after that it will have to be changed.

9. Solid parquet: the top of the range

Solid parquet, the top of the range (1)

The parquet is generally composed of solid wood strips approximately 3cm thick. The very many species available vary the colors and moods and above all involve sometimes very high prices. Solid parquet must be installed by a professional and offers a very long lifespan, as it can be sanded repeatedly.

10. Stone, eternal luxury

Stone, eternal luxury (1)

If you want to play the luxury card, then you have to go for the stone. Travertine , marble, granite, comblanchien, and others will offer your living room an aura of solidity, luxury and timelessness.

Most stones are already ready to be laid, like tiling, by a tiler. If this is not the case, you will have to call on a marble worker and the bill will be steep.