70 Decorating Tips and Ideas for a Modern Kitchen (1)

Modern kitchen is often associated with a sleek, sometimes cold and characterless design. These 70 kitchens prove the opposite. They have both a style apart, but also equipment, materials, accessories and appliances that bring modernity to the room. Discover how modern cuisine can be personalized to match your desires. The result: a functional, pleasant, aesthetic piece that brings out your style.

1. Classic tones

Classic tones (1)

To design a minimalist kitchen , white and black are the order of the day! Imbued with serenity and softness, these tones fit perfectly into an elegant, simple and timeless decor. The decoration can also be enhanced by focusing on bright colors punctuating a neutral background. For example, you just need to add a touch of color to a section of the wall. It is also possible to enhance the decor of a modern kitchen by opting for light tones when choosing a new worktop.

2. Red: a trendy and dynamic color

Red, a trendy and dynamic color (1)

When planning a designer kitchen , red is one of the most popular shades. Dynamic and trendy, it brings warmth to the room and magnifies the facades of kitchen furnishings . It is however advisable to associate it with another shade, because too much red sometimes creates a feeling of annoyance.

3. Green for a soothing universe

Green for a soothing universe (1)

This soothing color invites itself into the kitchen to create an invigorating atmosphere reminiscent of nature.

4. A refined and nuanced cuisine

A refined and nuanced cuisine (1)

Sobriety is not always to the taste of some. A good combination of colors guarantees a harmonious space in which everyone will be happy to concoct delicious dishes. Here are some basic rules for arranging a designer and colorful kitchen: 1) Limit yourself to three shades based on the color of the storage cupboards, the worktop or the appliances; 2) Take into account the tones of the kitchen floor, walls and ceiling.

5. Walls and floors of a contemporary kitchen

Walls and floors of a contemporary kitchen (1)

The designer kitchen is both practical and aesthetic. No need to plan a heavy budget to make this space warm and welcoming. A floor and walls enhancing the furniture and decoration are sufficient. A black wall, for example, is an asset to enhance wooden furniture. For the floor, professionals generally offer: 1) Waxed concrete; 2) Vinyl parquet, solid, floating or laminate; 3) Tiles.

6. Linear or I-style kitchen

The L-shaped kitchen (1)

The storage spaces, the worktop, the sink, the dishwasher and the cooking point are located along a wall. This type of installation is particularly suitable for hallway kitchens , that is to say long and narrow. We preferably have: 1) Cooking space and refrigerator at each end; 2) The sink in the center.

7. The parallel kitchen

The parallel kitchen (1)

This type of plan is recommended for closed kitchens with an area of ​​10 to 15 m 2 . The basic rule is to respect a minimum distance of 1.20 m between the two worktops.

8. The L-shaped kitchen

The L-shaped kitchen (1)

The corner kitchen matches the rectangular or square rooms . His advantages ? Its large worktop and the possibility of integrating a dining area. Getting around is easy and the activity triangle is efficient.

9. American cuisine

American cuisine (1)

This kitchen opens onto the living room (dining room or living room). Its main asset? It enlarges the space, keeps in touch with the guests and lets in natural light.

10. What lighting for a designer kitchen?

What lighting for a designer kitchen (1)

A designer kitchen rhymes with sophisticated lighting . The lights suspended above a kitchen in a central island are particularly sensational! It is also possible to harmonize spots with pendant lights in the shape of: 1) Ramp (comprising three to five lamps); 2) Hat ; 3) World ; 4) Japanese paper ball; 5) Crystal cup.

There is no shortage of lighting ideas suitable for a designer kitchen : 1) Spotlights recessed in the ceiling or under the cabinets; 2) LED or orientable spotlights on rail; 3) Blown glass lighting.

11. Use wood for a modern & warm kitchen

Use wood for a modern & warm kitchen (1)

In the kitchen, you can use wood for the worktop, on the front for the furniture, on the floor with parquet or with decorative accessories. In this kitchen, the furniture and the light wood floor provide an atmosphere that is both enveloping and elegant .

12. Dare to use marble for a chic kitchen

Dare to use marble for a chic kitchen (1)

Marble conveys warmth and seduces with its elegant and timeless effect ! You can integrate it by little touch or massively in the kitchen: in worktop, in splashback or on a central island.

Marble is a rather expensive noble material , but there are synthetic materials with a marbled pattern of good quality such as Dekton . It is a compact and resistant material which adapts very well in the kitchen. You can find many variations of colors.

13. Choose Quartz for a resistant kitchen

Choose Quartz for a resistant kitchen (1)

Quartz is renowned for its elegance and its robustness against bumps and scratches. It is therefore ideal for a splashback or a worktop in a kitchen. This kitchen is both designer and refined. The black furniture contrasts with the wooden parquet, laid in a herringbone pattern, as well as the quartz top and the raw stone column.

14. Add concrete for a raw kitchen

Add concrete for a raw kitchen (1)

The concrete worktop gives this kitchen a raw and authentic look . The mixture of materials is particularly successful. The wood for the furniture fronts, the concrete for the worktop and the black for the taps as well as the handles give this kitchen an industrial and modern look .

15. Use stone for a modern but authentic kitchen

use stone for a modern but authentic kitchen (1)

Rustic style kitchen or country chic? A raw and natural stone wall goes perfectly with wooden furniture. In this kitchen, stone is an essential element of the decoration: it brings the warm and natural atmosphere of the room.

16. Bet on black, a safe bet

Bet on black, a safe bet (1)

Again this year, black is popular. This timeless color is synonymous with elegance . It goes with all styles of interiors. As in this kitchen, you can play on hypersobriety or decide and play on colors, textures and complementary materials.

17. Add color to a white kitchen

Bet on a friendly atmosphere with terracotta (1)

The colorful Pop Art-inspired painting gives this very sober white kitchen a touch of fantasy. The marble floor gives it a classic and chic touch while the pendant lights above the island give it a modern look.

18. Use yellow for a sunny kitchen

use yellow for a sunny kitchen (1)

Add some pep to your kitchen with yolk. In this kitchen, the yellow paint contrasts wonderfully with the gray and ensures a cheerful and very contemporary atmosphere.

19. Imagine a natural atmosphere with green

imagine a natural atmosphere with green (1)

Green is undoubtedly one of the trend colors of the year. It is the color to combine serenity and energy in the kitchen. Green provides a particularly enveloping and reassuring atmosphere for a friendly space.

20. Think blue for an electric kitchen

think blue for an electric kitchen (1)

Blue in all its shades has been very trendy in recent years. In 2021, it can also be found in the kitchen. It brings a touch of originality and a good dose of energy to a room.

21. Take advantage of pastel for a soothing atmosphere

Take advantage of pastel for a soothing atmosphere (1)

Bright and friendly, the pastel cuisine is seductive this year! What do you think of sea ​​green? It is a good option for the kitchen: it is timeless and brings a refreshing and soothing atmosphere. The sea green furniture and geometric floor of this kitchen create an original and dynamic space. If green is not to your liking, you can also opt for powder pink, sky blue, or pearl gray.

22. Bet on a friendly atmosphere with terracotta

Bet on a friendly atmosphere with terracotta (1)

Long live the warm colors in this year! Be daring with red, orange or even pink to warm up the room. In this kitchen, the combination of terracotta paint, green furniture and Moroccan-inspired backsplash from Quadrostyle brings a Mediterranean side and very trendy to the room.

23. Play on the winning white and black duo

Play on the winning white and black duo (1)

Even if white is not the star of the year, it remains a staple in the kitchen. Combined with black, it is the assurance of a refined and timeless cuisine. Timeless and modern, white ensures simplicity and the sweetness of life. In contrast, black brings elegance and charm.

24. Install the essential small wine cellar

Install the essential small wine cellar (1)

The wine cellar in the kitchen is becoming more democratic and is gaining more and more followers. It brings a warm side to the kitchen and the price of these products has become more accessible in recent years. In addition to being practical, the models are more and more design to be in harmony with the rest of the room. In this example, the product from the French brand ArteVino is rather expensive, but you can find models in less cost.

25. Switch to connected appliances for a 3.0 kitchen

Switch to connected appliances for a 3.0 kitchen (1)

Even if in 2021, modern cuisine wants to be natural and authentic, it is not shying away from the connected revolution. Consult the contents of your fridge from your smartphone, preheat the oven before coming home from work, follow a recipe on the Internet and configure your robot, do you like it?

26. Hide your household appliances

Hide your household appliances (1)

In contemporary kitchens, it’s time for minimalism. Camouflage operation engaged! Hiding the household appliance allows you to have a tidy and pleasant space to live in. Fully integrated, the refrigerator and the dishwasher are dressed with a door identical to that of the furniture. This promotes the perfect and discreet integration of household appliances, especially when the modern kitchen is open to the living room.

27. Bet on the modern kitchen with central island

Bet on the modern kitchen with central island (1)

A spectacular central island, with an adjoining table . This kitchen is composed of white for the high cupboards, black for the low cupboards and a marbled effect for the island. Superb set!

28. Dress up your kitchen with a claustra

Dress up your kitchen with a claustra (1)

A claustra is an interesting solution to delimit the space in a natural and airy way . Here, the wooden claustra allows to partition the room and filter the light.

29. Separate without partitioning your kitchen with glass doors

Separate without partitioning your kitchen with glass doors (1)

This small kitchen is perfectly integrated into the living room by taking up the color and material codes of the apartment.

30. Arrange your kitchen in a U

Arrange your kitchen in a U (1)

A swinging glass roof, moldings, brass suspensions: a retro kitchen and yet so modern.

31. Erase the boundaries with an interior / exterior layout

Erase the boundaries with an interior or exterior layout 1 (1)

For those lucky enough to own an outdoors, you can turn your kitchen into an open summer kitchen and enjoy a meal outside! A bar is a clever idea to make the connection between interior and exterior.

32. Simplify with clean furniture

Simplify with clean furniture (1)

This kitchen is the symbol of simplicity . It is clear and reflects natural light. The space is light and airy. It is pleasant and inspires calm and serenity.

33. Display your dishes with display cases

Display your dishes with display cases (1)

Vintage or contemporary, china cabinets are making a comeback in kitchens. A showcase becomes the centerpiece of a modern kitchen. It allows you to display pretty crockery and decorative accessories.

34. Lighten the lines with minimalist or non-existent handles

Lighten the lines with minimalist or non-existent handles (1)

The handles in the kitchens this year are discreet or totally invisible. The time has come for a simple and refined design for a refined and unadorned cuisine ! Rectangular or rounded shapes, in the mass or in relief, there is something for all tastes and all budgets.

35. Install an extra-thin worktop

Install an extra-thin worktop (1)

Today, the worktop plays the card of finesse: less than 2 cm ! The cuisine then gains in elegance and lightness . I find that this contributes to the contemporary and uncluttered character of a kitchen. I also chose an 8mm thick black Dekton worktop for my kitchen.

36. Treat yourself with a beautiful tap

Treat yourself with a beautiful tap (1)

Matte black, copper, or brass, rounded or rather square? Faucets are the icing on the cake in new kitchens ! This year, she makes her show and promotes contemporary kitchens.

37. Vegetate with an aromatic vegetable garden

Vegetate with an aromatic vegetable garden (1)

Aromatic herbs are the final touch to add to a plate! So, how about having an indoor vegetable garden and enjoying fresh aromatic herbs to enhance your meals?

38. Install a backsplash topped with a shelf

Install a backsplash topped with a shelf (1)

For a few years now, the tablet has come to finish the backsplashes . Shallow, it allows you to display some decorative accessories : jars or cups for example. You can choose the same material as for the worktop and create visual continuity or slice to create the break.

39. Hang patterned wallpaper for a quirky modern kitchen


The wallpaper is a tendency, seen everywhere and even in the kitchen! More and more brands are launching wallpapers that are resistant to moisture and splash. Vegetable or graphic motif, it certainly brings pep’s to a kitchen!

Here, it features lobster, a trendy crustacean of recent years and gives this cuisine a sea breeze. What do you say about the kitchen in your vacation home?

40. Don’t forget as much storage space as possible!

Don't forget as much storage space as possible! (1)

Storage will be grouped together and optimized . The idea is to have everything close at hand and to have as much storage as possible. To do this, choose large full-height wardrobes or high furniture in addition to low furniture.

41. Open your shelves

Open your shelves (1)

Aesthetic and very functional, the open shelves allow quick access to your utensils . On the other hand, it requires more cleaning because of the dust and possible splashes.

42. Organize your drawers for equipment

Organize your drawers for equipment (1)

The secret to a tidy kitchen? Everything has its place ! The drawers are useful for organizing utensils such as scissors, large spatulas or ladles for example.

43. Bohemian kitchen

Bohemian kitchen (1)

For a soothing and bohemian cuisine, we opt for light wood furniture combined with pretty pastel tones.

44. Contemporary kitchen in scandinavian trend

Contemporary kitchen in scandinavian trend (1)

For a contemporary kitchen right in the Scandinavian trend, we opt for horizontal lines, a refined surface and, the must, integrated handles. All tinted in white and light wood, the typical Scandinavian duo.

45. Splashback

Splashback (1)

The splashback is the best option to protect the walls of our kitchen from possible splashes of water and grease. In wood, tiles, stainless steel or glass, there are all kinds. Here, we dare an original and colorful splashback that dresses the decor. Something to put us in a good mood in the morning.

46. Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style (4)

The Scandinavian style never goes out of fashion and continues to inspire our homes. It is defined by a minimalist and refined look and puts the natural at the center of our concerns. Ash-effect furniture, a wooden table and wicker lights.

47. Vintage feel

Vintage feel (1)

A beautiful kitchen with a vintage feel where green and black go together perfectly.

48. Quartz for kitchen

Quartz for kitchen (1)

Afraid of damaging your work plan? Quartz is a great ally for the preparation of our cuisine. Considered one of the hardest minerals, it offers excellent resistance to external attacks, bumps and scratches. In addition to offering exceptional durability, it brings elegance to the room.

49. Open kitchen

Open kitchen (1)

One of our tips for composing an open family kitchen is to opt for a wall covering with a wood veneer behind the kitchen cabinets. It plays a useful role and contrasts with the concrete in the kitchen. To give a crazy charm to our space!

50. Functional kitchen

Functional kitchen (1)

A beautiful functional kitchen with a magnificent open storage space. The latter allows us to store all our equipment and have direct access to it when we are cooking … How easy! A kitchen that even the pros would dream of owning.

51. Natural granite

Natural granite (1)

Sensa is a high quality natural granite surface that promises incredible stain protection. In addition to its interesting properties, it offers a unique design inspired by nature and gives a good dose of elegance to our kitchen.

52. Use different materials

Use different materials (1)

In order to add extra cachet to our kitchen, we decided to play with the different materials on the worktop as on the table.

53. 100% vegetable kitchen

100% vegetable kitchen (1)

A 100% vegetable cuisine for a fresh and natural atmosphere every day. An atmosphere conducive to healthy and balanced dishes!

54. Wooden or white furniture

Wooden or white furniture (1)

Rather than bet on wooden or white furniture, we dare the navy blue. This color instantly transforms our kitchen into a sober and elegant room, while creating a cozy and sophisticated atmosphere.

55. Oak furniture

Oak furniture (1)

For large houses, we opt for a magnificent open kitchen. Here, the oak furniture is nicely highlighted by a black worktop. Stylish, isn’t it? A duo that never goes out of fashion and works every time!

56. Deep blue kitchen

Deep blue kitchen (1)

Deep blue is popular! This kitchen flirts with current trends. Wood, warm and bright tones, these materials provide an elegant and family atmosphere in the kitchen. The central island promises real moments of sharing and conviviality.

57. Loft in kitchen

Loft in kitchen (1)

The originality of this loft? Its high storage and metal ladder which gives it an industrial look. We love!

58. Total wood look

Total wood look (1)

Why not opt ​​for a total wood look in the kitchen? The parquet in the kitchen is one of the current trends and brings a friendly and warm side to the room. It is also necessary to learn about the type of wood to adopt to prevent it from being damaged with stains and humidity.

59. Bring more light

Bring more light (1)

To enlarge a room and bring more light, we rely on beautiful glass walls, with black frames. They offer a beautiful living space in which you can breathe and above all take pleasure in cooking.

60. Rounded central island

Rounded central island (1)

The central island, oval or rounded, is still trendy. It gives a futuristic spirit to our interiors and saves space for small rooms. The rounded shape also ensures the possibility of adding more chairs around it for a successful moment of conviviality.

61. Touch of turquoise blue

Touch of turquoise blue (1)

To enhance the sobriety of a kitchen, we opt for touches of color! Here, turquoise blue highlights the furniture and bypass the sockets and oven knobs. The class!

62. High shelf

High shelf (1)

Why not bet on a high shelf? In addition to bringing a very designer style to the kitchen, they save space for an additional worktop.

63. Luxurious kitchen

Luxurious kitchen (1)

We extend the kitchen with this luxurious and super cozy corner where we will enjoy having breakfast every morning.

64. Combine black, wood, and copper

Combine black, wood, and copper (1)

We let ourselves be seduced by an industrial and modern style kitchen where black, wood and copper blend together divinely. The little extra? Hanging open spaces to create more storage and push the desired industrial look even further.

65. Rustic and bright kitchen

Rustic and bright kitchen (1)

For an elegant, rustic and bright kitchen, the idea is to apply a paint with an aged aspect to ensure a vintage side in all discretion.

66. Black and gold

Black and gold (1)

The play of light and the contrast of black and gold colors give this kitchen a racy elegance and a strong style.

67. Round shaped kitchen

Round shaped kitchen1 (1)

With its rounded shapes, this kitchen is adorned with a distinctive design. It brings a beautiful dynamic to the living space, making it even more functional and ergonomic.

68. Pre-designed kitchen

pre-designed kitchen (1)

For small homes or cramped apartments, this pre-designed kitchen combination is ideal. The layout and the numerous storage spaces make it functional and offer everything you need at your fingertips.

69. Aesthetics and functionality

Aesthetics and functionality

When aesthetics and functionality combine and rhyme with a magnificent worktop.

70. Slate inplace of splashback

Slate inplace of splashback

Need to make a shopping list? To have the recipe for your favorite dish in front of you? Gray slate in the kitchen is ideal for letting your desires and needs speak for themselves and inviting the creativity of the little ones.