35 Simple Tips to Decorate a Small Kitchen (1)

Decorating a small kitchen can be exhausting! It’s hard to find the elements that will bring character and texture to the room without simultaneously reducing the space. Essentially, it’s about enhancing the room while adding everything you need to it. The key is to work with versatile pieces that not only hug the room, but give you that modern touch. With that in mind, I’ve put together a short guide for you on how to do just that!

1. Charcoal-colored cabinets

Charcoal-colored cabinets (1)

Darker charcoal cabinets are a great addition to a smaller kitchen. They provide contrast just where and when you need it. The idea is to make the dark hue create a feeling of depth, when the brighter elements light up the room. Add pieces of marble to enhance light hues and add a unique touch. Obviously, if your room is dark, ignore this tip.

2. Multipurpose decor

multipurpose decor (1)

When it comes to small kitchens, try to have as many multifunctional decorative pieces as possible. This allows you to have multitasking elements in the room. For example, add a built-in bench to add more seating and more storage to the room without taking up space.

3. Dark lighting

dark lighting (1)

Lighting is everything, but it can be a bit difficult to decide which fixtures to use. If in doubt, consider using darker light fixtures to light up the room. The taller the lights, the grander the room will appear.

4. A modern touch

a modern touch (1)

Adding a touch of modernity is a great way to give the room a sense of space and place; although this is not necessarily the case. For a modern touch, you can add a metallic finish. The metal finish gives the space a modern feel by simply modifying one thing of the space.

5. Cute and colorful

Cute and colorful

Whether you’re adding color only to your cabinets or adding it to other areas of the space, adding a splash of color is one of the best ways to enhance a small kitchen. There is something about it that gives the space a sense of assembly, open and new.

6. An open room

an open room (1)

Let’s take a moment and talk about the layout of your small kitchen. Nothing is nicer for a room than having an open layout. If you have a more closed layout, consider modifying it a bit to open up the room in an easy way.

7. Elegant but simple

elegant but simple (1)

While I am in favor of adding as much decor as possible, I am also fond of simple things. The idea is to have a small, cohesive piece that has an elegant touch. Whether you choose intricate stools or an accent wall, the choice is yours. However, remember not to overcrowd the room.

8. Wall decoration

wall decoration (1)

If in doubt, consider adding wall decoration. Illustrations are always a good idea when you want to add beauty and character to a room; especially a small room.

9. Breakfast area

breakfast area (1)

Even if you need to move a few things around, adding a breakfast nook is a great idea. It allows you to have a reserved space to eat and share with your family and friends.

10. Open cabinets or shelves

Open cabinets or shelves (1)

Open cabinets allow you to display what you like and hide anything you don’t like; while enlarging the room. The shelves will allow you to have storage without having too bulky items.

11. From the ground to the ceiling

From the ground to the ceiling (1)

If you don’t have a lot of space, at least think about making full use of it, including in height!

12. Cupboards by the dozen

Cupboards by the dozen (1)

A clear worktop will give you the impression of a larger kitchen. Do not hesitate to multiply the large cupboards to have enough storage and not to leave anything lying around.

13. Organized cupboards

Organized cupboards (1)

Closets are great, but even better when they’re neatly organized. Consider supplementing them with hooks or dividers to optimize space.

14. Kitchen hooks

Kitchen hooks (1)

To store your utensils while having them within easy reach, think of the hooks! 

15. Spotlight on the light

Spotlight on the light (1)

Light is the essential element of a pleasant and practical kitchen. Ceiling lights, windows or glass roofs: several solutions are possible to create a bright room.

16. Work bar

Work bar (1)

Both worktop and table, the bar is a practical and trendy solution to save space!

17. Folding shelf

Folding shelf (1)

Clever furniture for small studios: the folding shelf! It disappears in the blink of an eye when you have finished cooking or eating.

18. The three zones

The three zones (1)

Like a large kitchen, a small one must respect the three zones: washing, cooking and preparation.

19. The work plan

The work plan (1)

No matter the size of your kitchen, you need a worktop. The latter is essential to prepare your meals easily.

20. The decoration

The decoration (1)

A small kitchen also has the right to its decoration. Install green plants, paintings, lights …

21. Organized drawers

Organized drawers (1)

To optimize all the space in your small kitchen, install drawers and cupboards suitable for storage.

22. Vary the storage

Vary the storage (1)

Mix between shelves and cupboards to vary the storage space and create a more airy space.

23. We suspend

We suspend (1)

We hang up mugs and cups to clear cupboards.

24. Worktop and bar

Worktop and bar (1)

We use the bar as a space for dining, but also as a work surface when you want to cook. 

25. Built-in kitchen

Built-in kitchen (1)

The kitchen furniture fits together to take up little space and provide plenty of storage space. 

26. Stacking shelves

Stacking shelves (1)

The shelves are superimposed on top of each other so as not to run out of storage. 

27. High storage

High storage (1)

We use the height under the ceiling to create plenty of storage space. 

28. In the hallway

In the hallway (1)

The hallway kitchen requires high and low storage so as not to run out of space. 

29. Put on some color

Put on some color (1)

Just because your kitchen is small doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be nice! We put on color like yellow which will enhance the room without weighing it down. 

30. Harmonize the decor

Harmonize the decor (1)

For a small decorative kitchen, consider harmonizing the decor by choosing a splashback similar to the floor. 

31. Keep only the essentials

Keep only the essentials (1)

Don’t burden yourself with utensils and other kitchen items you don’t need. Keep the bare minimum for a practical, functional, organized and minimalist kitchen.

32. A canopy

A canopy (2)

Bring light into your kitchenette with a glass roof as a partition. 

33. A kitchen in an alcove

A kitchen in an alcove (1)

If you have an alcove in your living room, this may be the opportunity for you to set up a small open kitchen. Here, it’s the snack plan that hugs the wall that makes the transition between the two rooms with a lot of modernity.

34. Cement tiles

Cement tiles (2)

Kitchens in small spaces are often chosen white to bring light. It’s a good idea, but know that you can warm it up with a very trendy cement tile splashback.

35. Focus on color

Focus on color (1)

To give a little character to a small kitchen, we don’t hesitate to bet on color! Here, it is the eggplant that prevails, and the good mood is indeed at the rendezvous! The most practical: a blackboard credenza on which you can write your shopping lists, recipes, etc.