50 Ideas of Industrial Kitchen You Will Love (1)

Good news for industrial kitchen enthusiasts : this style is always trendy! A mix of raw materials (wood, metal, concrete, glass, etc.) and objects inspired by American factories, it has even reinvented itself over the years.

1. A glass roof to partition the kitchen without losing light

A glass roof to partition the kitchen without losing light (1)

Typical of large factory windows, kitchen glass roofs are an integral part of industrial decoration. They are used both as a window and as a removable partition, or not. Their main advantage? Let the light pass in all circumstances.

2. Open metal shelves

Open metal shelves (1)

As in restaurant kitchens, shelves open in industrial kitchens. This allows you to have easy access to your dishes or utensils , but also to decorate your kitchen with style.

3. Imposing lights

Imposing lights (1)

Inspired by the large lights found in factories or in lofts, black or dark gray metal lights are particularly suitable for large industrial kitchens. Their minimalist design, however, makes them objects of character. Provide bulbs powerful enough to illuminate the room well, supplementing with other wall-type fixtures if necessary.

4. Bulbs hanging in a small industrial kitchen

Bulbs hanging in a small industrial kitchen (1)

Less imposing, bare bulbs can light your small industrial kitchen without taking up too much space. Real decorative objects, play the “factory” card to the end by using filament bulbs with bare wires, suspended from the ceiling or on a metal rod.

5. Stainless steel furniture

Stainless steel furniture (1)

Stainless steel is a raw material, particularly suitable for kitchens for practical and hygienic reasons. Brighter than wood or black metal , it gives a futuristic side to the room. Prefer it for the development of small industrial kitchens .

6. Cult bar stools

Cult bar stools (1)

With their unique design, the Tolix stools are one of the cult furniture of the industrial style, like the Chesterfield sofa. In an industrial-type kitchen, you can choose them in neutral colors such as black or steel, but also play the color card with brighter or more pastel shades, if you are looking for a warmer look.

7. Matte black kitchen furniture

Matte black kitchen furniture (1)

Forget the black lacquer in an industrial kitchen. Choose furniture in wood or matt black metal, which are more chic and less messy . Combined with other elements like black lights and wooden objects, the set makes having a chic black industrial kitchen in the blink of an eye.

8. Exposed plumbing

Exposed plumbing (1)

Depending on the condition of your plumbing, paint the pipes a matte black or leave them with their copper color. Exposed plumbing plays a purely decorative role in the industrial style kitchen, to dress the walls. However, you can use the pipes to hang utensils or light fixtures, depending on the layout.

9. A blackboard with slate paint

A blackboard with slate paint (1)

Slate paint is one of those playful paints that can be found in DIY stores, like glitter or magnetic paint. Mark off an area in the kitchen to paint a giant blackboard. This can be on a section of wall as above the worktop or even on a closet door.

10. A barn door

A barn door (1)

The blackboard can thus allow you to write down the shopping list or recipe ideas, as long as you make it a little arty, as in some restaurants or coffee shops. A great example in this industrial kitchen with a barn door.

11. A personalized splashback

A personalized splashback (1)

Make the walls of your kitchen less austere and more arty by personalizing them! If you are manual, do not hesitate to create a personalized fresco on the splashback, using suitable markers and varnishing the whole to fix it permanently.

12. Personalized furniture with stickers

Personalized furniture with stickers (1)

Stickers are a very easy way to personalize a kitchen or to give a second life to old or boring kitchen furniture. Use graphic or vintage-inspired stickers to accentuate the arty side of your modern industrial style kitchen.

13. A message on the wall

A message on the wall (1)

Use vintage metal letters or signs to put a word on your kitchen wall. “Love”, “Cuisine”, “Family”… It’s up to you to choose the word that suits you!

14. A terracotta stone wall

A terracotta stone wall (1)

Terracotta stones are very trendy in recent years . If you don’t have a brick-style stone wall in your interior, don’t panic: you can install facing stones or trompe l’oeil wallpaper.

15. Natural elements

Natural elements (1)

Some green plants adapt very well to the kitchen. Choose indoor plants such as potos, anthurium or even ferns for this. Perfectly accustomed to humid climates, these plants bring color and life to a rather austere industrial kitchen. Arrange them as you wish on window sills, the worktop or even shelves.

16. Bohemian style inspiration

Bohemian style inspiration (1)

Floral prints, various colors (such as black, yellow, red, green …), vintage inspiration: the bohemian style is very fashionable and is inviting itself in the kitchen. Combined with rustic furniture and industrial decor, the result is a warm and feminine industrial-style kitchen , in which it is good to spend time cooking or entertaining.

17. The color Coca-Cola

The color Coca-Cola (1)

Bright red is often used in industrial decoration and is reminiscent of the famous soft drink. Affixed by small touches, on furniture, architectural elements or household appliances, it brings warmth to the room, without being aggressive.

18. A retro fridge

A retro fridge (1)

The furniture and appliances retro-inspired devices are very trendy in recent years. No need to try to fix your great aunt’s fridge or toaster; brands like Smeg or Kitchenaid do this very well, combining vintage looks with modern functionality. These devices have a fairly high cost, but alternatives exist.

19. An industrial decoration, flea market

An industrial decoration, flea market (1)

Instead of storing your kitchen utensils in cupboards or drawers, display them in your kitchen like a flea market. To do this, focus on vintage or antique-inspired objects . Also play the card of mixing materials for furniture. Wooden and metal bar chairs, an old stove, mismatched furniture… The important thing is to bring out the vintage spirit of the objects. A decoration of character in this industrial workshop-style loft.

20. A vintage cold room as a central island

A vintage cold room as a central island (1)

If you have the possibility, find an old cold room in the form of a piece of furniture – like those found in shops at the beginning of the 20th century – to transform it into a central island. Its many doors can be used as cupboards to store your kitchen utensils and other everyday objects.

21. A retro tile to cover the floor

A retro tile to cover the floor (1)

If you are not lucky enough to have period tiles in your home, consider lino or PVC-type flooring. Checkerboard tiles are perfect for an industrial style kitchen, whether you have stainless steel or black wood furniture.

22. Posters and old plaques on the shelves

Posters and old plaques on the shelves (1)

It is not uncommon to find enamel advertising plaques in online flea markets or garage sales. Prefer cooking-themed plates for this room of the house. It’s a cheap decor idea for an industrial style in the kitchen. You can also have a quirky, but vintage decoration by installing old botanical prints previously framed on the walls or shelves of your industrial kitchen.

23. Industrial & Scandinavian mix

Industrial & Scandinavian mix (1)

Who said white was banned in industrial kitchens? If they are indeed generally dark, it is quite possible to introduce white Scandinavian-inspired furniture without distorting the industrial style. Set up a few Eames-inspired chairs around a wooden or white metal table. Add light wood to the ensemble, with pine cutting boards or even glass jars with a minimalist design. Prefer a combination of white with wood or stainless steel, to keep a relative softness.

24. Concrete for the worktop

Concrete for the worktop (1)

Often used for floors, reminiscent of factories, concrete can also be used to make furniture. A concrete worktop will also be very easy to clean: ideal for a kitchen!

25. Retro tiles to cover the walls

Retro tiles to cover the walls (1)

Retro tiles such as metro tiles or small tiles are very trendy. They have a design side that changes classic tiles, despite their timeless appearance. In an industrial kitchen, choose light tiles to cover your splashbacks or your walls: this will bring clarity to the whole, while highlighting the raw or dark furniture.

26. A stainless steel island on casters as a multifunctional unit

A stainless steel island on casters as a multifunctional unit (1)

Easy to move , the island with wheels can be a more or less large service like a professional piece of furniture. It is a very interesting solution if you have a kitchen open to a large living room. The island can then have several functions , both in terms of culinary preparation and for meals with family or friends. A few bar stools placed on one side, organized storage.

27. From glass doors to shelves

From glass doors to shelves (1)

Glass doors can be a solution to conceal shelves in your kitchen , especially if it is open. Choose designer glass doors , with ribbed or embossed glass. Glass is a material widely used in industrial decoration.

28. Industrial kitchen decoration

Industrial kitchen decoration (1)

Just like in your bathroom, for a vintage industrial kitchen, a key word for the pipes: show yourself! The ventilation duct dresses your walls with raw elegance while the copper piping surfs the ” decorative pipe ” trend , offering you more than enough to hang your tea towels, all giving an impression of unfinished mastery specific to the workshop spirit and an abruptly graphic result.

29. Lighting for a chic industrial kitchen

Lighting for a chic industrial kitchen (1)

In a kitchen, whether it is the work plan, the dining table, the water point and the cooking point, for each strategic space the lighting must be taken care of.

Lighting for a chic industrial kitchen1 (1)

And the great thing about the iconic lamps in the industrial style is that they are particularly well suited to your kitchen, whether it is the metal pendant lights or the powerful holophane lamps that will easily find their place in the kitchen. Above your table or the more minimalist Jieldé lamps that will help you see more clearly above the sink!

30. The choice of chairs

The choice of chairs (1)

In metal or nothing… Because if there is an emblematic chair of this decoration, it is the metal chair that will perfectly highlight your industrial kitchen, such as the Model A chair by Tolix, an icon of the spirit.

The choice of chairs1 (1)

Besides, if you are more of a stool, you are free to make it yourself : in concrete or wood, it’s up to you, depending on your level in DIY!

31. Industrial kitchen tiles

Industrial kitchen tiles (1)

The concrete look is the material of choice to give an industrial style to your kitchen. So by choosing cement effect tiles, you will not go wrong: it will give you the aesthetics of concrete and all the technical qualities of porcelain stoneware, namely no fear of cracks unlike concrete, it will not stain and will not change appearance over time. And to go further in the loft and industrial spirit, opt for large format tiles, such as 60 × 120, for an industrial chic style kitchen!

32. The perfect table for an industrial style kitchen

The perfect table for an industrial style kitchen (1)

What could be more industrial than a large table mixing wood, metal and glass ! The perfect recipe for having a table in the purest industrial style? A wooden or glass top, preferably patinated by time and in a reclaimed spirit of cast iron legs, the heritage of a machine, all sprinkled with a soft brutality and a zest of vintage … And if you want to be more original: opt for the hanging table which will perfectly match the atmosphere of an industrial chic style kitchen.

33. Furniture for industrial kitchen

Furniture for industrial kitchen (1)

There are pieces of furniture whose vintage design transports you to another era, whose robust character attracts you … This is somewhat the case with industrial furniture : lockers, cloakrooms, drawers, refrigerated cabinets from the 1950s … In short, no frills but in the finesse of the detail, whether with their facades and their metal handles, they charm us with their sobriety, so do not resist any longer, let them settle in your vintage industrial kitchen. They will turn with style dresser , service or center island!

34. Glass roof

Glass roof (1)

In the open-plan spirit of the loft , the glass roof will allow you to isolate the kitchen from other rooms … because even if the small dishes you cook give off a delicious smell, we have no doubt, you do not necessarily want to transform your apartment into a auction house when it’s fish day … The glass roof therefore allows, in a totally industrial style, to partition while allowing light to pass through . Rather practical, don’t you think? In addition, we must admit, the canopy is totally trendy!

35. Enamelled plate

Enamelled plate (1)

What better way to bring a little color, a touch of vintage and a lot of history than an old enamelled metal advertising plate , found in a garage sale or a flea market… It dresses the walls with elegance … and sometimes even with humor . Its patina gives your vintage industrial kitchen that little extra that will refine the atmosphere you want to give it…

36. Industrial kitchen in a renovated loft

Industrial kitchen in a renovated loft (1)

To fit out the kitchen inside her loft , Delphine chose the industrial style. The glass roof allows this part of the room to be partitioned, while retaining the advantages of this style of living: a large bright space.

It’s a busy kitchen, just like the very active life of this influencer . Accessories, souvenirs, wooden worktops, plants and rugs provide warm notes. To counterbalance the rigid aspect of the industrial style, think of textiles ! We love the suspended lights, and especially the red bricks that almost remind us of Brooklyn.

37. A colorful, retro and tangy industrial style

A colorful, retro and tangy industrial style (1)

Who said industrial style is all about black and white? Ravardière’s cuisine shows us the opposite. If it’s recycling, with the old mixed with the new… it’s undue! Here, formica coexists with metal boxes and a retro-style countertop sink. The taps with a large mixer tap add a practical touch to this lively and friendly kitchen. Did you notice the details in the choice of household appliance ? From the fridge to the kettle, here is a stylish kitchen!

38. Set of earthenware in this industrial and cozy kitchen

Set of earthenware in this industrial and cozy kitchen (1)

We can already see ourselves leaning on the central island , well installed on the stools enjoying the scent of the little dishes being prepared! If you prefer to be in the kitchen, Morgane’s kitchen is a cook’s paradise with its many drawers, cupboards and cupboards. Thus, the kitchen can also be used as a dining room: the ideal kitchen for families! This industrial kitchen asserts its graphic side with a checkerboard splashback made up of black and white cement tiles. Have you seen the wooden parquet on the floor, and the black on the walls for a modern and welcoming room at the same time?

39. We open the cupboards!

We open the cupboards! (1)

Do you have this pretty chimney-style hood in the MaisonDeVacances kitchen ? It goes wonderfully with the metal door handles of this room with an assumed industrial look . Hanging lamps and accessories with slight retro touches complete the look. The detail that makes the difference? Open storage (china cabinets) where you can see plates and glassware. What if we left a little note on the chalkboard?

40. A waxed concrete coating for an industrial look from floor to ceiling!

A waxed concrete coating for an industrial look from floor to ceiling! (1)

On paper, you wouldn’t believe it, but waxed concrete brings a lot of softness to a room. For large kitchens, it is a material that softens angles and warms the atmosphere. Choose it in neutral colors for a timeless industrial look. The suspension of a light garland gives the air of a trendy bistro to this family kitchen.

41. Bet everything on an undue credence

Bet everything on an undue credence (1)

The splashback is the part, often tiled, which protects the walls from potential projections. Steam, splash of tomato sauce… kitchen walls can quickly get dirty. A splashback makes cleaning easier, and gives a particular look to the room! We found these two industrial inspirations on Pinterest . It’s beautiful, it shines, it’s original! If the silver mosaic illuminates and brings a touch of originality, the black zelliges give an artisanal touch to this kitchen with a total black look.

42. An industrial kitchen with an urban and modern style

An industrial kitchen with an urban and modern style (1)

If you have brick walls in your home, take this opportunity to create an authentic industrial kitchen ! Otherwise, a trompe-l’oeil tapestry will do the job very well, and it is particularly impressive. The combination of a black and wood kitchen with the brick wall and the metal high chairs instantly brings a factory touch. It almost feels like a New York studio!

43. A long and bright industrial kitchen

A long and bright industrial kitchen (1)

Depending on the layout of your room, the shape of the kitchen adapts to make it practical and user-friendly. It is a practical space, in which the whole family meets regularly! The installation proposed by the Coach Déco Leroy Merlin puts everything on the bay window. Credenza with metro tiling , kitchen accessories and light-colored furniture reflect the daylight on the rest of the room. The exposed and fully assumed hood pipe completes the bright look of the room. With touches of warm colors in decoration, here is an industrial kitchen that puts you in a good mood!

44. Colorful undue kitchens

Colorful undue kitchens (1)

In this industrial kitchen, wooden beams replace the ceiling. Using different shades of gray is an easy way to bring it all together. Color and patterns are the guiding idea for this creation. The white ceiling allows the cement tiles to stand out even more.

45. Industrial style kitchens with predominantly gray

Industrial style kitchens with predominantly gray (1)

Black piping and ventilation tubes placed on a white ceiling create an intriguing contrast. Lighter hues add more character to the space, while darker walls add character. Then, what seduced me in this kitchen are the lighting. Their diversity of form and intensity is perfect!

46. Industrial kitchens with a touch of metal

Industrial kitchens with a touch of metal1 (1)

It is the same for this kitchen. If its design is interesting enough, I find that the color spoils the whole a bit. Then, here, an industrial grade metal cladding was used to create a wall giving a modern industrial style to the room.

Industrial kitchens with a touch of metal (1)

Two contrasting shades of wood are used in this piece to create a gripping effect. Black and white combine for a very chic design.

47. Nice-sized decorative kitchens

Nice-sized decorative kitchens (1)

Then, in this kitchen, the watchword is space! Fancy a kitchen with an industrial decor that is not too busy? So take inspiration from this one.

48. Spacious industrial-style kitchens

Spacious industrial-style kitchens (1)

Industrial style kitchens are renowned for being spacious and functional. In this kitchen, the floor has been left raw. A single coat protects it and gives it a shiny finish. I find the matte black kitchen island brings a certain amount of elegance to the room.

Here, pipes and industrial hanging lamps bring dimension to this kitchen. The yellow painted drawers complete the picture and bring a bit of color and geometry to the room.

49. Favor open shelves

Favor open shelves (1)

Taking inspiration from restaurant kitchens, prefer open shelves that leave the dishes visible. Provided that everything is perfectly tidy, this makes it possible to easily decorate a dining area while accentuating the industrial atmosphere. The Archi model, with a distinct New York spirit, multiplies the open storage spaces. In addition to the shelves that are used to store condiments and recipe books, it has an Indian Red color niche. It serves both as a storage space and as a decorative element. The Masters chairs by Philippe Starck, they ensure the graphic side of the place.

50. Choose bare bulbs

Choose bare bulbs (1)

Beyond the factory suspensions, you can opt for filament bulbs left bare. The wire can be wrapped around a beam. This trendy idea with a vintage spirit is ideal in an industrial kitchen. The suspensions magnify the dining area. Their red color brings a note of originality to the kitchen. This gives pride of place to wood, muted and mineral tones as well as concrete finishes.