30 Ideas of Children's Room With Colorful Decoration (1)

Decorating children’s rooms is not as easy as it seems. It’s hard to find a compromise between your children’s decorating ideas, your budget and your design preferences. These children’s rooms with modern and colorful decoration will allow you to see more clearly and will allow you to combine the desires of each. You will also see that many of these children’s rooms go beyond the expectations that one might have on a daily basis.

1. Colorful and eclectic children’s rooms

Colorful and eclectic children's rooms (1)

Colorful and eclectic, this bedroom will suit a boy as well as a girl; and even to adolescents. Very creative, this room is also playful and colorful, offering both a nice shades of color and all the space you need to store your belongings. The small jungle-style playroom is also a good idea to encourage your children to exercise and do some sport. With a room like this you can be sure that your children won’t invade the rest of your home!

2. Minimalist decoration is also possible

Minimalist decoration is also possible (1)

This bedroom takes a more minimalist approach compared to the previous one. It offers a style and a very refined aesthetic but enhanced by touches of yellow color perfectly matched to more pastel colors. Very graphic, this room will appeal to children thanks to the small animal characters installed throughout the room.

3. The soberly decorated children’s rooms are also popular

The soberly decorated children's rooms are also popular (1)

In this other room, imagined by the same designer, shapes and furniture are also very simple. Here the emphasis has been on color. Each color makes it possible to distinguish each functional space in a creative way. Rabbits and owls are a big part of the decorative theme of this bedroom. The “A” library is an indisputable central point of this decoration. Toys, books and animal figures are on the shelves but the real storage spaces are those pretty smiley boxes located at the foot of this shelf.

4. A fairly simple evolution

A fairly simple evolution (1)

Now let’s move on to a real girl’s room. Here we have a lovely classic four poster bed with ethereal curtains hanging from the top frame. This very classic style is ideal for children who love fairy tales.

5. Children’s bedrooms with a cabin bed

Children's bedrooms with a cabin bed (1)

Another idea for this room: a treehouse bed. A sure-fire way to convince your kids to go to bed. You see, just by changing the bed, this room changes completely!

6. Blue and lavender are popular

Blue and lavender are popular (1)

Powder blue, lavender pink, here are two soothing colors for this pretty bedroom. To avoid tone on tone, the bed linen offers a completely different color palette. Besides the colors, there are several rather interesting details. First there is this beautiful lettering on the wall next to the bed. The house-shaped bed is also very successful.

7. Less infantile children’s rooms

Less infantile children's rooms (1)

Other children’s rooms, other decor. Here, the decor is not juvenile and can perfectly suit young and old alike. By removing the furniture, this bedroom could be perfectly suitable for an adult. If you don’t want to redo your child’s room as they grow older, this type of decoration is ideal.

8. Decorate a child’s room with fun wallpaper

Decorate a child's room with fun wallpaper (1)

As for the walls in your kid’s room, you can enhance it with some fun wallpaper. Wallpaper is one of those decorative elements that always brings a personalized touch to any room. To do this, choose one of the largest walls in your children’s room; and hang the wallpaper you have selected.

9. Black and white

Black and white (4)

Don’t be discouraged when you want to decorate a child’s room in a simple way; it is quite possible thanks to black and white. While these colors may not seem “kid-friendly,” they create the perfect blank canvas for further decorating. Plus, it allows you to add color and patterns without disrupting your current decor.

10. Decorate a child’s room for a girl

Decorate a child's room for a girl (1)

If you want to transform your daughter’s bedroom, create a dreamy aesthetic using a light and airy color palette. Keep your decor minimalist with hints of color and delicate decor to make sure the room feels like a little oasis to her. Pair your refined decor with a faux fur rug or a soothing and comfortable daybed.

11. Vintage Chic

Vintage Chic (1)

Sometimes all a room needs is a unique vintage touch to bring it back to life. If you don’t necessarily want to completely change the curb appeal of your children’s room add a chic vintage touch. The key is to add a vintage piece and center your decor on it.

12. Decorate a child’s room with paintings

Decorate a child's room with paintings (1)

Why not display your favorite pictures in your child’s bedroom? When you have a blank wall, take the opportunity to display them like an art gallery. The key is to have an abundance of images that fit the size of the room.

13. Personal color palette

Personal color palette (1)

Instead of using a monochrome palette that suits the decor of the room, consider your child’s favorite colors and create a personal color scheme. The idea is to make your child feel as involved as possible.

14. Decorate a child’s room: an office area

Decorate a child's room, an office area (1)

Let’s face it, homework is not what kids prefer. Thus, by creating an original decorated workspace, your child will be more inclined to want to use it. Consider arranging fun books there and using bright colors for a fun touch. If your child has a specific color or pattern that they like, include it in decorating that area.

15. Bold lighting

Bold lighting (1)

Regardless of the room you are decorating, adding a bold fixture adds a unique element that enhances the overall curb appeal. Remember to size it well in relation to the size of the room so that it is not overwhelming.

16. Decorate a child’s room in a minimalist way

Decorate a child's room in a minimalist way (1)

Sometimes all a room needs is minimal yet meaningful decor. Having minimal decor works great with any decorative style. It works exceptionally well in small rooms. Add just a few elements to make the whole work well.

17. Like a luxurious adult bedroom

Like a luxurious adult bedroom (1)

Nothing makes a child feel more “adult” than having a luxury bedroom. With an upscale and modern feel while being cool and fun, decorating a child’s room could not be simpler. The idea is to have only certain luxurious, or more upscale, elements that stand out from the rest.

18. A forest green bedroom for adventurers

A forest green bedroom for adventurers (1)

It seems that the advent of the jungle style is not for nothing ! Forest green first invaded our living rooms before finding its place in the kids’ bedroom. Deep and very elegant, it imposes itself as well with subtle touches as with a total look.

If the latter have the spirit of adventure, we do not hesitate to have fun with the different variations of this tone in the four corners of their space. A painted wall, tropical wallpaper, plain bed linen and a few toys will do the trick. A few details are enough to revamp a room!

19. A mustard yellow children’s room for bohemians

A mustard yellow children's room for bohemians (1)

If the bohemian trend is at the heart of decoration catalogs, it is undoubtedly for the spirit of freedom that it offers to the smallest space it occupies. In the children’s room, it is a mustard yellow tending to ocher that this atmosphere is born with lightness.

If the walls give it a cheerful welcome, it is often the linens that make all the difference. Bed skies, sets, cushions or even mattress toppers set the barely installed tone! Especially if in terms of materials, you rely on linen and cotton gauze!

20. A gray bedroom for the quiet

A gray bedroom for the quiet (1)

To calm the spirits and create a space conducive to calm and relaxation, gray is one of the best allies to trust for the children’s room . Appreciated for its neutrality, it can be suitable for both girls and boys, but also be adopted for a room shared by both. Graphic paint on the wall to give it character , a few monochrome cushions and furniture.

21. A sky blue bedroom for dreamy children

A sky blue bedroom for dreamy children (1)

Conducive to sleep and serenity, sky blue is always on the rise in children’s bedrooms , so much so that it even takes over floors in waxed concrete or painted parquet! On the wall, we adopt it as a patterned wallpaper version and in graphic prints on the bed linen and any carpet. A real haven of peace for blond heads.

22. A pastel pink bedroom for girly girls, but not too much

A pastel pink bedroom for girly girls, but not too much (1)

If gender-neutral bedrooms have gained in popularity in recent years, the fact remains that pink is still one of the favorite colors for little girls’ bedrooms. However, we prefer it more pastel, in sugared tones, and above all, not from floor to ceiling. Just like in the pink kitchens. Covering the wall halfway with paint, in storage accessories and in bed linen with floral or graphic patterns, it brings its “girly” side, without being too much.

23. A darkroom for little rockers

A darkroom for little rockers (1)

For parents of little rebels, black is undoubtedly the color to bet on for a bedroom that looks like them . Unsurprisingly, we avoid the walls 100% covered in black and we have fun instead of the different variants that this dark color offers.

The best idea for a harmonious decor is of course to also opt for white in order to bring brightness and softness to the whole.

24. A bedroom in red and navy blue for athletes

A bedroom in red and navy blue for athletes (1)

The sporting universe, in its most chic version, is often associated with red and navy blue for decoration. An association that works every time, as long as the dosage is subtly measured.

Bet everything on accessories if the walls are left light and neutral. On the contrary, keep it simple on the furniture and linens if you have opted for frank paintings highlighting one or the other of these colors.

25. A turquoise blue bedroom for surfers

A turquoise blue bedroom for surfers (1)

Combined with other bold colors and light wood , it brings a summer and vacation feel to the room all year round. Ideal for creating a feeling of escape! Surfboard in hand, fine sand and good waves, with the turquoise blue, the children’s room goes straight towards the Californian beaches.

26. Fuchsia pink for girls, green for boys

fuchsia pink for girls, green for boys 1

In the attic, two totally symmetrical bedrooms have been fitted out. A sliding door separates the two rooms with minimalist but colorful decor. Pink and bright orange for the girl’s room, green and bright blue for the boy, the walls set the tone.

27. A toned orange bedroom

A toned orange bedroom (1)

A bright orange for an ultra-vitaminized children’s room. Applied only on a section of wall, this color energizes the room. Bed frames, bedside tables, rugs and cushions have been chosen in the same shade and accentuate the tonic side of this bedroom.

28. The room sees red

The room sees red (1)

A very simple teenage bedroom that focuses on red. Curtains, rugs, storage boxes,… the color is distilled by touches here and there and gives character to the room.

29. An anise green boy’s room

An anise green boy's room (1)

To energize this room with white walls and soft blue parquet, a whole section of the wall has been painted anise green. Funny touch, tiger, zebra and lion masks adorn the wall.

30. A retro-style bedroom punctuated with red

A retro-style bedroom punctuated with red (1)

A retro children’s room full of charm with its school desk and iron bed. The bright red curtains of this old-fashioned bedroom bring a touch of modernity.