Wallpaper has made a strong comeback in decor for several seasons now and never ceases to renew itself. What colors, what patterns, what format, what quality, what type of installation and for what rooms in the house? Our answers for a decoration in tune with the times.

1. A trendy touch with the Pantone colors of the year

A trendy touch with the Pantone colors of the year (1) - Copy

This year, yellow and gray are the star Pantone colors . If you feel comfortable with these shades, why not take advantage of this trendy and very aesthetic duo?

The entrance lends itself particularly well if we consider it as a kind of showcase or introduction to our interior decoration. But whatever the part, several possibilities are available to us. Either we opt for a model combining the two colors, or we choose one of the two, which we will associate with objects or a painting of the other color. Timeless and chic, a gray wall has the big advantage of going with all the other colors and renewing the atmosphere over the seasons and fashions by associating it with a more impactful color.

2. Black and white, the other strong trend of the moment

Black and white, the other strong trend of the moment (1) - Copy

With more or less minimalist, stylized, but also abstract graphics, the black and white duo on your wallpaper brings modernity to the atmosphere. In the entrance or the living room, it is sure to mark the spirits.

3. Blue, a safe bet for bedroom wallpaper

Blue, a safe bet for bedroom wallpaper (1) - Copy

Blue continues to seduce this year in almost all its tones. Some are almost iconic, like the famous and powerful Klein blue . A good alternative to bedroom painting!

The dark shades of blue, known to be sedative, are popular in the bedroom. The lighter ones are very popular for their softness and are therefore often adopted in the world of children.

4. Green: natural trend, but not only …

Green, natural trend, but not only ... (1) - Copy

Green is also still relevant today. If olive or khaki shades are the stars of the 2021 decoration catalogs, we can also, when it comes to trendy wallpaper, choose to combine several shades of different densities for even more effect. Living room, bedroom, hallway, and even kitchen , green is at ease everywhere, with the exception, perhaps, of the bathroom where in large areas, it can diffuse an unflattering luminosity for the complexion …

5. Terracotta in all its forms on your walls

Terracotta in all its forms on your walls (1) - Copy

Terracotta will remain at the top of the bill in this year. With its warm, friendly and sunny connotation , this color works wonders everywhere in the house and comes in a host of shades, from hot pink to orange brown. This shade offers another major asset: it goes well with all styles , classic, country, industrial …

6. Face patterns, essential for your wallpaper

Face patterns, essential for your wallpaper (1) - Copy

Face patterns have taken over a multitude of elements in the house, lampshades, dishes and other vases, and of course they are found in the form of wallpaper.

7. Geometric figures featured for living room wallpaper

Geometric figures featured for living room wallpaper (1) - Copy

The latest wallpaper collections offer us a great lesson in geometry. In mini or XL version, often with finesse, checks, triangles, diamonds, chevrons, houndstooth, they are all there!

8. Stylish decors for a trendy children’s room

Stylish decors for a trendy children's room (1) - Copy

In addition to geometric patterns, the graphic trend is increasingly seizing figurative subjects reinterpreted in stylized form. In the children’s world, stylized mountains and clouds are the stars of the moment.

9. The Art Deco spirit for a trendy and elegant wallpaper

The Art Deco spirit for a trendy and elegant wallpaper (1) - Copy

The Art Deco style offers a particular version of geometric patterns to bring a nice touch of refinement . On the menu, arcs of circles and fans, in all sizes and colors on your wallpaper.

10. Color schemes for a soft and poetic atmosphere

Color schemes for a soft and poetic atmosphere (1) - Copy

If we fear the rigidity of geometric shapes, we are now opting for a trend that has been very clearly reinforced in recent months: watercolor-style wallpaper, whose melted colors, with more or less figurative designs, create poetic atmospheres.

11. Unbelievable, floral patterns for a breath of romance

Unbelievable, floral patterns for a breath of romance (1) - Copy

This year again, and even more than ever, it is impossible to miss the floral motifs. Small, XXL, realistic or stylized, country style or tinged with Japanese exoticism, the flowers explode and make us fall in love, especially when we begin to think of spring. From the entrance to the bedroom, flowers bring a breath of fresh air throughout the house, whatever the style.

12. The plant world for a touch of exoticism

The plant world for a touch of exoticism (1) - Copy

Vegetal that flourishes mainly in lush , even frankly exotic atmospheres . To accentuate their impact, the patterns are gaining momentum in XXL formats.

13. Trompe-l’oeil decors to increase volumes

Trompe-l'œil decors to increase volumes (1) - Copy

Trompe-l’oeil, for their part, have been spreading at high speed for several seasons and their success is only growing, largely supported by the vogue for panoramic wallpapers. Logs or classic woodwork, bricks and other mosaics, the decorations reproducing the decorative materials are always present. Gardens, libraries, colonnades and other staircases with perspective effects are also very popular for their extraordinary ability to amplify the impression of volume in our interiors.

14. XXL frescoes for an impression of space

XXL frescoes for an impression of space (1) - Copy

These large decorations which combine several strips of wallpaper to reproduce a life-size scene – even larger than life! – play on the same register as trompe-l’oeil in that they increase the impression of space and make our interiors breathe.

15. The arty spirit takes over the walls

The arty spirit takes over the walls (1)

Wallpaper is also one of the arty trend’s best allies. If you can’t afford a signed work of art, why not opt ​​for a wall that will showcase it much better than a simple photo or poster in your living room?

16. Guaranteed effect with panning

Guaranteed effect with panning (1) - Copy

To be in the trend, little chance of going wrong if you opt for a panoramic wallpaper . What is it exactly? Quite simply, a decor that dresses an entire wall, but by reproducing a scene or a large landscape instead of repeating a multitude of small patterns. This type of large decor offers various advantages: depth effect, assertive style, impression of power and volume.

17. Liven up the space with a single wall dressed in wallpaper

Liven up the space with a single wall dressed in wallpaper (1)

The cladding of a single wall remains the order of the day. It certainly enlivens the room and allows you to play with colors and patterns for the other elements of the decor, while avoiding any effect of heaviness.

18. Wallpaper on the ceiling for a “box effect”

Wallpaper on the ceiling for a box effect (1)

The classic choice of a total covering, four walls and sometimes even a ceiling, is nonetheless interesting to create an atmosphere with a “box effect” which can be original. An option that however presents some risks, the most notable of which is the suffocation effect. This is why we often limit this total look to specific places in the house, such as the dressing room, the stairwell, a “boudoir” corner or the toilets.

19. The single strip, an eye-catcher wallpaper

The single strip, an eye-catcher wallpaper (1)

The single strip is a very decorative, trendy and economical solution at the same time ! It creates a vertical line that increases the impression of height and allows the same color schemes as a fully clad wall, while being lighter.

20. A strip of wallpaper to delimit a space

A strip of wallpaper to delimit a space (1)

To delimit a space without dividing it up, nothing better than using wallpaper on part of the wall. Placed behind a desk in a living room or bedroom, it defines a workspace while making it a harmonious element in the interior. Thus, you will have an original accent wall while delimiting your office area in a successful manner. In the photo below the graphic patterns of the wallpaper echo the metallic finishes for an elegant and chic vibe. In addition, the silver stripes and the glossy finish of the modern office bring brightness into the gray living room. The wallpaper adopted by small touches is therefore a perfect solution to structure the different spaces in an open room and to create an original nook.

21. Wallpaper becomes a decorative element in its own right

Wallpaper becomes a decorative element in its own right (1)

Are you looking for creative ideas to recycle those scraps of paper you have left over from the last renovation project? Consider turning a strip of wallpaper into a real masterpiece by framing it with molding strips. As a large single decorative panel or as a gallery of several wallpaper frames, these decorative frames will enhance a reading corner, a bedside table or the space above the bed. Do you want to adopt a chic decorative element and a touch of retro in the living room or the entrance? With its poetic patterns, an Asian-inspired framed wallpaper that alludes to wonderful traditional Chinese style, will quickly set the tone for the interior.

22. Wallpaper on part of the wall

Wallpaper on part of the wall (1)

The single strip wallpaper makes it possible to create a special atmosphere in the living space, to enhance an architectural element or simply to bring a touch of color. Placed behind the sink or above the bathtub, it brings character to a small bathroom or toilet while creating an effect of depth. It is also the ideal solution to enhance all those little nooks and crannies that are often neglected in the house. Thus, a wall niche, a corner in the entrance, a fireplace adorns it to transform into a decorative element that will immediately catch the eye.

23. Wallpaper to revamp a piece of furniture

Wallpaper to revamp a piece of furniture (1)

Wallpaper is no longer just for wall covering. Use it in small touches to give a piece of furniture a makeover, no matter the room. Below the facade of the central island has been dressed in self-adhesive wallpaper with an original pattern. Likewise, you can give a refrigerator a new look, a simple flat door, or the space behind an open shelf.

24. A panoramic wallpaper with a dreamlike landscape

A panoramic wallpaper with a dreamlike landscape (1)

Night landscape for this panoramic “Carpathians” wallpaper from Bien Fait that covers the wall like an oversized headboard.

25. A pop wallpaper

A pop wallpaper (1)

Ideal for a hallway, this wallpaper brightens up the whole in the blink of an eye.

26. Japanese wallpaper

Japanese wallpaper (1)

The repeated curves of the wallpaper highlight the vibrant blue of the living room.

27. Graphic wallpaper

Graphic wallpaper (2)

Graphic wallpaperIn this dining area, the wallpaper brings a graphic and ultra decorative touch!

28. Floral wallpaper

Floral wallpaper (1)

Here, the floral wallpaper blends wonderfully with the woodwork and gives a vintage effect.

29. Baroque wallpaper

Baroque wallpaper (1)

Dare to use black wallpaper! In this ultra chic dining room, the wallpaper underlines the baroque decoration.

30. A wallpaper with animal motifs

A wallpaper with animal motifs (1)

The pink birds light up the black of the wallpaper.

31. A deliciously floral wallpaper

A deliciously floral wallpaper (1)

A dining room between the bistro and the old pastry shop at Cendrine Dominguez.

32. An aged effect wallpaper

An aged effect wallpaper (1)

The wallpaper surfs on the “decrepit” trend and brings a trendy touch to all types of decoration!

33. An intriguing wallpaper

An intriguing wallpaper (1)

In this hallway, the multitude of faces covering the wallpaper are intriguing with style.

34. A tropical chic wallpaper

A tropical chic wallpaper (1)

The architects of the GCG agency have shaken up the calm of this Haussmannian apartment by playing the card of transparency between the large living room and the dining room. The tropical chic wallpaper is by Hermès at Dedar.

35. A poetic style wallpaper

A poetic style wallpaper (1)

The wallpaper brings poetry while sobriety to this colorful bedroom.

36. A retro wallpaper

A retro wallpaper (1)

This pastel and decidedly retro wallpaper emphasizes the delicate atmosphere of this bedroom.

37. A black wallpaper

A black wallpaper (1)

Here, the black wallpaper with white patterns highlights the golden candlesticks.

38. A bucolic wallpaper

A bucolic wallpaper (1)

The bucolic wallpaper matches the woodwork as well as the bed linen.

39. A fifties-style wallpaper

A fifties-style wallpaper (1)

This yellow wallpaper with a fifties look brings a totally retro touch to this living room.

40. A very Parisian wallpaper

A very Parisian wallpaper (1)

In his apartment, the decorator Gérard Faivre affirms his love for the capital with a wallpaper made from black and white photographs by Mathieu Fiol. Here is Paris!

41. A delicate wallpaper

A delicate wallpaper (1)

The floral pattern of this delicate wallpaper brings freshness and cheerfulness to this bedroom.

42. Damask wallpaper

Damask wallpaper (1)

In this dining room which mixes styles, the black and white wallpaper brings a note of sobriety.

43. Bedhead

Bedhead (1)

The wallpaper in the bedroom, for an original and colorful headboard.

44. For bathroom

For bathroom (1)

The wallpaper in the bathroom! And why not?

45. For kitchen

For kitchen (1)

Wallpaper in the kitchen too, a simple way to give it style!

46. For kids room

For kids room (1)

Poetic and fun patterns in the children’s room!

47. For Baby’s room

For Baby's room (1)

The colors and funny characters in the nursery!

48. Total look

Total look (1)

The total look in the bathroom, for a vegetal and wild atmosphere!

49. Fresco

Fresco (1)

The fresco wallpaper which will immediately give character to our room.

50. Height

Height (1)

The XXL patterns that play on the height when we benefit from a beautiful height under the ceiling!

51. Art Deco style


The art deco style, chic and graphic!

52. Tropical

Tropical (1)

Tropical patterns for a summer touch all year round!

53. Terrazzo

Terrazzo (1)

The terrazzo trend which will explode this summer!

54. Boldness

Boldness (2)

A daring model that will transform the entire room.

55. Stairs

Stairs (1)

We decorate our stairs with wallpaper.

56. Scandinavian pattern with colors

Scandinavian pattern with colors (1)

Scandinavian patterns and colors are very trendy. This modern wallpaper is one of the popular models to adopt. The graceful marriage of white, gray, light green and pastel gives a zen effect to the whole. By opting for this sleek model, your interior becomes brighter.

57. Leaves pattern 

Leaves pattern  (1)

The patterns representing leaves are very trendy. With its imposing size, this wallpaper immediately catches the eye. The evocative colors of autumn adapt to all decorative styles and enhance the sensual side of your room.

58. Stone effect 3D wallpaper

Stone effect 3D wallpaper (1)

The stones are highlighted on this modern wallpaper. The 3D representation underlines the natural side of the result. This model is the delight of those who appreciate rustic and quite sober decorations. It gives the room an unparalleled feeling of conviviality.

59. Dreamy scenery wallpaper

Dreamy scenery wallpaper (1)

Still for art lovers, what could be better than a painting that fills the entire wall? Maybe in neutral, dreamy tones like this one.

60. Wood effect wallpaper

Wood effect wallpaper (1)

Why not opt ​​for a wood effect wallpaper that will cover the wall behind the bed, as if it were the headboard.